Sharpness treatment must be done finally
Sharpness treatment must be done finally, after every retouch has to be done. It is rigid rule within professional fields. On the contrary, if a photo, which was done of sharpness treatment, is treated with another retouch, then sharpness effectiveness will be reduced or defect of the sharpness will be emphasized.
Table can be used like a title plate with emboss
This type of style is used in this page to utilize a table to display title with emboss plate.
Use like a title place
It is one row and one column table to be used for a title plate t be made by coloring the cell with displaying flame with two pixels.
Color is not painted in the background of the table. If it is used as background color like the following left sample, that color is displayed in the flame also.
Table background color paints flame too
One pixel flame is less three dimensional appearance

Giving flame pixel two, shadow size increases and emboss effect becomes bigger.
Dual monitor support arm brings wider space
2台のモニターで究極の作業画面を作るWhen two monitors are set aside, support columns are considerably becomes obstructive at the same time as supporting two screens. Support arm for dual monitors was found to buy. Right..photograph shows center pillar and two arms. The pillar is fixed on the back of the desk. Two arms go out of the pillar right and left, and they fix the screens with four machine screws behind the liquid crystal. Location of the screws is fixed as same position with every manufacturer, and four screws to install appear at these four fixed positions when stay in back of the liquid crystal back is removed. It can be widely used on the desk actually. There is a space, then keyboard, mouse and others can be used comfortably right under the monitor, and it is a convenient goods to improve the space use efficiency.
CS3's Photomerge is innovative breakthrough
Operational method and findings are same as before, but it turned into different software and became best one, maybe because of algorithm change. This travel of Las Vegas and Grand Canyon took and treated 62 panoramic pictures by the photomerge and only two images could not be processed. That two pictures included sky with clouds in many part and thin clear bar-like objectives such as bridge were located horizontally. It seems to be easy to synthesize from our eyes because clear objective continues. Clouds are not constant then that part may not be calculated. 60/62 could be done automatically and more complicated the lap part, easier to treat automatically. As for connected part, CS1 shows diagonal line showing forcibly connected result, but CS3's connected line could not be found even it would be enlarged. And when merging pictures of not lined up vertically, it connects only fitting part, then connecting part becomes step or uneven shape but connected part fits perfectly. And good panorama can be obtained by extracting the only fitted part. CS3 includes this type of backside revolution. It worth to buy the version up just by the Photomerge.
(CS3) Operational screen for the dual monitors opens every palettes
  1. Layout of left screen for processing work, right for operating windows, comes from right palettes at the original one screen. It is just same as the right palette line becomes right screen resulting as an independent screen. Every window opens existing as palettes.
  2. Therefore, frequently used tool palette is located on the leftist part of the right screen. And higher frequency palettes are placed left side and the righter it goes, less frequently it will be used.
  3. Relating palettes are located closely each other such as character and paragraph, or, swatch and color.
  4. Layer and history can be seen at once when they can be displayed longer.
  5. This palettes location will be saved by "saving of work space" in order to return back from the sudden change.
(CS3)Dual monitors bring ultimate efficiency for processing
2台のモニターで究極の作業画面を作るPhotoshop can work very efficiently by using two monitors. The left half of the right image is a screen for the image work, and a right half is a screen for the operation. The work efficiency went up greatly using two monitors by allotting the role respectively. Left monitors is 20 inches (1600x1200), and the right is 22 inches wide monitor (1680x1050). Up to now, 20 inches has been used. When the personal computer was newly bought this time, 22-inch wide is attached together. The new PC was scheduled to be composed only of the new 22-inch wide monitor at first for processing the image, but it was not suitable for that objective . The current 20 inches is for the image processing screen, and 22-inch wide monitor is for the operational screen because performance is not important for the purpose. Therefore, it changed the composition of the new monitor as a monitor for the operation screen. The operation of the window opening and closing became unnecessary because every window opens always, the operational windows will not hide a part of the images under processing when the work screen was able to be used widely by using the monitor of work for the operation properly, and either the windows for the operation are always opened, and it helps to perform efficiently.
(CS3)Palette storage icon can store in small, and enlarge bigger when to use
CS3 can store palettes in the icons. Palette opens by double clicking the icon when using. When stop to use on finishing, clicking the double triangle of right direction can close the palette.
To open the whole palettes simultaneously, the double triangle of left direction is clicked.
To store the palette into the storage area, to display the palette by clicking "window" then "action", to click the right direction triangle of upper right then to fined "Move to the palette storage area", to click this and to be inserted the last place of the storage area, that is, right end. Right and left place in the storage area can be selected by the right click.
Default setting shows history, action, tool preset, bush, copy source, character, paragraph, layer comp. And it is better to be as it is.
(CS3) Tool palette is the most frequently used
ツールパレットは最も使用頻度の高いパレット。Tool palette is the most frequently used window. Right image is in horizontal but actually it is located vertically. After CS3, it became one line and more usable. When double clicking the double triangles on top of the palette, it can be changed into two lines as before. But one line is smaller area and easier to use, then one line is recommendable.
(CS3) Photoshop CS3's screen layout is stayed as default setting because of easy operation
In the next stage, Photoshop opens and it shows the picture editing screen. CS3 becomes easy to use such that tool palette changed to slim one line, palette storage became icon style, etc., then default layout style is basically used.
  1. The option bar in the upper screen to set various parameters.
  2. Tool palette in the left is the most frequently used. CS3 is one line from two lines before.
  3. Palette area in the right stores from upper, navigator to check the location on expansion, swatch of color table, histogram of contrasting and layer palette to to used frequently.
  4. CS3 can store palettes in the icons to offer bigger operational screen.
  5. Layout style can be saved as work space with proper naming.
(CS3) Adobe Bridge made linkage stronger with Photoshop or Illustrator
At first, Bridge as browser is started. Before the Bridge, Photoshop browser used to be heavy, but Photoshop CS3 provided light and usable browser.
  1. Set three screen windows, left line gives tree style folders, and decide the folder to open.
  2. Thumbnail pictures are shown in the center line. Detail display, which shows shot image data, can be selected but those data are shown in the right line, then thumbnail style is selected in the center line.
  3. Thumbnail size can be changed freely by sliding the bottom right switch.
  4. Preview tab is shown in the upper right line to determine if the image is to be edited by Photoshop.
  5. Meta data in the lower right line display shooting date and time, size of picture, shutter speed, aperture, etc.
  6. Double clinking the thumbnail picture can start Photoshop and the picture to be edited is shown.
268 Browser Firefox is considered so as not to become miserable display
In the browser's world market share in January, 2007, Internet Explorer is 86%, and Firefox is 11%. It changed so as not to become too miserable when displayed with Firefox in the recent reputation of Firefox goodness though only IE had been basically made a target.
1. The automatic impression sending system with cgi is stopped. Because the size of the row has been changed greatly and it became very hard to see because displayed graphic size was different in Firefox. And the access number from the reader in this way is not so frequent. Then mailing system replaced it, then I do not think that it is actually in most inconvenience.
2. It changed from the way to which blue framing of surroundings was displayed only by IE into the method of using the table as framing.
3. Simultaneous display with a photo and "New" gig on top page is stopped. When the top page photograph will be made, the character of "New" was put in the photograph because the method of covering the photograph and on that with gif of NEW to display newly arrived information was displayed without being displayed coming in succession in Firefox, and queuing up.
267 When a part of a table is copied and pasted, it makes possible if every row is done at one time 2006/09/18
Example 2
Limiting This row
only one row is copied
it is OK next time
Example 1
If consecutive rows
are included,
they cannot be pasted
A part in a table is often copied onto another table. For instance, "IT relation" is sometimes copied onto another file of "IT relation" for instance partially of the table in this though "Today's phrases" of every day is kept as "Past phrases". When a part of this table is copied, that part cannot be pasted in the target table including all rows that want to be copied like Example 1 though it is possible to copy. Only the row is copied and paste first in such a case. Then, no matter how the row is long at this time, pasting becomes possible. The next row is pasted. Then, it is possible to copy by two actions in this example. Until now each column such as "If consecutive rows", "are included" or "they cannot be pasted" were copied and pasted, then it was bothersome. I do not know why.
