• I have nothing to do with photo but digital camera and web page made me awake. I am enjoying digital camera now.
  • On taking a picture and after taking a picture, at every scene I myself take a main role. Free control. That's all.
1. Start digital camera
I wrote about digital camera on December 30, 1999. It explains why I chose Olympus C21. 2001/01/18
1. Anyway small
I have taken very little analog photo experience. I have only one easy camera. That shows I am not interested in photos. Small and easy to carry is best.
- 1. Light is another requirement. -2. If it is against this, it is not necessary. Zoom can be alternated by approaching.
2. 1.5 pixel is necessary. It is difficult to buy again soon. Printing clearness is desirable.
3. No need of special equipment
-1. Especially battery. On carrying and taking pictures, it is worst if the special shape of battery will be lost. Normal battery should be alternated for emergency. If it will be used in another country, it is a must.
-2. Some cameras have USB transfer system but if it affects body size, I do not like it.
-3. I do not have video camera and I do not open web page then movie is not necessary either.
-4. I do not mind memory media whether smart media or compact flash. But memory stick is not popular yet.
4. Cheap
Shooting object itself is not decided, then I do not want to spend much money. Second hand is enough but evolution is in this field then second hand is difficult.
Part 1. Easy to take photos -> Unskillful gun fighter triggers many times and hit the mark 2001/01/27
Digital photos can be taken easily because it does not use film. -> Failure possibility is higher than analogue but treasure may be found in trash. Recent example is a farewell party for an instructor of a sports club. She worked there for 12 years. I took a digital camera and took photos for her. "You are going to marry? Congratulations." There were more than 30 old members. I took 80 photos for the party and most of them were general photos. But some of them could be interesting scenes.
What a short skirt! Everybody can see it. -> Right now, work for the sports club finished and come here with the working style. Like this. She opened the skirt and show us the spats style. Soon I took photos with shutter sounding plush.
And for the other scene, she was weeping for our club members' kindness(?) Tears and tears. Chance. Photos.
At a completely different scene, I talk with a person sit next to me. "Even hair condition is close (= little hair) I do not want be seen same as this person (-> this is myself)" -> Laugh. Shutter sound plush.
Like these scene, if I worry film numbers, I could not take these precious scenes. I printed on A4 size papers and copied the file on CD-ROM. I presented them and she was deeply moved them. There were many attended members who have PC and then I copied the file on CD-ROM and presented it. It was thanked too. I used to have only one small easy analog camera and did not have any relations with photos. And after having digital camera, I could have different world than analog camera. Good, good.
Part 2. Easy modification −> feel happy of free modification 2001/01/28
Digital camera has another good point of easy modification.
It past two years since daughter said she wanted to have. One of this web subjects is our dog Harry. With just this chance, I bought a digital camera and it was maybe for the dog. 0-year, 6 months, one year, two years, taking photos. Together with making album on PC, I make some photos for PC wall papers. This modification can be easily done and can be changed freely. Before digital camera, I have never seen photo retouch software. This changing freeness is one of interest things. Products were thanked by the family. This is the first time that brought thanks to the family about PC.
Part 3. Easy to see and whenever to see, digital camera album 2001/01/29
Another merit is to see album easily. I did not relationship with photos before and for analog photo albums, once attached photos may not be seen twice. Because I thought I would see twice, then I did not have intention to take another photos. I could not have active feeling.
But digital camera album is in PC and it is not necessary to find it purposely. It also can be looked through at once then when I file those photos, I automatically see the album. When I bought the digital camera, first several photos were printed but now I only look them by digital album on PC. Lately hard disc volume increased and it can store many images.
Part 4. See by the slide show 2001/01/30
Recent album software can provide slide show too. For analog photos, if there were same king of interesting photos, some selected photos will be used for the album. Same kind of photos are not interesting. But digital camera album is different. Especially, when looking by slide show, same kind of photos sometimes attracts on the other hand. Same phenomenon will be felt and shown from a little different angle. By looking the slide show, time passed then we can feel like we are in that place again and feel happy.
When making slide show, file name will be put numbers in the beginning of the file name in order to feel realistic atmosphere because the slide number was in the order that we walked.
Part 5. Analog photos need persons on the scene -> But digital camera is OK with just scenery 2001/01/31
Analog photos of armature are not interesting if they would not have persons on it. Professional like person can take picturesque scene. But originally without picturesque mind, if there are some persons in it, we can talk centering with that person. Then persons with analog photos are must.
However, digital camera photos are different. Maybe it is a reason to take many photos. As I wrote in Part 4 for slide show, some same kind of pictures can bring a little different angle scene and explaining the effect from a little different angle. Even if there was no person on the scene, but many photos will replay the feeling of the scene. Then like myself that have no picturesque mind, and with no persons, they can be seen. Digital camera is very interesting even they are in the same category as analog photos. I can not return back again. Only digital camera.
Part 6. Printer advanced that the quality closed to analog photos 2001/02/01
I am using Epson printer PM800C. I bought it in December, 1999. Printers are advancing step by step but this printer is enough for personal printing. Analog photo quality is possible if printing papers are enough quality. Photo print paper is best but super fine paper is enough for home printing.
More than that, I changed not to print itself. Looking on screen is happier.
Part 7. Self printing style -> using power point 2001/02/02
I had an experience of taking digital camera photos of a farewell party of 12-year worked sports club instructor. And made an album for a present. That was thanked by her. It was made by Power Point of Micro Soft. This can add front cover page and picture size can be changed freely. And comments can be added on photos. It is difficult to modify like this for analog photo album. But using PC, as if it were made by printing company, unified album can be made easily. When I handed it, the instructor had moved because it was made specially for herself. Like this, it can be modified based on my own style. It is also happy.
