Fruits can be bought. Dragon fruits or pitaya. Insect protection bag has Chinese character Cactus fruits, name is Pitaya.
Leaves grow thick well. Oh! Cactus. Pink color shows up. Bees are pollinating.
Cactus fruits (kind of dragon fruits) Yellow Pitaya. Bottle gourd-like. Banana tree.
The orchard in the field gradually. Coconuts. Miracle fruits.
Blood vessel like surface. Sugar apple. Guava. Pineapples.
Terraced fields like orchard. Frutra de condessa. Papaya grow up like this. Leaving orchard.
Such rich green forest is in Penang island, too. Rubber sap is gathered. Tree of rubber.
Flowers bloom in the field. Good old forest. Fruit in shop garden. Also fruit in the garden.
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