PC memory size increase from 512MB to 2GB improves Photoshop operation speed dramatically
Chance to edit digital photos by the Photoshop increases very much. After the memory size was increased, editing speed was improved dramatically and could feel the improvement because the disc access was hardly done even when 10 or more pictures of five million pixels or 2560x1920 at each scene were edited. The increase of the memory size is very effective for the improvement of operation speed of the Photoshop.
266 Layout of edit display is to reserve wide operation area to switch off the browser when working
Next, the edit display of the image. The one to compose the screen of my experience. The browser is shut for the edit display that displays the image.
  1. "Option bar" on upper part of the screen can specify various parameter
  2. "Palette storage area" at the right of the upper part stores palettes such as "Action presetting" and "History" and improves both the saving of the repository and the convenience.
  3. "Toolbox" is put on the right which is most frequently used. This location is decided because it will not disturb when using the browser and is an easy-to-use position for editing.
  4. "Layer palette", which area is to be reserved as big as possible, is located in upper right. When the layers increase and lap, a list or "glance at once" is needed. Because neither the layer nor the palette are used at the same time, the palette is located up though the palette is expanded below when the action palette is used, and a part of the layer table is hidden. If Swatch is located up, it becomes difficult to see because the action palette hides the swatch under it when the action palette is expanded.
  5. Table "Swatch" of the color is arranged at the center of the right side. When the palette is expanded, "Swatch" is never hidden in case of this position.
  6. "Navigator", which confirms the position on a whole screen when expanding, is located in lower right. The histogram is used by changing with the navigator.
265 Automatic sending of impression, input method of the sender
For the input method of the address of the sender, there are two ways 1, the mailer inputs or 2, putting a specific address as default
1. The mailer inputs its address
<input type="text" name="_from">
Above-mentioned line is added. However, blank input line is inserted by this method. As for this line, it is difficult for the sender to understand this line without notification as, "Send your mail address in this input line." Then, this method is not adopted because it becomes complex.
2. A specific address is input as default.
<input type="hidden" name="_from" value="kaz_1124@hotmail.co.jp">
In this method, it doesn't understand who the mailer is. Then a note of "Please add your mail address" is added in the same text.
264 Photoshop Polygonal tool can make arbitrary polygon
The path of arbitrary polygon can be made by "Polygonal tool".
A polygonal number can be specified by putting the figure in "Number of sides". The pentagon can be dragged because it is in this example as "5".
The corner can be taken in a polygonal option by one to specify "Radius" and "The corner is smooth".
Moreover, star figure can also be obtained.
263 Photoshop Oval tool can make oval
The oval also can be made by "Oval tool".
The option is set by "Oval tool option" of the option bar.
"No restriction" is an oval option that major and minor axis are decided by the drug.
"Real circle" is circle.
An oval major and minor axis are specified by "Fixation".
An oval size can be dragged by specifying "Slenderness ratio".
262 Photoshop Round corner rectangular tool makes corner round.
The corner can be rounded by "Round corner rectangular tool" though the same square. The amount that the corner rounds can be specified by the number of pixels for a radius of the corner.
261 Photoshop Rectangular tool can make rectangle
The rectangle can be made by "Rectangular selection tool" in the toolbox or "Rectangular tool" in the same box as "Line tool", without connecting four points by the path.
"Rectangular option" appears when the triangle on a right edge of the option bar is clicked after "Rectangular tool" is selected.
"No restriction" makes the rectangle.
"Square" is a square.
"Fixation" specifies the number of pixels on longitudinal and horizontal.
"Slenderness ratio" can be specified.
260 Photoshop Switch tool of the anchor point can yield round boundary
"Path" is a convenient concept. The origin uses the same path for the red and blue lines. After a red line is drawn by "The borderline of path", the red line is moved to passing and the position that doesn't come in succession by "Movement tool". Even the real image of red line moves, path remains because it only shows the route.
Next, in order to give roundness to point 1 and 2, "Switch tool of the anchor point" that exists in the same box as "Pen tool" of the toolbox is selected. When "Switch tool of the anchor point" is moved on the point 1 and 2, and it is dragged to right and left or up and down and then point a and 2 grows to be rounded.
259 Photoshop Pen tool can make path and bring free figure.
The line and the figure are freely drawn by "Pen tool". A red line to be connected with four points by "Pen tool", to make "Path", and red line is drawn by "The borderline of right-clicking --> Draw boundary line" under "Pen tool". The point that should be noted at this time is drawn on the condition of "Pencil tool" being not able to do the specification of the thickness etc. of the line directly. Therefore, it is necessary to specify the thickness and the color etc. of the line beforehand by "Pencil tool".
259 Photoshop Draw a path by Pen-tool。
Pen tool in the toolbox is basic to draw a free figures or lines. Shape of "Pen tool" is like a fountain pen.
258 Photoshop "Web snap" is the ratio of Web colors
The Web snap expresses the ratio of the Web use colors. 100 % means every color is Web color. However, the used color is limited and sometimes the color number decreases extremely according to circumstances. It makes to "0%" for the photograph.
257 Photshop "Interlace" shows an image from rough picture to exquisite gradually
Interlace is a technique of the days of low transmission rate in the early Internet age. It comes out first a rough image, and gradually becomes exquisite. It is a technique not to feel the slow file reading speed. Interlace is hardly used today because transmission rate becomes faster and reading and showing style is for the image to be displayed from upper part to down gradually.
256 Photoshop "Mat" can exclude the fringe of transparent part
When the image is put on a transparent background, it is likely to have surroundings around the image. It is "Mat" to exclude the fringe. "White mat" excludes white fringe and the black one is cut off by "Black mat." Additionally, the excluded color can be specified too.
255 Photshop "Transparent area" makes background clear
When "Transparent areas" is clicked, the background becomes transparent. It is used when the background of the character is made transparent. There is a dither method also in this technique. The dither expresses the boundary condition of transparent areas and color part. It chooses from "no transparent dither", "Random transparent dither", "Noise transparent dither" and "Pattern transparent dither". It makes to "Random transparent dither" and "Rate= 100%" when there is a transparent area.
254 Photoshop "Deterioration" makes file size small and rough image quality
D=0% 15,566 bytes D=10% 11,606 bytes D=50% 7,034 bytes D=100% 5,710 bytes
"Deterioration" shows the poor degree of the image quality. The size of file is proportional to the image quality. The file size shrinks 1/3 from 15 k of "Deterioration =100%" to 5 k of "D=0%". Because image gets rough, it usually sets to "Deterioration =0%".
253 Photoshop "Dither" reduces number of color and makes smooth expression from burr
The gradation part especially becomes the burr like the image as in the left end picture because it decreases from tens of thousands of colors to just 256 colors. To reduce this burr, "Dither" method is adopted. Colors are diffused, and it pretends to smooth color change by few color numbers. The random dither is chosen, and the ratio of dither is adjusted to 100% usually.
No "dither"with color burr Random dither, dither=100% Kind of dither=Noise Kind of dither=Pattern
252 Photoshop Reduction algorithm of number of colors from tens of thousands of colors to 256 colors for gif
GIF is selected. Tens of thousands of colors of jpg are reduced into 256 for gif.
"Specific" is chosen for number of color reduction algorithm. "Specific" gives priority to "Web colors and close to human eyes".

Perception: color is selected as close as to human eye perception feeling.
Allocation: Colors, which are frequently used, used are mainly specified.
Limitation (Web): Setting from 216 colors of Web use.
Custom: Specified beforehand.
Windows:256 windows standard colors are specified. However, it should be recognized as the color number decreases.
251 Photoshop Save file for optimizing with Web (gif)
The image can be saved with giv format to optimize for Web.