Part 8. Printing with html and present it can be seen by everyone 2002/05/21
A student working for a sports club quit because of graduation. I took some photos by digital camera and gave them to her. I used html this time. Before, I made them by Power Point but html can be seen by Internet Explorer then it has wide usage. From now on I will do like this.
2. Attending lecture of Mr. Masamichi Kudo sponsored by Olympus 2003/01/25
I attended the CAMEDIA Visual College sponsored by Olympus Photo. First model picture, by taking photos at actual condition, I was taught interesting points. I could have real necessary know-how rather than just reading a book to get information. I was very impressed.
Just on time to take a picture, everything has be done
Most modification can be done by PC retouch software afterward. But after retouch makes worse picture quality then on taking a picture, every operation can be done by operating digital camera.
Focus on person, open wide aperture (smaller F value). Background defusing makes person be focussed
In order to focus on person and make background defocus, open aperture as wide as possible. Shutter speed target at that time is set so as not to occur hand movement. Aperture prior mode is used and shutter speed is set automatically. It need this aperture prior mode setting and it is complicated than automatic or programmed mode but it can appropriately record the scene then after familiarized with this, it is usually used. C40 ZOOM has "person photo scene" button and it automatically set this aperture prior mode for person pictures by camera itself.
Relationship with aperture, shutter speed and depth of field
Depth of field shallow <--> deep
Aperture open <--> close
Shutter speed fast <--> slow
It is useful to remember this relationship. And when light intensity is constant, if aperture is opened more, shutter speed becomes faster, or if aperture will be closed more, then shutter speed becomes slower. According with this, depth of field changes. "Light intensity = aperture x shutter speed" and then because of depth of field, aperture prior mode is adopted and if motion is necessary, shutter prior mode will be adopted.
Usage of half lock AF
In order to focussing, target of focussing should be in center for automatic focus. It becomes typical "center composition" and is not interesting. Half shutter button can lock AF and it makes possible for both focus and picture composition. Upper picture was focussed on the person and by using the half AF lock, moved the camera to change picture composition. In the beginning, it is difficult to set half shutter but after accustomed to it, it can be done easily.
Person's focus is targeted on eyes
For portrait picture and especially close photo, eyes will be focussed even in the face. On closing up, there are up and down even in the face then picture image changes by focus targeting. By focussing eyes, the picture and the person will get life. Dead eyes can not be a picture.
This is first time to hear this know-how by the lecture.
This time lecture includes both explanation and actual photo taking then those effects can be understood easily.
Focussing eyes is set by AF lock, of course.
Exposure compensation for person photo is set rather bigger
Especially this is important for woman's portrait. Plus compensation for exposure can be photographed brighter than actual looking and it looks whiter skin. This exposure compensation will be increased from + 0.7 to + 1.0. Exposure compensation unit is expressed by EV (Exposure Value). +1EV exposure compensation means 1 step open of exposure. For example, From F8 to F5.6, or twice shutter speed (1/200 to →1/100 seconds), those are same condition. To make this kind of detail setting, it is better to try to set aperture prior mode. Exposure compensation principle is that pictures, which have many white or brighter places, are set plus compensation and photos having more black or dark places are set minus compensation. Exposure compensation is used intentionally.
When lighting on person, backlight is used
Normal light becomes weak shading. Difference between Sun light and shade becomes bigger and shade part picture becomes darker. The person to be taken a picture feels glaring and can not open eyes for long time.
And backlight makes around hair brightened and feels more beautiful. This can be done with reflection board. For armature feeling, backlight was thought as bad thing and I was enlightened.
Personal picture is reflected by reflection board
For movie picture or professional photos, reflection boards are used to reflect gentle light to face and makes facial expression brighter. Direct light causes shade and for faces it results strong light and shade. This time model photograph used 1 m x 2 m silver reflection board. At home and if there is no such reflection board, then white backside of larger poster may be possible for same effect.
Personal photo is allowed to cut top of the head
When taking a portrait by closing up, balancing of up-down and left-right, it may happen to cut somewhere and this time will be allowed to cut top of person's head, or part of hair.
When closing up picture target, longer than wide picture may happen to be cut somewhere depending frame composition. It is said to be possible to cut top of head. On the other hand, picture with hands should be that all part of hands are in the photo not to be cut. For personal picture, impression is important.
For personal picture, space is made to the direction at which face is looking
When upper body photo taking, space will be in front or back, in this case, more space should be in the direction at which face is looking. Toward face, less backside space and more front side space. Like this, more space for eye direction looks natural.
Face is looking ahead but there is small space in front and it is like eyes are in the back side and it does not seem to be natural.
Even front looking structure, when person is set in center, background seems to be separated and becomes not concentrated.
When personal picture include hands, they should not be cut in the middle
If finger tips is hidden or showed off the frame, it makes impression worse.
Those two pictures were cut from same photo. Left normal photo includes every part of the left hand but right one is a little offset photo and hand seems to be cut and it becomes bad impression. Small difference but big impression.
This know-how was pop up from reviewing of participants work. This kind of point is difficult if we had not the lecture directly. For that point, this lecture with actual practice was very useful.
Pay attention to person's background
Background should be paid attention when taking pictures. I could not notice on taking pictures by myself. This photo seems to have only some viewers inside scenery but actually there are some unexpected scene inside the picture such as some persons with a bag on the back or some luggage on the bench, which are not suitable for this scene. Looking at later, expected picture will be spoiled. On taking pictures, just watching at the person only, it becomes difficult to look around and then it is necessary to watch the background carefully.
Personal close up photo should eliminate things around
About personal close up picture, unnecessary background things should be eliminated and it becomes simple. Especially like this photo, trash box in background must be avoided.
When targeting a person, it is recommended to approach as close as possible and eliminate unnecessary things around. And to compare the person's costume, matched background should be chosen.
