Thanks to Seicho Suzuki for making Chinese characters of dream for this HP
夢はお持ちですか。持ち続ければ いつかは実現します。
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-- History of the Web Page --
New arrivals of the Gallery
- 2012/09/01 Tropical orchard, Penang in Malaysia.
- 2012/08/01 Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang in Malaysia.
- 2012/07/01 Valley of Blue Moon, near Ligiang, China, looking up at Jade Dragon Snow Mountains.
- 2012/06/01 Hexi hotel in Lijiang, China part 2.
- 2012/05/01 Hexi hotel in Lijiang in China.
- 2012/04/01 Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in China part 2.
- 2012/03/01 Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in China.
- 2012/02/01 Lijiang: Mu's Mansion, part 2.
- 2012/01/01 Lijiang: Mu's Mansion, Mu family continues in 470 years in China.
- 2011/12/01 Lijiang Four Square Old Town in China Part 2.
- 2011/11/01 Lijiang Four Square Old Town in China.
- 2011/10/01 Odawara Castle of Hojo Clan.
- 2011/09/01 Slope town, San Francisco.
- 2011/08/01 Valley of Fire part II near Las Vegas.
- 2011/07/01 Stratosphere hotel in Las Vegas.
- 2011/06/01 Valley of Fire near Las Vegas.
- 2011/05/01 Las Vegas night scenes from helicopter.
- 2011/04/01 Madum Tussauds Wax Museum in Las Vegas.
- 2011/03/01 Las Vegas at night. Lighting design of Eiffel Tower is just same as in Paris.
- 2011/02/01 New Four Corner in Las Vegas, New York New York has Statue of Liberty.
- 2011/01/01 Four Corner in Las Vegas, exclusive Hotel Bellagio, Hotel Flamingo was built by Mafia.
- 2010/12/01 Second part of Grand Canyon. Looking at 2 billion-year stratum closely.
- 2010/11/01 Grand Canyon. Colorado River dug 2700 m high Colorado plateau and continues 446 km
- 2010/10/01 Paris, L'Arc de Triomphe, Tour Eiffel. + Pillar-shaped coast Hyuga.
- 2010/09/01 Paris, Cathedral Notre Dame. + Takachiho Shrine.
- 2010/08/01 Paris, Madeleine, Opera House, Louvre Museum. + Uncanny Takachiho Gorge.
- 2010/07/01 Tainan has been capital of Taiwan for 220 years. + Dogo Hotspring in Shikoku Island.
- 2010/06/01 Kaohsiung Love River night cruise in Taiwan. + Ritsurin Park in Shikoku Island.
- 2010/05/01 Kaohsiung, Taiwan's second largest city. + Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo.
- 2010/04/01 Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and Taipei 101 in Taiwan. + Furukawa Garden.
- 2010/03/01 Kalen Mountain view in Taiwan. + Hatoyama Memorial Hall.
- 2010/02/01 Waitan or The Bund in ShangHai, China. + Eiheiji Temple in Hokuriku.
- 2010/01/01 Yuyuan Garden in ShangHai, China. + Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa.
- 2009/12/01 Hotel De la Paix in Geneva, Switzerland. + Kanazawa, bourg of Kaga Domain.
- 2009/11/01 Moderately illuminated Geneva, Switzerland. + 333 meters high, Tokyo Tower.
- 2009/10/01 Behai Temple in Delhi is a temple of the prayer. + Daikakuji temple in Sagano, Kyoto.
- 2009/09/01 Indian gate and Gandhi park, Delhi in India. + Giouji Temple in Kyoto and autumn leaves.
- 2009/08/01 Jama Masjid, Delhi in India. + Heian Shrine in Kyoto with autumn red leaves.
- 2009/07/01 Revisited Qutub Minar in Dehli, India. + Nenbutsu Tmemple in Kyoto with autumn red leaves.
- 2009/06/01 Hotel Hyatt in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. + Nison-in Tmemple in Kyoto with autumn red leaves.
- 2009/05/01 Traditional Ramayana dance in Indonesia. + Kiyomizu Tmemple in Kyoto with autumn red leaves.
- 2009/04/01 Prambanan temple, Jogjakarta, Indonesia. + Kinkakuji Tmemple in Kyoto.
- 2009/03/01 Borobudur Buddhist Mahayana monument, Indonesia. + Seiryoji Tmemple in Kyoto.
- 2009/02/01 Temple of Holy Water, Tirta Empul in Bali, Indonesia. + Hideyoshi Toyotomi's Osaka Castle.
- 2009/01/01 Kintamani platau in Bali Island, Indonesia. + Adachi Museum has beautiful Japanese garden

2008/12 Goa Gajah in Bali + Matsue Castle
2008/11 Legong dance, Ubud in Bali. + Izumo Shrine
2008/10 Besakih Temple, Bali + Korakuen Garden
2008/09 Phuket FantaSea + Okayama Castle
2008/08 Half day Phuket tour + Kurashiki
2008/07 Laguna Phuket beach + Senteisai festival
2008/06 Aircraft Carrier Midway + Castle town Chofu
2008/05 Thomas Jefferson Memorial + Kasugataisha
2008/04 Redondo Beach, LA. + Kofukuji Temple in Nara
2008/03 Fighter Plane Museum in Dayton + Yakushiji
2008/02 Fredericsburg, Texas + Toshodaiji Temple
2008/01 Ranch dinner, Texas. + Todaiji Temple in Nara.
2007/12 Victoria, Canada + Horyuji Temple in Nara
2007/11 Butchart Gardens, Canada + Nishi-Honganji
2007/10 Vancouver of Canada + Toji Temple
2007/09 Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel + 33Gendo
2007/08 Natural Bridge Moraine Lake+Heian Shrine
2007/07 Emerald Lake, Canad + Yasaka Shrine
2007/06 Lake Louise Canada + Daitokuji Temple
2007/05 Columbia Icefield + Chion-In Temple
2007/04 Canadian Rockies, Banff + Nijojo-castle
2007/03 Sheraton Phuket +Kiyomizu-temple
2007/02 Naples, Italy +Nanzenji-temple in Kyoto.
2007/01 Windsor Castle, London +Ginkakuji-temple

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History of this Web Page

- 2009/06/13 Thanks to 200,000 visitors to come to this site. Photoshop still continues.
- 2005/11/15 Thanks to 100,000 visitors to come to this site.
- 2005/07/02 New Dream characters were made by Seicho Suzuki again, thank you.
- 2004/05/15 50,000 visitors have come to this site and travel, digital camera and PC topics will be continued.
- 2002/01/12 Thanks to Seicho Suzuki for making Chinese characters of "dream"
- 2001/01/04 [Ver.1] Deeply impressed by seeing my first home page.