The Web-save window appears by "file --> Save for Web." The commands are on upper part and the the color table is lower. When the default setting is intended, following commands are chosen such as "Specific", "Error diffusion method", "Dither =100%", "Transparent area is clicked", "Error diffusion method transparent dither", "Application =100%", "Deterioration = 0", "Mat --> blank" and "Interlace --> not selected." It returns back to the default setting when something wrong is assumed because it always maintains the setting change.
250 Scrolling characters -6
Characters usually scroll in the square box. Current scroll is that both sides have rounded. As for the scroll character, this is result that in the center of the table scroll characters were put and round images were put in right and left of the table of triplex row one line. It is divided into three parts for better understanding but it can be integrated if it is changed "Width of line of the table --> 0 pixel" and "Blank in the cell --> 0 pixel."
Grand-place in Brussels was added. Victor Hugor admired it as the most gorgeous square in the world.
249 Hou to input specific characters for the translation site "itools"
Translation site "itools" can provide from English to Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. And therefore, the input method of a special character such as German or French, etc. has good system. Just below the text input area, pull-down menu with characters of aeiou is set. When one of the pull-down menu is clicked, a specific character can be input.
248 French specific characters input by writing html directly
[á] [Á] [é] [É] [í] [Í] [ó] [Ó] [ú] [Ú] --> [&aacute;]. Change [a] just after [&] with one of [AeEiIoOuU]
[à] [À] [è] [È] [ì] [Ì] [ò] [Ò] [ù] [Ù] --> [&agrave;]. Specific character is shown on a browser.
[â] [Â] [ê] [Ê] [î] [Î] [ô] [Ô] [û] [Û] --> [&acirc;].
[ä] [Ä] [ë] [Ë] [ï] [Ï] [ö] [Ö] [ü] [Ü[ --> [&auml;].
[ç] [Ç] --> [&ccedil;].
247 French specific character input by changing to French keyboard
How to change to French keyboard ; Control panel --> Local and language option --> Local option --> Customize --> French. Keyboard can be changed to French. Canada French keyboard will be chosen because Canadian people of English speaking used this type of keyboard and easier to use for English keyboard user. Keyboard change can be done by [Shift+Alt]
[è] --> [:], [ç] --> [[],[à] --> []], [é] --> [/], [È] --> [*], [Ç] --> [{], [À] --> [}[, [É] --> [?], [â] --> [@→a], [ê] --> [@→e], [î] --> [@→i], [ô] --> [@→o], [û] --> [@→u], [Â] --> [@→shift+a], [Ê] --> [@→shift+e], [Î] --> [@→shift+i], [Ô] --> [@→shift+o], [Û] --> [@→shift+u]
246 German to English free translator
I had some experiences that it was difficult to understand because of the language of the country like German or French like sightseeing information etc. For instance, explanation of a building such as churches is only German. The explanation is taken with the digital camera, and it is translated into English on a free translation site. It can be understood easily in case of little information because sentences are translated. It is useful and convenient. It corresponds to 6 languages on this translation site "itools" including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
245 German specific character input method by writing in html source
Specific characters can not be saved as they are directly written by editor such as Home page builder. The German specific characters are directly written in the html source.
[ä] --> [&auml;], [Ä] --> [&Auml;], [ö] --> [&ouml;], [Ö] --> [&Ouml;], [ü] --> [&uuml;], [Ü] --> [&Uuml;], [ß] --> [&szlig;]
244 German specific character input by changing to German keyboard
How to change to German keyboard ; Control panel --> Local and language option --> Local option --> Customize --> German. Keyboard can be changed to German.
German specific character keyboard layout (Right keyboard can be input as left German specific character.)
[ä] --> [:], [Ä] --> [Shift+:], [ö] --> [;], [Ö] --> [Shift+;] --> [ü] --> [@], [Ü] --> [Shift+@], [ß] --> [-]
Keyboard layout change can be done by [Shift+Alt]
(1669) 2005/08/18 243 Photoshop Correct the inclination by the measure tool
  1. The measure tool is selected from the toolbox. It is in the same place as the syringe tool. Because the restoration brush tool looks alike to shape, avoid a mistake.
  2. It draws a straight line to the place in which it wants to correct the tilt.
  3. "Rotation --> angle input of image --> canvas" is selected.
  4. The angle is automatically input. 20.14 degree in this example.
  5. The inclination of the canvas is automatically corrected when executing it. It is what Photoshop set that yellow surroundings has blackened. Next time specifies the measure tool again at execution because it replaces the syringe tool after execution.
(1665) 2005/08/14 242 Photoshop Paint out at once by paont out tool
  1. The color that is going to be painted out should be specified by "drawing color," which is blue in this example.
  2. The area that is to be paint out is specified with the polygonal selection tool or the rectangular selection tool, etc. Visible outline of the blue area drawn with the pen tool is specified in this example.
  3. It is possible to paint out at once with blue by clicking "Paint out tool" of the icon that is like spilling from the paint can in the toolbox.
(1663) 2005/08/12 241 Photoshop By using PhotoShop image analysis, all layers can be converted into the same reduction rate
When the reduction of this PhotoShop is used, not only the image but also all layers are reduced.
For instance, a original image is a size of 400x748 pixel in the map of Taiwan.
To make it plainly, this image is reduced the size into 1/2. The size of the canvas becomes half, of course, 200x374.
The character layer named Taiwan is being written in this map by 48 points. When this is made half a size, the same character is converted into the layer of 24 points.
The character of the city in Taipei etc. is being similarly written by 14 points.
This is converted into half the character layer of seven points.
The size of the image is adjusted to 1/3, and the number of points of characters is converted halfway with 32.16 points etc. though this example was plainly done by 1/2.
Only in case of the image reduction, there is no problem to use image size reduction software properly in this case, but only PhotoShop can be done because all layers are proportionally reduced when reducing by the image analysis of PhotoShop.
(1662) 2005/08/11 240 Photoshop Quick mask mode can easily edit the selection area
It is easy to Normal edit mode.Quick mask mode.The left above icon is a usual image edit mode and the right above is in the quick face mask mode.edit the range of the selection later by a quick face mask mode. The selected area is roughly decided first with the automatic choice tool etc. Next, a quick mask of the toolbox is chosen. It is painted outside the selection red. The area of the selection paints and edits with white and black. It is painted in red because outside the selection range there when the black is painted. If the range of the selection is increased, white is painted. The range of the selection appears in the dotted line when returning it to the drawing edit mode. After that, such as color change is edited. An easy edit becomes possible because it can do even if the range of the selection is not definitely decided from the beginning.
(1661) 2005/08/10 239 PhotoShop : Command parameter is changed by modal control
Because the action stops temporarily when the modal control is used, the input value can be specified by the dialog box. It is shown in a black square in the third line from the top in this example. Because it stops temporarily when becoming the action of "Unsharpmask" if a black square is checked and "Dialog box of Unsharpmask" appears, it keeps setting the parameter, OK being pushed, and the action being executed. The action to which the modal control is set is displayed by a red square icon. A convenient command such as being going to change only sharpness.
(1658) 2005/08/07 238 PhotoShop : Patch tool can easily erase big clear obstacle
ツールボックスの中で左上がパッチツールです。修復ブラシと同じ場所に入っていますので、修復ブラシが表示されていたら入れ替えます。There is another tool indispensable for the restoration. It is the patch tool in the toolbox. If the restoration brush is displayed, it replaces to the patch tool because it is in the same place as the restoration brush. The usage is easy. The patch tool is selected in the toolbox. The part that wants to be erased like red circle is enclosed. Not accurate shape is enough. Drug it to the target place where no black spot is. Information of before-arrow transmitted to arrow-ahead. Blue mark shows opposite way. Black spot information is copied to the place of used-to-be nothing.