Personal picture's background should not include signboard in Japanese language
背景の看板に日本語の文字があります。背景の看板の日本語文字を消して見ました。If there are some Japanese signboards in background, without looking at the interested person, watcher is trying to read the Japanese on board and eyes are intend to look signboard. Then Japanese signboard in background should be avoided. If it is written by Alphabet character, it is impressed like pattern for Japanese. Left photo has Japanese characters and right one does not. The Japanese characters will be caught by eyes suddenly and clearly. Mr. Kudo said this photo itself is balanced with composition and background.
High key picture (bright) makes personal photo illusionary
If light comes directly into lens, picture becomes whitish. This type of photo sometimes becomes illusionary atmosphere. High key = bright condition and low key = dark condition, those condition should be used well. This photo becomes white because backlight came into lens. In order to use reflection board, lighting volume for the person is enough and the light wraparound is thought to be acceptable. Photo has limit to express light and dark and for the brighter part, the part, which was not represented, becomes white and is called high key. On the contrary, dark black part is called low key.
Close up by macro photo
Analog camera is difficult to close up photo because it is necessary to change to macro lens. But digital camera is easy. It just push a changing button. Like flower photo, better to use it. Orchid is one of Okinawa special products. There were many orchid flowers decorated in the Okinawa Airport. It is useful and easy to take this kind of flowers. Digital camera can take close up photo at wide side but analog camera is said to be impossible.
In flower field, defocus background flower seems to be seen as if there are many flowers
When taking pictures of flower field all around, in order to focus some spotted area and defocus all the others, it is set as aperture prior mode and makes aperture a little open. Then it becomes focussed flowers and around them there are tremendous amount of defocus flowers. It will be in a feeling like in a fairy tale and feel surrounded by flowers in a flower field.
Scenery exposure compensation is set a little minus
To take scenery picture, setting of minus exposure compensation makes it darker and looks like bright. The reason for compensation is digital camera's automatic adjustment in order to result in constant brightness as a whole picture. For example if the scene has white flowers or snow, there are many white things in it, then camera misunderstands the situation and automatically adjust to darkness because there are much light or bright. On the contrary, scenery with shade is set to bright side automatically after deciding that brightness is not enough. Then to recover the scenery as humanbeings' look, exposure compensation is done to get natural feeling.
Scenery is set aperture close
For scenery photos, aperture will be closed (F value will be increased) and it becomes to focus from near sight to far sight. This photo's aperture is set to close side at maximum then both the person and background can be focussed. Scenery picture is focussed from near site to far site but for the portrait photo, there are two ways such as this sample which focus both person and background, the other case is to defocus background to clear up the person. C40 ZOOM has scenery button then it can automatically set this aperture close setting.
Night picture target is 15 to 20 minutes after sunset
When it is taken 15 to 20 minutes after sunset, illumination or town brightness becomes same as sky brightness. After sunset completely, only illumination strongly light.
To take clear blue sky, white balance of electric bulb is set for blue color
There is a white electric bulb for decoration and blue sky on the background. White balance is set as "electric bulb" and decorated bulb is colored white and sky, as blue. Actual sky is not as blue as in the picture but it makes impressive. Electric light of white balance becomes bluish color.
By PL filter, sky is take as truly blue
PL filter or polarizing filter is effective to take a blue sky as truly blue. Olympus C40 ZOOM is not provided any filters then I tried Kenko Circular PL filter by hand fitting.
By PL filter, red of autumn color of leaves is taken as true red
PL filter can remove light reflection. To avoid reflection of autumn red color leaves, bright and lively color leaves can be taken. To rotate the filter and find an angle which removes reflection of leaves or mountains and blue sky changes to dark. Darkest angle is best effective part. Normal light is most effective and a little effect for backlight or cloudy weather.
PL filter is adjusted by rotating
PL filter can strengthen or make weak by rotating. PL is set in a rotating frame. On looking through finder or liquid crystal monitor and rotating the frame, it is used on an angle which disappears reflection or makes blue sky dark and scenery can be seen clearly.
PL filter completely disappears reflection of lake surface when too much effectiveness
On taking pictures of Mount Fuji and its reflection on the lake surface, PL can remove reflection of light and then too much effectiveness causes no Fuji Mountain reflection on the lake. Angle from 30 to 40 degrees toward the reflection surface is most effective. 90 degree or real front is no effective.
Picture of white and black
Digital camera's color can be changed by retouch software after photo taking. But if it includes dark red color, how black it is when it is turned into white and black or concerning blue what kind of darkness it becomes. It is safer to confirm those colors on the scene.
Digital camera tries to focus on bright area
Generally digital camera focuses automatically on the square focus point in center. But if there is a bright area near the focus point, it may try to focus the brighter area.
PL filter sample, white balance is automatic 2003/06/30
Those photos were taken by automatic white balance and by rotating PL filter and changing angles, blue sky was taken.

There are quite difference between clear blue sky and dark blue sky which was made by PL filter of avoiding light reflection. Filter effect is clearly understood.
PL filter sample, white balance is "clear sky" 2003/07/02
With PL filter without filter
Probably it depends on the personal preference of blue sky.
Exposure compensation sample, white balance is automatic 2003/07/03
no exposure compensation compensation 0.5 compensation 1.0 compensation 1.5 compensation 2.0
Under this clear sky, exposure compensation of 0.5 - 1.0 is enough.
Exposure compensation sample, white balance is "clear sky" 2003/07/04
no exposure compensation compensation 0.5 compensation 1.0 compensation 1.5 compensation 2.0
White balance was changed to "clear sky."
Under this condition there is little difference between automatic white balance and clear sky.
3. Try to find photo know-how
Photo technique which can be found difference by Mr. Yoshio Nishikawa
  • First courage, second chance, no third and fourth, fifth picture composition
  • Targeting clearly, capture from different view point
  • Photo is taken by foot
  • Main subject is showed up by defocusing background, main player is in big role and side players are defocused
  • Personal photo eliminates unnecessary background
  • Life of snap photo is human performance and facial expression
  • Even daytime, heavy usage of flash, especially for backlight
  • Approaching closer (+ dynamic feeling of camera moving picture taking, one step closer for portrait)
  • Targeting best facial expression such as smile, confused-looking face, victory tears
  • Sometime take in the photo angle of surrounding circumstance
  • Dynamic feeling by slow shutter
  • Dynamic feeling by camera move picture taking (Motorcycle racing)
  • Focus just on one person from unspecified number
  • Focus on just one specific character
  • Variation with color scheme (one yellow tulip in white tulips)
  • Borrow the power of persons or animals in background, add a foil in scenery (fireworks and a woman)
  • Horizon or horizontal line should not be located in center, movable composition is sky : field is 2 : 8 or 1 : 9 (A tree in a plain in center is worst)
  • Another visual field will come from different angle (Behind view of snow patch)
  • Wait (Animal photo is necessary to wait)
  • Same eye line (Same height as dogs or cats)
  • Main subject should be included in golden cut (four crossing points in the right figure)
Picture of golden ratio or golden cut 2003/04/11
Simple method for golden cut is used as crossing point of three partition.
But actual golden cut is done as in the right figure.
By the photo composition, a line is drawn from a corner of left-upper to a corner of right-down. A line is drawn from a corner of left-down to the lien by rectangular angle. This cross section is a point of golden cut. Same action is done and four red colored points could be marked as golden cut.
Those are a little outside than three partition method.
Realistically, three partition method is better.
Principle of golden ratio or golden section 2004/12/17
"Golden section" is divided with C point that satisfies AB/AC=AC/CB when a blue line is divided with C point. Moreover, this ratio "AB/AC" is called golden ratio. It goes back to the junior high school age and it uses mathematics. It is assumed AB=X as length AC=1. This X becomes golden ratio. AB/AC=AC/CB, that is, x/1=1/(x-1). When (x-1) is multiplied by both sides, x(x-1) =1 ,that is, the second order equation of x2-x-1=0. The solution of ax2+bx+c=0 is "x=(-b+-root (b2-4ac))/2a" and when figures are put into it, solution becomes "1+- root (1-4*(-1)) /2" or x=(1+root 5)/2=1.618. if it expresses as a golden ratio, AC:AB=1:(1+root 5)/2≒1:1.618. It is interesting to be able to show the golden section by such an expression.
For backlight, exposure compensation or flush light 2002/10/25
Backlight is necessary to countermeasure on picture taking. Exposure compensation focuses on the area which should be taken. Easy method is to use flash. Without using this, person is taken just black and there is limitation for the after retouch. Over compensation makes background just white.
Eighth digital camera is Ricoh CX1 2009/07/25
Richo removed the name of Caplio from their traditional camera to just "CX1", becoming attractive camera.
* 28-200mm wide and zoom lens. 7.1 times optical zoom. CCD shift method blurring correction.
* Super macro up to 1cm in wide angle and 25cm in telescopic end.
* Dynamic range double shot protects white jump or black out shooting two pictures for the same scene. Triptoe is necessary because it shoots two pics at the same time.
* Multi pattern auto white balance. On mixture of sunshine and shadow, it brings the picture close to the impression of look and feel.
* Multi target AF. Seven focal points are continuously shot. Effective for telescopic or macro.
* Horizontal condition is confirmed by the electric level meter.
* 3.0 inches, 920,000 pics monitor. 81 pictures can be shown in the monitor.
* My setting mode can store our favorite condition.
* AF/AE target lock function can lock AF/AE by just fitting camera with the scene without moving camera.
* Pictures can be fixed within the camera. Trimming, Auto leveling of brightness of color, Correction of white balance.。
Seventh digital camera is advanced Caplio R7, Ricoh 2007/12/18
* Slim..body of 20.6mm thickness, wide angle 28mm to telescopic 200mm 7.1 times optical zoom, equipped with.36 times auto resize zoom (1010mm). * Macro photography that can come near up to 1cm in wide angle and 25cm in telescopic end. * Less noise of high sensitivity picture with ISO1600. * High-resolution CCD of 8.15 million pixels. * CCD shift method blurring correction. * In the face mode, focus is adjusted by searching faces.
* 2.7-inch, 230,000 pixel liquid crystal is easily seen in outdoor. * Adjustment button can be registered up to four to improve operation when taking a picture. The function of a cross key is added to the button which can be easily switched to the function of exposure correction, white balance, or ISO sensitivity, etc. * Personal setting function to register up to two kinds. * Tone correction function. Brightness and contrast are corrected to the taken picture at five steps without black nor white collapsing in the camera and it records. * Color tone correction function. Color shade is corrected at five steps in the camera and it records. * The image taken at the vertical position can be rotated by 90 degree.
* 12 scene mode functions that can be chosen according to the scene to be taken. * Diagonal correction function. If a image has clear four corners such as explanatory materials that can be taken in a picture in a conference room only for diagonal position, it can be automatically corrected as if it was taken from the center position. * Three kinds of entertainment. and the color bracket function. It takes a picture of three pieces (black and white, the color, and sepia) at the same time with the shutter of one time and it records. * Longtime shooting to take pictures of about 300 shots.
Sixth digital camera is Caplio R4 with characters of wide angle lens and seven times optical zoom 2006/10/31
* High speed hybrid AF system with CCD-AF adding passive AF sensor of outside light.
* Double retractable lens system with 28 - 200mm and 7.1 times optical zoom.