(1657) 2005/08/06 237 PhotoShop : Make a new set for action presetting
Action presetting is set by default of 14 items. Up to now, I have not used them yet, although some of those commands treat complex actions. What made for myself comes fitting still for me. A special folder is made clicking "A new set is made" under the action palette at this time. Action presetting made for myself are put in this folder.
(1656) 2005/08/05 236 PhotoShop : Parameter change of action presetting
The reproducing command is selected. A simple action such that "The line of one pixel is drawn internally in the borderline" is selected for example. It is three pixels or to draw five pixels though the width of this line is one pixel. In order to change parameters such as one pixel line, and, in this case, it expands to the commands line with the place where "Width: 1" is seen. Because the window of the parameter comes out when double-clicking it on the position of the command, that is, "Width: 1" etc. , it changes to "Width: 3" etc.
Important thing for this time is parameter itself. Because the content of this parameter has changed, title name should be changed in the title of the name of the action, or the parameter should be returned back after use. Otherwise, it becomes the disagreement between the title and the content.
(1655) 2005/08/04 235 PhotoShop : List of palette storage area is action presetting, history and character in use frequency order
They are "Action presetting", "History", and "Character. " to put in the palette storage area and to use frequently. It arranges from the left in order of the use frequency. Because the advantage of the palette storage area can set the size larger when the palette expands as it doesn't worry to take up the place. For example, the names of action presetting can be improved to have long name to present content and long history palette can be seen the list at once that can be trace back ahead by reserving long list.
(1654) 2005/08/03 234 PhotoShop : Merit to store action presetting in the palette storage area
The action palette that is the table of action presetting is put in the palette storage area in the upper part of the screen to take up the space now. When a title of an action presetting is named after representing all the action sequences such as "Shadow & highlight +30 --> Unsharpmask 100 --> chroma +20," then all the action sequences can be understood at once.
Even such a long name can be stored in the storage area without worrying taking up space.
(1653) 2005/08/02 233 PhotoShop : Confirming brightness distribution by "histogram"
Histogram display Left move on darkening Right for brightening Adjust by contrast
Brightness can be confirmed by putting the histogram. There is "Histogram" in the navigator palette, it switches to display it. When the histogram is seen, the distribution of brightness is understood though it adjusts by "Brightness and contrast". It moves as distribution inclines to the left when darkening, the distribution shape is becoming small though an extreme example is shown as a sample. The distribution moves to the right when similarly lightening and it also lowers. Finally, the distribution of light and shade is adjusted by using the contrast too
(1651) 2005/07/31 232 PhotoShop : "Layer palette" displays layers and large area is desirable
The concept of the layer to draw the picture repeatedly in "Layer palette" that displays the layer is a wonderful invention. Though it is not necessary have layers to adjust only brightness, but for the case of the world map in the top page, layer palette is useful and necessary to have bigger palette area to look layers at once.
(1650) 2005/07/30 231 PhotShop : "Swatch" as color table
Color change is also frequently working action. Swatch is displayed usually because of frequency though there are Swatch and a style in the color palette.
It is convenient to put not only the color that is beforehand but also the color set for myself. For instance, because an extremely light color is used for the background etc. These colors are separately defined, given a name for myself, and put in the palette.
(1649) 2005/07/29 230 PhotoShop : Convenient "Histogram" palette when brightness is adjusted
"Histogram" navigator palette is in a box same as navigator palette and useful when the brightness of the image is adjusted. When brightness is adjusted, "Histogram" is necessary though it works while confirming the position by "Navigator palette" when partially correcting it while doing the scaling. It switches from "Navigation" at this time.
"Histogram" is the distribution diagram of brightness and going to the left side by dark when going to the right axe bright.
A very effective tool to see, while drawing the image, how it is distributed from a dark point to bright.
(1648) 2005/07/28 229 PhotoShop : "Navigator" is convenient to know the position when the screen expands
When correcting small parts, the screen is expanded fast. Then, a present expansion screen might not understand where the position is as a whole. "Navigator" palette is convenient at this time to confirm. A red square is displayed in the entire image and this is the current displayed size of the image. A red frame moves when the mouse pointer is taken on a red frame and it drags. When largely expanding, it is useful when the position is decided by the navigator. The scale of enlargement and the reduction ratio change freely if this is dragged right and left though there is a triangular sign under the navigator palette.
(1647) 2005/07/27 228 PhotoShop : Toolbox," most frequently used
Toolbox is a most often used window. The language "Toolbox" of the image that the carpenter's tool and "palette" is not used when the picture is drawn. This carpenter's tool often certainly used. This toolbox is laid down but actually is put vertically because it takes up space. Browser's vertical scroll-bar is put this sensitive location for preventing being hidden when the browser is displayed.
(1646) 2005/07/26 227 PhotoShop : "Palette storage area" stores various palettes
Palettes which are frequently used but when always displaying, it takes up space therefore those palettes are stored in this storage. There are original expression in PhotoShop, and "Palette" is the one. The palette is understood as window.
For instance, it is the action presetting. Lightens or darkens, and such synchronizing action is combined as presetting to be able to execute decided operation. It is convenient though always displaying needs place in the screen as a palette (= window). Besides this, the history and the character palette, etc. can be stored, and when using it, can execute a necessary item by the pull-down as shown in a right picture.
(1645) 2005/07/25 226 PhotoShop : "Option bar" can specify various parameters
"Option bar" to be able to set various parameters such as specification of thickness when line is written. This example is an option bar of "Clipping" execution time. Width and height, etc. are parameters, and the setting of the parameter changes by each action.
(1644) 2005/07/24 225 PhotoShop : Layout of edit display
Next, the edit display of the image. The one to compose the screen of my experience. The browser is shut for the edit display that displays the image.
  1. "Option bar" on upper part of the screen can specify various parameter
  2. "Palette storage area" at the right of the upper part stores palettes such as "Action presetting" and "History" and improves both the saving of the repository and the convenience.
  3. Putting right, and "Toolbox" most frequently used. This location is decided because it will not disturb for using the browser and is an easy-to-use position when editing.
  4. "Navigator" in upper right can assist to confirm the position on a whole screen when expanding.
  5. "Swatch" of the color table is at the center of the right side.
  6. "Layer palette" is shown right under and desirable as largely as possible when the screen has many layers for having a look.
(1643) 2005/07/23 224 PhotoShop : Displays the browser and facilitates retrieval of edited file
Confirming the image that tries to be edited while making the list display done by the browser and working become efficient. The display by the browser can be used from PhotoShop 7. The screen layout is currently used style.
  1. The folders are displayed in the upper-left on the screen by the tree form, and the image that wants to be edited is made easy to look for.
  2. The preview image is largely displayed under that, and the designated image is easily found from among the list display.
  3. In addition, the window where the property of the file can be confirmed is displayed under that. Because whether the file is images such as jpg and gif or files only for PhotoShop like psd are not understood only from the small browser, it confirms by this property.
  4. The list display is shown in center of the screen by the browser and the list of the content is easily confirmed.
  5. The on/off can be done whether to display the file browser by the icon in the option bar in the upper part of the screen. 
(1567) 2005/05/08 223 PhotoShop : Accent aigu in French "ÉéÓó" is written as "&eacute;"
When html source is written as "&eacute;" WWW browser displays as "e accent aigu" or "é". "&Eacute;" means capital letter É. When first letter is changed one of EeOo, Ó or ó can be displayed. By this expression name of BÉLA BARTÓK was input in Brussels.
(1558) 2005/04/29 222 PhotoShop : Actual commands under action pre-set current usage
These are commands that were made and used at actual usage. Sequences of frequent actions are limitted, then it is convenient to make kinds of the variation at the same time. It is more comprehensible to make the content expressible by a short name about the action presetting name. Because digital camera Lumix of Panasonic comes near to a red direction like in the scenery of the evening, presetting that corrects red suffering is made. If it knows the tendency of the digital camera, it is possible to correct with one button.