* Starting time 1.1 seconds. Release time lag 0.007 seconds, One push 0.09 seconds, Waiting time before the next shutter 0.5 seconds. * 1 cm macro photography * CCD shift method blurring correction * Auto bracket and white balance bracket.
* Three types of continuous shoot, type S(stream), M(reverse using memory) * Camera memo function.
* Adjustment button can set frequently used function quickly.
* Personal setting function sets frequently used function such as zoom, macro, scene mode, white balance, etc.
* Diagonal correction function. Distorted diagonal object, which is shot diagonally, is automatically recognized and it is corrected as if it was taken from the center position.
Fifth digital camera is Lumix FX8 of Panasonic with unti hand-shake 2005/07/06
The fourth and similar FX8 are bought because it was taken by the family because FX7 is too good though it is not to say with the full voice. The FX8 is characterized by its long battery life. Though it is officially described as 300 shots can be taken with full charge on the catalog, it is possible to take 400 shots, because there is seldom opportunity with flash on, when actually using it because of the merit of unti hand-shake mechanism. Then, even when how much number is taken, most case is enough for one battery. However, a spare battery is carried for the emergency. Though the items such as "dishes scene" are added to the scene mode, it is not convenience addition for me because such mode is not used too much usually. The long battery usage is the best advantage of the change.
Fourth digital camera is Lumix FX7 of Panasonic with prevention mechanism of hand-shake 2004/12/18
  • The fourth digital camera is a planned compulsive shopping. The best advantage is the prevention mechanism of hands movement. It is impossible to get a clear photo without a tripod in a church in Europe because inside is dark then hands movement occurs. Moreover, there are a lot of places in which tripod usage is not allowed. The prevention mechanism of hand-shake, that is the feature of Lumix, is useful at such cases. Some photographs in the main hall of Zojo-ji Temple near Tokyo Tower were taken as a trial. Only Buddha statue is shone in the darkness. Flash light doesn't reach because the main hall is large. The situation is condition which always blurs up until now if a tripod is not used and was helpless. It was possible to take a picture without using flash and a tripod, and with hand holding only. The effect of the movement of hands prevention is superb. It is possible to take a night photography by just choosing the scene mode, "night view" of such a simple operation. Simple operation procedure is comprehensible.
  • Volume reduced into 2/3 compared with the previous Lumix. It is small enough to carry and has a good holding feeling.
  • The liquid crystal of 2.5 inches is large. There is no problem though the view finder has disappeared. It looks clearly even under the bright sunshine on the liquid crystal. It is possible to confirm the taken photos by the big liquid crystal.
  • Five million pixels can provide clear feeling beyond expectation. It can be found the difference between G400 of four million pixels and FX7 from the same photographs of Zojo-ji Temple though there might be a difference of the graphic processing engine, too. It is amazing to be included in such a small CCD of 1/2.5 inches.
  • Two lines in length and breadth respectively of the golden section are displayed. It is convenient including horizontal and vertical confirmation.
Third digital camera Konica-Minolta G400 2004/08/02
My digital camera became third generation. It was planned impulse shopping. First generation was Olympus 2 million pixel C21, second was Olympus C40ZOOM and third was Konica-Minolta G400. Buying cycle was 2.5 and 2 years.
Current two generation have almost same function but operationality was brought a marked improvement. Light and slim. 250g --> 150g, 87x69x44mm --> 94x55.5x23mm. Quick response. Start-up. 7 --> 1 second. 10 photos of normal 4 million pixel without flash. 46 --> 27 seconds. Same condition with flash. 126 --> 32 seconds. Battery length. Nickel-Hydrogen 2.4V --> Lithium ion 3.7V. Normal 4 million pixel 70 - 80 pictures --> More than 200.
Second digital camera is Olympus C40 ZOOM 2002/05/19
オリンパスのホームページでご覧下さい。My first digital camera was Olympus C21 which was bought in December, 1999. Just two and half years mean that life cycle of digital camera is shorter. This time, Minolta Dimage X was trying to catch me because that size can offer optical three times telescopic system. That slim, that lightness and three times zoom lens. But stopped to buy it because it is full automatic. First C21 was fully automatic and then this time I wanted to set by myself. Travel camera should be light and compact. I am satisfied with C40 ZOOM. Light (190g), compact (smaller than first C21), optical 2.8x zoom, 4 million pixel, easy setting of one touch dial such as portrait or scenery and keeping settings used often with "My mode," , easy to understand whether aperture prior or shutter prior, easy to find unit 3 batteries, just usable smart media, which I have now, nothing to add. I checked battery usage. By Nickel Hydrogen 1600 mAh batteries, HQ (2272x1704) 440 pictures, or SQ1 (1280x960) 600 pictures. Practically enough.
C40 ZOOM, using lens open situation can save lens open and close time 2002/06/17
C40 ZOOM takes time on starting then lens is always open when photo taking. When it is used often, lens is always open and liquid crystal monitor is sometimes switched off.
C40 ZOOM White balance "clear sky" sample 2002/05/20
Auto Clear sky
Left photo is auto white balance and right is clear sky white balance.
Right photo is more natural than left. Left sky looks a little reddish. When enlarge photo is seen, it is clearly found that house wall is reddish too.
Later modification by retouch software can be possible but best way is already included into photo settings. White balance is useful.
Panorama photo by C40 digital camera 2002/06/19
Scenery -> mode menu -> photograph -> panorama is a series of setting. Focus, exposure and white balance are decided by the first photo and totally 10 photos are possible. By setting, overlap display is shown on up-down or left-right. Pictures should be taken within this overlap.
Synthesize into one panorama photo 2002/06/20
C40 ZOOM software does not include panorama picture treatment software. C40 operation manual says "Buy a synthesizing software" for panorama photos. I bought same kind of the panorama software at an Internet store and found it works. This photo is synthesized from 5 photos into one. It is difficult to find combined area.