Name of action pre-set Actions Comments
Sha30-Sharp100 Color saturation 20 <-- Choose from 30%,50%,70% depending on shadow
Shadow:30%, Highlight:0% 30% clearer of shadow. Make 50% and 70% under same condition
Unsharpmask:100% radius:1pixel threshold:0 Typical sharpness for screen use
hue:0 color saturation:20 brightness:0 For brilliance, to do color saturation 20%
Yellow +15 <-- Make +20,+30,+40%. Purpose is to correct blue suffering
Color balance Middle color level: 0 0 -15 Cyan & red, magenta & green, yellow & blue
0 0 -15 corrects blue suffering to incline yellow +15
Contrast +15 <-- Stronger contrast
Brightness and contrast Contrast:15 To make clear, contrast becomes 15% plus
Red -20 <-- To correct red suffering of Lumix camera inclining cyan 15
Color balance Middle color level:-20 0 0 make 15% also
Sha50-R15-Con15 <-- Action preset for Lumix camera
Shadow:50%, Highlight:0% To compensate shadow 50%
Color balance Middle color level:-15 0 0 To correct red suffering of Lumix camera to incline cyan +15
Brightness & contrast Contrast:15 Get contrast +15%
Whole paint <-- Whole paint is sometimes used, then the action preset is made
Drawing color, Un-transparency:100%, draw mode:normal edit-->whole paint-->OK 3 actions becomes one
(1548) 2005/04/16 Picture is clipped as specified size of pixel
Move copied picture in the specified window
右上の移動ツールを使う。Like the place specified first is not clipped but everything is newly copied, the window is moved, and the technique for doing like clipping to the specified pixel.
  1. The picture that wants to clip is specified and all ranges are specified by "Ctrl+A" or "All selection range --> is selected". All images is copied by "Ctrl+C" or "Edit --> copy".
  2. A new image is made from "New file -->". Width and the height at that time are specified in each pixel for a size that tried to be clipped beforehand. The former image copied by "Ctrl+V" or "Edit --> paste" ahead is put.
  3. New image is executed as specified size of picture was clipped because only the size of new window is copied.
(1545) 2005/04/05 221 PhotShop : Clipping specified pixel of picture
Right upper moving tool is used.It is not to clip the specified area first, but whole picture is newly copied and the window is moved. It is the technique for doing like clipping to the specified pixel.
  1. A former picture, that is going to be clipped, is specified for all area by "Ctrl+A" or "selection range --> whole area." All images is copied by "Ctrl+C" or "Edit --> copy."
  2. A new image is made from "File --> New." Width and height at that time are specified in each pixel for a size that is planned to be clipped beforehand. The former image is copied by "Ctrl+V" or "Edit --> paste."
  3. Size of the new image is made by the specified size or small image, then clipped image can be get by moving original picture using moving tool. Specified size of picture can be get as if it is clipped properly.
(1534) 2005/04/05 220 PhotoShop : To make background transparent, background should be converted into layer
Sometimes, the shadow on the background is made on the transparency background using gif style. The layer of the photograph must be colored even if the shadow is made by doubleclick and "shadow" command. Because the property of the layer remains as "Background," then this background layer must be colored. Therefore, "Background" should be converted into the layer, if the background can be treated as transparency using gif format. In order to convert it, "Background" layer is clicked, and it converts by "Layer --> New --> From background to layer." Because the layer with the property of "Background" is lost when doing so, the shadow can be put on the background of the transparency.
(1484) 2005/02/15 219 PhotoShop : After clipped size is set same as the original image by the clipping tool
To maintain the same slenderness ratio as the original photo even after the clipping, "Background" of the option bar is clicked. The numerical value of the original image enters automatically for "Width", "Height" and "Resolution." "Width" and "Height" are only unit of lengths such as cm. It is not possible to specify by pixel. PhotoShop started from the printing usage, then it is used to print the photo of Xcm x Ycm with Z pixel/inch resolution. It is said that usage of pixel is after the digital camera age. When using the background, it is only same slenderness ratio as the original image that can be dragged, and the final fixed size becomes same pixel of the original image.
(1483) 2005/02/14 218 PhotoShop : Frame size is freely arranged by the clipping tool
original photo Opetated by the clipping tool Unnecessary background disappears.
original photo has
unnecessary background.
Operated by the
clipping tool.
Unnecessary background
In this original photo, some people who were not intended are in the upper right corner. When the frame is cut to the size of only required portions, the clipping tool of the toolbox is used. It is possible to set it to a free size.
1.The clipping tool of the toolbox is selected.
2.The mouse is dragged from the upper left to the lower right near the part that wants to trim. Because the size can be changed later, first clipping can be dragged freely.
3.The outside of the clipped area is displayed dark. Eight points are shown on the edge of the clipped area that change the size of the frame, the position is dragged to clip and it is accurately decided. The clipping frame can be freely moved by fixing the size of the trimmed frame when the inside part of the clipped area is dragged.
4.It double-clicks in the clipped frame or when "Enter" is pushed, the clipping is completed.
5.Because the size of the frame can be freely set, this method is easier though similar work can be done with cutting and the paste.
6.For the default setting, there are no figures in the clipping tool in "Width", "Height" and "Resolution" of the option bar in the upper part of the screen. It is clipped to the drugged size in this condition. Please make it to the blank by "Clear" if there is a figure.
(1460) 2005/01/22 217 Pull down menu without null line
The pull-down menu is one of the formats of "Form." When selecting by the questionnaire etc. , the form is used. However, the pull-down menu is convenient to choose the next jump destination from a lot of alternatives as used on this top page because it can save space on the web. Form style uses <FORM> in front and </FROM> at the end. But an empty line can be produced after the line. Without using <FORM> and </FORM> and writes starting from "<SELECT..." directly. The following null line disappears by this way.
Select Gallery and push Go!
The layout seems to be good, and it works without any problems now then this style will be used for a while though it might be grammatically violating in reality.
(1369) 2004/10/22 216 Pictures in a table are arranged right and left
A right adjusted image changes line.
Table insert makes one line image.
When table frame is displayed, there are 3 cells of left dog, characters and a right dog. Horizontal position is center-aligned on each cell.
When it starts with pasting the pictures right and left, and put the character among in the banner style, it is considerably difficult. It is because a right image changes line when a left dog is inserted, the character is written in the right, and a right dog is inserted by "Right justification" and the one-line goes down. The vertical position of the characters is affected by the left image, and even when the vertical position of the cell is set as "Center justification" then it is changed to "Under justification". When the cell is justified at the center, Characters should be center-aligned horizontally but the dog is also at the center by the character in center justification.
To prevent this, a table, with one row and three lines, is inserted. A right image is put in the right cell of the inserted table, then it never changes line and is displayed just as one line.
215 Set background color first, then change part of cell colors, to reduce file volume
As of the background of a table, in case of almost same color in the almost cells and a part of cells in different colors, then 1st whole table color is decided by [Click the table --> edit --> property change --> table --> background --> color] following to click the cells, which colors are changed by [edit --> property change --> cell --> background --> color.] This method can avoid repetition of color description and save file volume.
214 Try to use fit focus filter in the Blurred Photo Rescue

Fit focus filter, added from version 2, is easy to operate and useful function.
213 PhotoShop : Comparison between PhotoShop's unsharpness-mask and Blurred Photo Rescue 2004/09/28
Original picture Unsharpness 100 Unsharpness 200 Unsharpness 250
Fit focus Adjusted area Focus aid Balanced
It can adjust big blur but small change can also give a different nice looking. PhotoShop's unsharpness mask produces noise when it changed with big quantity. It has limitation for fitting focus rescue.
On the other hand, Blurred Photo Rescue has tremendous effect for this matter.
Fit focus filter was added in the version 2 edition. It can improve even in the default condition.
In the same fit focus filter, there is different role and it can adjust the designated area.
Current focus aid filter is a little bit complicated to set but when filter condition is appropriately adjusted, it works even for the big blurred photo.
212 PhotoShop : Black points disappeared by restore brush without trace
Original picture Remove black points Transuade green color
Restore brush is most frequently used tool in the PhotoShop. Restore brush is selected from the tool box and [Alt + mouse] can select the area which can be referred to restore. After that, only dragging can restore. That is all. This sample shows eliminating black points on the concrete wall. One big notice is transuade of different color for this case green color of the bench. Green color may transuade like in the right photo. To prevent this, restoring area should be designated by such a rectangular tool and when restore brush is used in this designated area, no transuade will cause.
211 How to use NeatImage
1. Click [Open Input Image]
2. Set noise analyzing area. Click [Device Noise Profile] --> Define the area by mouse drag.
3. Noise is roughly analyzed by [Rough Noise Analyzer] to click blue pencil.
4. Whole picture is analyzed by [Auto fine-tune]
5. Finish noise analysis by [Auto complete]
6. Execute noise elimination by clicking [Output image --> Apply]
7. Save refult. [Save output image --> input file name --> Apply]
210 How to use Blurred Photo Rescue
1. Open photo file. [file(O) --> open(O)]
2. Focussing. Blur width is set by [Image(I) --> Focus aid filter(F) --> Blur width(pixcel)]
3. [Execution --> Decision]
4. Save refult. [Save with file name --> Execution --> save --> OK]
209 PhotoShop CS Bstt : Panorama Photomerge and Shadow & Highlight
efforts to
combine and fit
two photsos
Strange right-way up Combination found by tile Shorter and fish-eye lens
PhotoShop CS

Full Automatic
action by
Photomerge and
Shadow &
Flat and natural Revived shade area into lighter Natural aspect ratio
Combining Panorama synthesizer Photomerge and Shadow & Highlight can make best natural panorama photo automatically far better than manual tear-provoking efforts.
Had a hard time to connect and fit combination edge. Tried many times. Also shortly shrinked aspect ratio. Another thing, when left photo is set flat then the other photo becomes right up slope. Photomerge can resolve both.
When shadow part is tried to be brighter, light part becomes too bright. This is solved by Shadow & Highlight. Light part is as it is and shadow area becomes clear. Both Photomerge and Shadow & Highlight are best piece in PhotoShop CS.
208 Some points of photographing for panoramic pictures
  1. Overlap pictures. For panoramic processing, 15 - 40 % overlap is necessary. Less overlap can not be processed.
  2. Focal distance should be kept constantly. No use of zooming.
  3. Camera should be kept horizontally. Small lean can be adjusted by Photomerge but beyond that may cause error on automatic synthesizing. Tripod is recommended.
  4. Photos from same point. In order to have same eye point, same position should be kept. Walking and photographing may cause continuity of pictures. Tripod usage is best.
  5. Distorted lens should not be used such as fish-eye lens.
  6. Exposure should be kept constant. Avoid flash use and not use in a series of panorama photos. Photomerge can compensate exposure difference based on different pictures but big difference can not be processed.
207 PhotoShop : Photomerge can provide "natural" panoramic photos
Endeavor with rotate and enlarge/shrink Only facade is big by connection part deformation.
Left and right edges are enlarge Panorama can be done by just clipping
Difference can be seen clearly by comparison with the panoramic photos made by previous PhotoShop.
Normal panorama synthesize software treat connection parts blurry only. Comparing with them, even before PhotoShop 7.0, by using rotation and enlarge/shrink it makes the connection part so natural that it is difficult to find the connected part. But even only this connection is hard job. The result has big front face and unnatural.
一方PhotoShop CSで追加になったBy using Photomerge, right and left synthesized photo is naturally enlarged. Left under photo was a result of Photomerge with three pictures automatically. Background is colored yellow to know the deformation. Just cutting out the photo makes natural panoramic photo.
206 PhotShop : Automatic synthesize of panorama photo by Photomerge
This wide panorama can be done automatically. Wide range causes deformation. Roof inclination shows.
PhotoShop CS's new function is automatic panorama synthesize .
Photomerge is started by [file -> automatic processing -> Photomerge]. Source files are read by the Photomerge dialogue box. Click "reference" and read files by the order of panoramic synthesize from left to right one by one. After reading, Photomerge dialogue box will be opened. If automatic synthesize could not be processed then by picking the photos with palm tool, location will be roughly set. Click "rules of perspective" in the setting and "perspective correction" and "sophisticated synthesize" in the composition setting. Perspective correction enlarge or rotate left and right photo automatically. This is all about the setting. When pushing OK button, upper three photos automatically synthesized into the panoramic photo. Because it differs from normal panorama soft and enlarge ends of the panoramic photo then it becomes natural.
205 PhotoShop Applying character layer pallet with warp text
Warp text can be set as layer pallet like character layer.
Right title is used flag style curve deformation and by using this layer pallet, drop shadow, boundary line or gradation and etc. can be applied.
(1294) 2004/8/07 204 PhotShop Deformation of characters by using Warp Text
Characters are deformed by curving methods and its quantity. Default is 50%.
Original Arc deformation Lower chord +50% Lower chord -50% Upper chord +50% Upper chord -25%
Arch style Irregularity +25 Lower direction shell Upper direction shell Flag shimmer Wave deformation
Fish style Ascendent Fish-eye lens Blow out Narrow down Torsion
Curve method is fixed to "arc" and horizontal distortion and vertical is added
Vertical distortion is not fit with the style. Only horizontal is enough.
Arc distortion horizontal distortion +50% horizontal distortion -50% vertical distortion +15% vertical distortion -40%
Input characters are deformed like arc or wave and it is called " Warp Text "
Character layer is made by character tool. Editing of warp text can be made later. When selecting character layer and character tool, a button on tool option bar of upper widow is shown and it is shown as "Warp text making."
This tool can set three elements of curve, horizontal deformation and vertical deformation. On pushing "warp text making" button, "warp text dialogue" is shown and input these three elements.
(1293) 2004/8/06 203 Banner of 88x31 can not be shown by my Windows XP
89x31 shown 88x31 not shown
88x31 pixel is something which has to be avoid. I received a cross link to my web page and it has a banner of 88x31 pixel. I made it and checked it by the Homepage Builder to be shown as the banner. However after being uploaded, it can not be shown. All pictures of bmp, jpg and gif could not be shown. I modified the picture a little with same size. I changed the shown size by chance and as a result it could be shown. Why ?
In fact, another site wrote it as banner but picture could not be shown. I wondered why. This banner size is also 88x31 pixel.
Another thing not to be understood. Same pictures are shown on the upper table but right picture is not shown by the Windows XP which I use. However, my another PC of Windows 2000 can be shown. My Windows XP has something strange.
(1279) 2004/7/23 202 If no character in cell, no line display --> Display by adding same color character
Same as this cell
table no chara ___*__ with chara
No character no line cell
Such as no line. With chara with line
If there is no character in a cell, no line will be displayed in the cell. When some characters, such as "cell," will be written in the cell with same color as background color, then the line of the cell will appear. Left table is shown by vivid color to display the line clearly. Right table is normal display. Both tables are written characters "cell" with same color of background where the cell line is shown.
(1278) 2004/7/22 201 Add variation for table line with color
Orange frame table, outer white
background, ,blue line inside.
Three-table structure. Imagine!
Blue line is set by
frame Inside red line
is shown by table inside
Frame thickness can be changed
by {frame display width}, but inside
table line can't be changed.
Some variations are imagined by using colored table line.
(1277) 2004/7/21 200 No designation of wraparound with picture such as left or justification
Wraparound:none Left justification Right justification
If pictures in a table are in condition of wraparound such as left or right justification, there is space between a picture and background.
Right three pictures are stored in a same table. Two pictures are designated as left or right justification by [edit --> property change] and wraparound is set left or right justification. Background of the pictures were set as red to be visible. If the wraparound is not designated, then it is OK even when background color is set. But if wraparound is set, space between background and the picture is shown, and background color appears. It happened by chance and I tried to stop it but it took long time to know the reason.