Automatic synthesize of panorama photo by Photomerge 2004/08/09
This wide panorama can be done automatically. Wide range causes deformation. Roof inclination shows.
PhotoShop CS's new function is automatic panorama synthesize .
Photomerge is started by [file -> automatic processing -> Photomerge]. Source files are read by the Photomerge dialogue box. Click "reference" and read files by the order of panoramic synthesize from left to right one by one. After reading, Photomerge dialogue box will be opened. If automatic synthesize could not be processed then by picking the photos with palm tool, location will be roughly set. Click "rules of perspective" in the setting and "perspective correction" and "sophisticated synthesize" in the composition setting. Perspective correction enlarge or rotate left and right photo automatically. This is all about the setting. When pushing OK button, upper three photos automatically synthesized into the panoramic photo. Because it differs from normal panorama soft and enlarge ends of the panoramic photo then it becomes natural.
Photomerge can provide "natural" panoramic photos 2004/08/10
Endeavor with rotate and enlarge/shrink Only facade is big by connection part deformation.
Left and right edges are enlarge Panorama can be done by just clipping
Difference can be seen clearly by comparison with the panoramic photos made by previous PhotoShop.
Normal panorama synthesize software treat connection parts blurry only. Comparing with them, even before PhotoShop 7.0, by using rotation and enlarge/shrink it makes the connection part so natural that it is difficult to find the connected part. But even only this connection is hard job. The result has big front face and unnatural.
一方PhotoShop CSで追加になったBy using Photomerge, right and left synthesized photo is naturally enlarged. Left under photo was a result of Photomerge with three pictures automatically. Background is colored yellow to know the deformation. Just cutting out the photo makes natural panoramic photo.
Some points of photographing for panoramic pictures 2004/08/11
  1. Overlap pictures. For panoramic processing, 15 - 40 % overlap is necessary. Less overlap can not be processed.
  2. Focal distance should be kept constantly. No use of zooming.
  3. Camera should be kept horizontally. Small lean can be adjusted by Photomerge but beyond that may cause error on automatic synthesizing. Tripod is recommended.
  4. Photos from same point. In order to have same eye point, same position should be kept. Walking and photographing may cause continuity of pictures. Tripod usage is best.
  5. Distorted lens should not be used such as fish-eye lens.
  6. Exposure should be kept constant. Avoid flash use and not use in a series of panorama photos. Photomerge can compensate exposure difference based on different pictures but big difference can not be processed.
Panorama Gallery in Japanese
Panorama Gallery not only has great panoramic photos but also has know-how or theory of panorama. It is a very useful site.
I wish I would take a photo once My scenery photo Gallery 2002/6/26
My scenery photo gallery is a site which handles mountain related photos mainly. Every photo is great. I wish I would take just one photo like this in the future.
4. Peripheral information
Three fundamental colors of light and relation with complementary colors 2003/03/25
  1. R(red), G(Green) and B(Blue) are three fundamental colors of light. Elementary color filter of digital camera uses those three colors.
  2. On the other hand, by using adjacent colors, three colors are made such as, Yellow=red+green, cyan=greenblue, magenta=bluered.
  3. Cyan includes blue and green then adding red into cyan makes white.
  4. Relationship between red andcyan, green and magenta, blue and yellow is called "relationship with complementary color." Those complementary colors have white between them. Light case is called as complementary color of white.
  5. Complementary color filter of digital camera uses yellow,cyan, magenta, and usually green is added and uses 4 colors.
  6. Different from painting, light three fundamental colors become white when they are blended. Black is a condition of no light.
Light calculation is additive color process 2003/03/28
When adding hexadecimal color expression is added, then new color comes up. It is called additive color process.
For example,
Yellow=redgreen is defined by hexadecimal as FFFF00=FF0000+00FF00
Cyan=greenblue is in same process of 00FFFF=00FF000000FF
Magenta=bluered is in a process of FF00FF=0000FFFF0000
If complementary colors are added into those colors, it becomes white=FFFFFF is obvious.
Three fundamental colors of paint and relationship with complementary colors 2003/03/29
  1. From ink cartridge of a printer, we understand that three fundamental colors of paint are yellow, cyan and magenta. Same as light fundamental colors, black is wedged between two complementary colors.
  2. Light is calculated by adding process but paint color is decided by absorption of light then in the case of paint, it is called subtractive color process.
  3. For example, yellow paint absorbs blue light and then from white=red+green+blue, blue is deleted and it becomes red+green, that is to say, that paint reflect yellow light and we can see it.
  4. Cyan paint absorbs red light and magenta absorbs green light.
  5. By blending magenta and yellow of paint, from the light of white=red+green+blue, magenta absorbs green light and yellow absorbs blue light and only red light remains then finally we see it as red.
  6. That is magenta+yellow = red+green+blue-green-blue = red. This is subtractive process.
Complementary color CCD 2003/03/26

In the ASCII digital dictionary, it is defined as follows,
Color CCD, which gets in color image, has color filter to recognize color. This filter is RGB 3 colors for line CCD sensor but area CCD sensor for digital camera or video camera uses RGB fundamental color CCD and sometimes CMYG 4 colors complementary color CCD. Complementary color filter has higher transmission factor than fundamental color filter and higher sensitivity for CCD. Therefore complementary filter is used in video camera or digital camera which emphasizes sensitivity. Especially video camera can not provide longer shutter speed than 1/60 second because of limitation of one segment and is necessary to have higher sensitivity. Generally speaking, fundamental color filter has easier consequent color process and then it is said to provide better color but by advance of process technology, difference becomes smaller. And additional coverage of higher sensitivity can be delivered to picture quality then it is difficult to determine relative merits of CCD. For actual digital camera, picture quality depending upon CCD usage is rather important.