(1276) 2004/7/20 199 PhotoShop Shrink picture size - comparison of file size by compression rate
Orig(1548KB) Low(538KB) Middle(343KB) High(240KB) Maximum(192KB) Reduce(232KB)
Original 2272x1704 picture was scale down by 45 % and became 1022x767. File sizes were compared by compression ratio.
Central four pictures were reduced by PhotoShop. Looking at scale down pictures, differences are small between low compression rate and high. PhotoShop CS may improved the compression algorithm. When comparing Reduce soft of 232KB with high compression, there is not so much difference between them. Both PhotoShop and Reduce soft can be used according to occasion.
(1275) 2004/7/19 198 PhotoShop Shrink picture size
Original(2272x1704) PhotoShop reduction(1022x767) Reduce Soft(1022x767)
Scale down picture size is specified by [image --> picture resolution]
Click the right pictures and link to original scale of 2272x1704 and scale down size of both PhotoShop and Shrink software with same 45%. Comparing file size with same save reduction condition of 80% (low reduction rate,) file size of PhotoShop is 537KB, and Shrink soft becomes 232KB. Picture quality of Shrink software is a little clearer than PhotoShop. But if the file seize is not focused, then PhotoShop is acceptable. Three photos above are size of 204x153. They were scale down from original picture of 2272x1704.。
(1266) 2004/7/10 197 (1)NeatImage eliminates noise (2)Brighten by shadow & highlight (3)Blurred photo rescue
スキャナーで読み込んだ元画像です。 NeatImageでノイズを消すスッキリします。
Scanned original NeatImage
PhotoShopで切り出して、新しい画像にします。 シャドウ・ハイライトで暗い部分を明るくします。
Cut by PhotoShop Shadow & highlight
ピンぼけレスキューでクッキリします。 アンシャープマスクはクッキリしますがノイズも増します。
Rescued Un-sharpness mask
(1)NeatImage can eliminate noise from the scanned pictures.
Analog photo usually has tremendous noise and therefore it causes
shaggy feeling.
NeatImage is easy to operate. It has automatic operation then
I suggest to use this automatic operation.
I used it for some photos and all photos could be filtered by
automatic operation.

(2)Next step is PhotoShop.
Left picture was made by cut and paste for the new file from the scanned
picture. By applying shadow and highlight, it can be retouched
automatically by just one click. Right picture was applied to shadow and highlight and green color of wood changed from black to green.

(3)Sharpening picture by Blurred photo rescue.
Blurred photo rescue is a Japanese language software but very useful.
When picture is going to be sharpened, it becomes clear but on the
contrary, noise level increases.
Left photo was retouched by the software and it became clear without
increasing noise.
Right photo was applied by un-sharp mask of the PhotoShop.
Amount (A) was set as a large number of 245 but the photo of Blurred
photo rescue
is much better and clear.
(1265) 2004/7/9 196 NeatImage can eliminate noise from digital picture
スキャナーで読み込んだだけの元画像です。 NeatImageでノイズを取り除きました。
Scanned original NeatImage
There is date of '93 9 28 in the photo and it shows that the left analog photo was scanned by a film scanner. Analog photo was terrible and a development shop may have retouched very much. Then we had relatively good films and photos from the development shops.
Left photo is the original scanned picture and when looking at the sky , tremendous noise can be seen.
I found a very useful software called NeatImage. It is a share ware. Right photo was processed by the NeatImage and noise was removed. Especially when looking at the sky, the difference is clear. It is quite useful software. NeatImage demo version can be downloaded as free ware and there are some restrictions compared with production version but it is valuable to try and I recommend it.
(1248) 2004/6/22 195 Even quite blurred photo can be sharpened by Blurred Photo Rescue of Japanese software
Original Sharpness filter Rescued
If the photo is a little out of focus, then it can be retouched by sharpness filter. But blurred photo or hand shake photo is difficult to be improved. I found a very unique software to modify a blurred or hand shaken photo dramatically. It is called "Blurred Photo Rescue." It is Japanese share-ware of about 30 dollar. Left photo was taken from a car inside and it is blurred condition. Center photo is modified by sharpness filter of PhotoShop. But it occurred big noise. Right photo was modified by the Blurred Photo Rescue. It could be improved dramatically. Basic stance is to avoid hand shake condition. But sometimes it occurs there is no other opportunity to use the photo and it is blurred. At that time it can improve. Especially flowers can show the effectiveness.
(1244) 2004/6/18 194 Display without space on top
It is difficult to explain then different two pages are shown on purpose, such as top page and profile. Difference on both pages are with or without space on top of those pages. It is described as top margin amount in html.
Fist description starts as
<BODY background="parts/back_gray_2.gif"> --> with space on top
<BODY background="parts/back_gray_2.gif" topMargin="0"> --> without space on top
By adding this red description, space is diminished as zero and it is displayed without space.
There are same kind of expression such as leftMargin="0" --> left margin is zero, MARGINWIDTH="0" --> margin width is zero, MARGINHEIGHT="0" --> margin height is zero.
(1219) 2004/5/24 193 PhotoShop CS's main feature "Shadow and Highlight" can easily compensate exposure
どうしようもなく真っ黒な原画 シャドウ・ハイライトの一発キーの修正でここまでくる。 トーンカーブで明るくすれば甦る
Dark original Shadow & highlight Tone curve
Disastrous dark picture, even this kind of photo can be revived by PhotoShop CS new feature of Shadow and Highlight easily. Two steps were treated but they are not complicated treatment.
 (1)Left : Disastrous dark original picture
 (2)Middle : Image -> color tone compensation -> shadow and highlight
 (3)Right : Image -> color tone compensation -> tone curve
They are all easy one button treatment. This is truly useful.
(1218) 2004/5/23 192 PhotoShop CS ; One push modification by Shadow and Highlight
自動レベル調整でバランスをとる。 シャドウ・ハイライトで一発修正。
automatic adjustment Shadow & highlight
PhotoShop CS's main feature is this Shadow and Highlight.

Shadow and Highlight made Chiang Kaishek brighter and can be identified. This is main feature of PhotoShop CS. This best photo in the four was made by just one push of Shadow and Highlight.
(1173) 2004/4/11 191 PhotoShop Advanced browser function PhotoShop CS
Browser function was strengthened very much. However other software has this kind of function generally and it caught up at last. PhotoShop files or any other image files such as jpg can be shown by the PhotoShop all at once. This is quite useful. PhotoShop 7.0 could handle it but speed becomes very fast and necessary function was all added then usage was brought a marked improvement.
(1172) 2004/4/10 190 PhotoShop "Shadow and Highlight" can automatically compensate exposure, new PhotoShop CS feature
Original Brightness Shadow highlight
Left photo was taken by automatic setting. But accidentally, it was under exposure. In the past, "Brightness and contrast" was used like a center photo and compensated by hand. Center photo was change by "Brightness and contrast" before I knew this new function. Right photo was taken by "Image -> color tone compensation -> shadow and highlight" automatically. Automatic is better than hand compensation. This is new CS function and valuable.
(1154) 2004/3/23 189 PhotoShop Layer link
Right samples are made in Japanese and contents are same as English. That is to say blue characters mean How to use it. Such layers as character have vector information and in order to remove the vector information and to make it just a picture, those layers are rasterized. By this change, [layer -> combination with layer below] or [Ctrl+E] key make one combined layer and deformation can be done integrated.
When layers with different layer effect are combined, layer effect will be changed also and boundary color changes. Right sample has two layers of PhotoShop and How to use it (in Japanese). After rasterizing two layers respectively, [combination with layer below] were done and this changed the color of PhotoShop added blue boundary line same as How to use it.
When combination will be done with keeping layer effect respectively, [layer link] is used.
By linking, Base layer is selected in layer pallet. Chosen layer is shown as stylus symbol. And a layer to be linked is chosen and just left part of the layer will be clicked. That place shows link icon of chain symbol. Link action finished then by [edit -> deformation] can change to any shape. To release the link, in the layer pallet, the link icon will be clicked.