Characteristics of fundamental and complimentary color filters 2003/03/27
Fundamental color filter can pick up RGB value directly then it is strong at vivid colors near fundamental colors. And it is said it has rich gradation and brilliant color tone.
Complimentary color filter yellow, cyan and magenta can transmit two fundamental colors. For example, yellow transmits red and green, magenta does red and blue light. Therefore light volume to transmit through filter is higher and then brighter. If light volume is higher, light to CCD becomes higher then sensitivity becomes higher and it has merit to be good at darker scene. And complimentary filter has higher light transmittance and further more it calculates including green color, which human can react to the brightness information, and then it is said it can provide higher sensitivity.
But complimentary filter can not pick up fundamental colors directly and they have to be calculated. For example, to extract fundamental color blue, calculation of "cyan+magenta-yellow/2 = [(greenblue)+(bluered)−(red+green)] / 2" is necessary.
Fundamental colors are calculated like this and brilliant colors close to fundamental colors are not good at for this filter.
White characters can not be printed on black paper 2006/08/29
A friend of mine asked me that white characters can be printed on the black printing paper. He tried to print in that way but printing ink reduces dramatically. Then he bought printing purpose paper and tried to print white characters on the black paper. But it could not. He asked me why. It can not be done in principle. Ink becomes black as mixing cyan, magenta and yellow. White color is used the background color of the white paper. Then white characters can not be printed on the black paper.
One of the way to print is to print black on the surrounding area of the characters at minimum area. After printing, cut the characters and past the paper by glue on the black paper. It may cut ink usage.
On the contrary, three fundamental colors create white by red, green and blue and therefore black is result of doing nothing or no emitting any light. We can understand that condition when PC is on the switch-off condition.
Nickel hydrogen battery has higher natural reduction rate in higher temperature 2002/6/7
Both Nickel hydrogen battery and Nicd battery can self-discharge and its rate depends upon storage temperature. Especially reduction ratio of more than 30 degree C is large then summer time storage and usage should be in caution.
Another point is self reduction and it is recommended to re-charge just before usage to prevent becoming little charge, even they were thought to be fully charged.
Nickel hydrogen battery is repeated in 2 or 3 times re- and dis-charge at first for activation 2002/06/14
It is necessary for Nickel hydrogen battery to re- and dis-charge for 2 to 3 times on first time to be bought. Unless battery will reduce soon at the place to be carried.
For long time no usage, it becomes same kind of non-active condition and if it is repeatedly re- and dis-charged 2 or 3 times then it will be re-covered.
Do not touch electric pole of Nickel hydrogen battery. Pollution of contact point prohibited 2002/06/10
If contact points have pollution, voltage, at which charger automatically stops charge, goes wrong and the charger can not fully charge. And digital camera flows big electric current then if contact points are polluted, it causes voltage reduction and becomes not to be used abruptly.
Therefore not to touch electric pole of digital camera battery is in principle but when charging, it is necessary to wipe electric poles by clothes.
Charger with dis-charge function is useful 2003/03/21
Taiwan manufacturer NEXcell's charger can provide both re- and dis-charge. It is very useful.
Olympus panorama function only works for Olympus smart media 2002/06/13
C40 ZOOM panorama function is useful but Olympus panorama function only react for Olympus smart media.
MELCO, SanDisk, Princeton and Nakamichi smart media could not work.
Over 64MB smart media consumes half electric power on writing 2002/06/11
Over 64MB smart media writing electric consumption is half less than 32MB and lower.
Ultra light, ultra small tripod is useful 2003/01/08
Tripod is very useful for un-expected scene. Self-timer is used including myself if tripod is there without asking to push shutter button. It is necessary when night photos are expected without flash light at night.
This ultra light and ultra small tripod is very useful on the occasion. It is made of plastic and weight is just 50g and fully opened height is just 11cm. It is wondered this kind of stuff will be useful as tripod but small and light becomes merit and it can be taken always. Just 800 yen.
Protection film for liquid crystal of a digital camera is Etsumi, the best. 2005/03/16
Films for liquid crystal protection of a digital camera have grades. However, judging from the degree of adhesion and transparency, I think Etsumi is the best. Panasoni digital camera FX7 has a large-scale liquid crystal of 2.5 inches. First I bought a film at an electric store near my house. It was adjustable free size and cut it for the camera. But degree of adhesion was not storong enough then it was peeled off immediately. There was a guard film for 2.5 inches of Etsumi in the Bic Camera. It sticks exactly and a transparent feeling is satisfied high.
5. One step ahead camera work by Mr. Koichiro Nakamura Internet Watch 2001/09/17
Part 1. Diffusive concepts
Mr. Nakamura is a producer and instructor of stream program, which dose not store movie contents at local environment. There are two types of diffusive ways. One occasion is that oneself could not narrow down into one concept. The other is to list up concepts which should be transmitted. When listing items, it will be conscious of many concepts and one picture will be included 10 concepts. That is wrong because concepts will branch off. Diffusive concepts are same as nothing to be appealed. One concept will be explained by two angles or two subjects. Two concepts will be explained by one angle or one subject. Those are quite different. Try to be conscious of only one thing to be transmitted
Part 2. Not concentrated size
It concepts are not narrowed down, people often may not be moved by them, or things to be transmitted can not be informed. Basically, other things without being transmitted are just noise. And picture angle of the stream is small then if the size is not concentrated, it becomes smaller on the screen and viewers can not understand what is on the screen.
Even for nearing or closing up, basic stance is "track-up" or nearing to the target from the photographer. Performance of recent digital video cameras is improved and it is tending to use digital zoom. When zooming up and up, it is apt to happen hand shaking.
Part 3. Photographing : Weight on "move"
Big difference between moving picture and photo is movement or motion. Concerning stream moving picture, whole screen motion causes increasing data volume, but moving picture is not a picture card story nor slide show. Good screen image will be realized by two or more happenings or by-chances. For example, by taking movie of sun rise, it is more interesting for birds to come to fly or for boats to run on water surface rather than only sun is just rising. Therefore, it is important to find those scene intentionally. Picture image will be showed up if it has something different such as "a place with moving things," See-through or reflecting things," or "outside light or lights between leaves."
Part 4. Photographing : Sound is basically "noise"
Sound, which is taken by the microphone of digital video camera, is basically "noise" (It catches sounds all around. It is like noisy condition.) It is not so different even if optional directional microphone is used. As a result, even if screen image is focused by the automatic focusing, voice is often taken as sound without core. To prevent this, it is recommended to take picture while listing recorded sound by ear-phone. And on the occasion to have comments at noisy place, it is suggested to use pin microphone or for the camera to set up higher to the target person like a microphone and when editing sound will be inserted to other screen image. For this point, it is important to close up to the target.
Part 5. Photographing : conscious of recognition time of viewer
Photographer knows ahead what is taking now. But viewer for the movies happens to jump the image into view angle suddenly. It should be noticed that the gap produces recognition time difference to the target. Photographer thought that it is enough and moves to next cut soon, then it means for the viewer that a scene changes before understanding what this screen image is. To prevent this, it suggest to take movie with explaining "this is a image of that" in mind.
Part 6. Photographing : Watch for right and left level
The reason, why small digital video camera is liked, is easy to take movie by hand. But if tripod is not used, often horizon level is not attained. Human is tend to adjust a transverse line in the screen with upper frame of the screen. For example, when taking movie of children, it is apt to align upper line of stage and upper frame of finder. To attain horizontal level is only for the movie taker to sit in front of the stage. For most cased, right side of audience seats or left side is chosen. Later, on replaying movie, it may happen for the screen to be angled. To avoid this, buying a level and attach it on a optional microphone attachment.
Part 7. Photographing : Lighting
On taking movie, lighting is an important factor and basically digital video camera is brighter than human eyes. And consumer camera is brighter than broadcasting camera. Therefore, if a beginner is try to use light, only near sight is taken brighter into white, so called white jump. It should be noticed that at the field of photograph, light is used to adjust the balance of screen brightness and not to change the dark scene into bright. Especially for digital picture image, it can compensate under-exposure but reverse condition is not good at it. However, encoding for stream becomes finishing a little close (exposure under) than original material, then it may be better to open a little (exposure over.)
Part 8. Photographing : Conscious of processing
Every movies has beginning and end. For a stream movie, after pushing replay button, there is sometime for buffering and suddenly movie starts. And privately opened movies tend to finish at the timing of video record stop suddenly. Even for a short movie, title should be included at least. It may be possible to simply start from the title screen or to play symbolized scene, which indicates the story undergoing from now, and to give expectation feeling, that is so called avan-title. Furthermore ending presentation is also important. For example, By combining short cut of impressed screen images or by delivering music, listener would have expectation that it is going to end. And for the movie of their children, it is also effective to insert parents-like sentences in end role of the movie. For a concept of children's athletic festival, only inserting a ground scene, where no one exists after the ceremony, may put it tension in a way .
Part 9. Photographing : Do not combine same size and same position
These days, such as interview movies delivered by streaming or description of products, many of those movies have only similar cuts from the beginning to the end. It is better to combine cuts which were taken by different size and different position when editing. And also it is recommended to have another extra cuts (throw-away cuts which can be used at various scenes) For example, children's athletic festival may use a scene of flags of all nations.
One point advanced technique
For a stream movie, sometimes it may happen to be replayed only by single frame step according to line condition. Therefore screen image of panned moving things will replay similar scenes by the single frame step and become no movement movie. (pan : not changing camera position and just rotating neck and changing composition ; panorama movie) Then try to use "frame-in" or "frame-out" For example, for a movie of an airplane to take off, under a frame which only shows blue sky, airplane nose is coming up and it can express going up atmosphere. And after panning for a while to follow, and then to stop camera, to take a movie of disappearing into upper part of the frame, those series of action will be produced.
Let's imagine a scene of introducing participants of a meeting or a party. Typical way is to introduce to pan participant faces slowly. But whole screen moving movie is necessary to re-calculate whole screen and therefore it loads to CPU a lot and screen moves step by step and not smoothly. Then "pan flow" technique is recommended. "pan flow" is one of pan techniques and it pans slowly only when a face is within the screen and camera will be moved to the person at fast speed. Because of becoming step by step single frame movie and to occur unnecessary noise, then it should utilize slow CPU calculation to change from week point to produce a scene. It is better than viewers to feel impatient.

Furthermore, it is desirable to take movie from the point in front of the action. However that kind of place sometimes invites frowns of disgust. It is difficult to decide whether entering as bold as brass or return back clearly. For example, in case of footrace of athletic festival, typical composition is a picture of side view. It is an old style composition, which were used Olympic 100 m race, but also it becomes week point for stream movie of panning. And if possible, standing after the goal, it is suggested to challenge to a movie of vertical composition. From front side view, it can catch children's facial expression to come to run as fast as possible or may take movie with "mercy" because it is difficult to find the difference between first-prize winner and last place.
6. Others
Kodak stops to produce 35 mm camera in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe 2004/03/20
Kodak announced on January 13, 2004. It may be affected by rapid increase of digital camera. It is a scene of generation change.
1. End distribution of APS cameras worldwide, and 35 mm cameras in the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe by the end of 2004.
2. Increase its commitment to 35mm camera sales in emerging markets, such as China, India, Eastern Europe and Latin America.
3. Introduce worldwide new high performance 35mm and APS films next month.
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