But this link style limits deformation condition. Same as character layer with vector information, [enlarge and shrink, rotation, distortion] can be activated but [free deform, perspective] can not be used.
Layer link can move all together, copy, paste, alignment, combination or deformation. It is really useful.
(1153) 2004/3/22 188 PhotoShop Imaging layer characters -> rasterize
Character layer is expressed as vector style not to have character un-smooth boundary. It is like a true font in Windows. This page's title has two parts of PhotoShop and How to use it! and they consist of two layers. Each layer style is different such as red or blue boundary line. To make shadow, duplicated layer is changed to tint color. Tried to change new layer but character layer has vector then deformation styles are limited. And layer to deform is right clicked to choose [rasterize layer]. Rasterize removes vector information from character layer and makes it just a picture. By rasterizing, every deformation can be done such as [edit -> deformation -> free deform]. Shade of this title is reversed upside-down and drag to under right direction.
2004/03/14 PhotoShop Samples of [filter -> light effect]
Original pm 2:00 light 3 spots 3 down 5 up RGB light cross
cross down soft spot flush parallels light whole direction soft whole direction blue inclusion light
Different kind of light effect sample are edited by [filter -> draw -> light effect]
flood light direct light soft backlight
(1144) 2004/3/13 187 PhotoShop Fill up by gradation
  1. By using gradation, color will be changed gradually and it makes a snazzy atmosphere. Top page of the YUME or dreams Gallery adopts gradation light yellow background and that was made by this method.
  2. This sample shows red and blue gradation on the original picture.
  3. Gradation area is set by the square choice tool in the tool box. Gradation tool is clicked in the same tool box. Gradation drawing starts with the drag start point and gradation paint ends at the drag end point. Left upper green sample shows gradation drag area from point 1 to point 2. Until drag start point 1, drawing color is used to fulfill to paint. Under green square was dragged from point 3 to point 4, and all the figure was painted by gradation from left to right.
  4. Red part and blue part were painted by gradation and gradation starts from center to the each corner. Like these gradation, un-transparency degree in the option bar can paint with transparency image. Blue and red were set as un-transparency degree to 40%. Default setting of the un-transparency degree is 100%.
  5. Gradation paint way can be chosen. Default setting is [drawing color -> background color]. Other settings are circular gradation or star like gradation and others in the option bar.
(1143) 2004/3/12 186 PhotoShop Filling tool can paint all the area at once
  • Blue sky in windows make it red
    Filling tool in the tool box can paint the anticipated area at once.
  • Right sample shows blue sky in the windows. Filling tool can change the blue sky into red.
  • Red color is set in the drawing color of the tool box. An icon of paint-can-like will be chosen. Blue point in the window will be clicked once and it can change the window color from blue to red.
  • Tolerance in the upper option bar defines the proximity degree of the pixel which will be fulfilled by the same color red. The value is designated between 0 to 255. Default setting is 32. Small the value, only closer color will be painted. Lager the number paints wide area.
  • Un-transparent degree is set in the option bar between 1 and 100%. And the default value is 100%.
(1142) 2004/3/11 185 PhotoShop Cut out a figure
Editing such as blurring is sometimes necessary to cut out a figure and there are some ways.
  1. Easiest way is to use automation choice tool in the tool box. It is easy when a figure is simple. Automatic choice tool is put on red part and click it then red figure is selected. By using [choice area -> reverse choice area], outside red figure is chosen and delete around red figure by delete key.
  2. Then, if you have patience, by using polygon choice too or magnet tool in tool box, follow the figure. By this, choice area is decided and same as No. 1, by [reverse choice area], erase outside. This way can input our intention, then the figure, that we imagined, can be chosen.
  3. When boundary line is simple, background eraser can ease and with keeping figure edge, only background is deleted. This can prevent fringe, which is created by color wraparound around the figure, and the figure is chosen clearly.
  4. A little bit bothersome, but when boundary line is complicated, [extract figure from background] can easily delete the complicated figure by easy operation.
(1126) 2004/2/24 184 PhotoShop History brush
Original picture monotonous partly restored
By the history brush, original picture will be reused when it is assigned before as a reference picture. This left original picture is assigned as a base picture in the history pallet. Center picture was changed into monotonous by [image -> color tone compensation -> channel mixer -> monochrome.] As in the right picture, by using history brush and paint, only painted parts are restored from the picture which is already assigned.
Art history brush uses artistic filters when restoring. But those filters make the original photo into unexpected chaos and the person has artistic sense, it may be used but normal person is difficult to use or useless.
(1125) 2004/2/23 183 PhotoShop Gray scale of black and white
It is easy to change to monotone by [image -> mode -> gray scale]. However it should be noted that all layers will be changed into monochrome.
Or by [image -> color tone adjustment -> channel mixer], when click the layer by monochrome, only that layer can be changed into black and white. By copying as [layer duplication] original picture remains.
(1122) 2004/2/20 182 PhotoShop Extract figure from background
  • 元画像This is the way to delete background and only necessary figure will be left. Even detailing and complicated figure can be easily cut out from the background. When the shape has simple boundary, background eraser too is better or easier.
  • A pallet will be chosen from the layer pallet, in which extracting figure is included.
  • Extracting operation window will be opened by [filter -> extract]. the size of the figure will be enlarged by [Ctrl+"+"] and shorten by [Ctrl+"−"]. Hand mark or [palm tool] can move the figure by gripping. This window is different from the normal window and do not have a scroll bar to move in the window.
  • 境界線マーカーを付けるBoundary line of the extracted figure is defined by [boundary marker tool] and green marker is dragged to be lapped a little on both the figure and background. To get clear boundary line, [smart boundary marker] is used. Detail and complicated boundary such as hair or branch is treated by bigger size brush. Deleting highlight uses [eraser tool] and erases green marker. When the figure is clear, green marker will enclose all the figure like a right figure. It is not necessary to put a marker on the area which contacts to the picture frame. If the figure inside is not clear, whole figure is marked highlight. Right picture's green marker is shown larger to express atmosphere. But actual marker is set as a default, depending upon the picture size and then it can be processed in detail.
  • ペイント缶で図形の内部を塗りつぶす。Inside the figure is defined. When the figure inside is clear, [filling tool] of paint-can mark can define by clicking the figure inside and changes the figure inside blue.
  • By pushing pre-view, it is checked that the background became deleted and transparency, and only the figure is extracted. Because the figure boundary pixel loses color information, then new figure can be extracted without fringe. Fringe makes us bothersome because of the clear boundary with blurred boundary. View menu option can change original picture and extracted picture interchangeably.
  • 抽出結果。Editing can be possible at pre-view condition. Unnecessary background can be deleted by [clean-up tool]. In order to show the deleted background again, drag by [clean-up tool] with Alt. To edit boundary line is [boundary line correction tool]. It makes boundary line sharp. If the figure could not find clear boundary, boundary line correction tool can make the figure clear or make the background transparency. Second picture with yellow background below is a sample which was corrected by [clean-up tool]and [boundary line correction tool]. It can be done easily.
  • Click [OK] and apply extraction. Outside the extracted figure will be deleted all. Sample pictures background were painted yellow in order to be shown clearly.
  • 境界線をクリーンアップツールと境界線修正ツールで修正したもの。一回だけの抽出結果。元画像。These sample photos were made by our house dog Harry. Left picture with yellow background is a sample one time extraction and it shows a picture of detail and complicated boundary line without correction. Right picture is corrected by [clean-up tool] and [boundary correction tool]. By using those correction, boundary line can be more clearly extracted. This kind of complicated boundary can be treated in a short time.
(1121) 2004/2/19 181 PhotoShop Background eraser tool
Center of brush distinguishes color and erase the color inside the area of the brush. Figure edge can be kept and only background can be deleted. This sample is constructed by two layers. Lower layer is painted blue. Top layer has red figure with yellow background. By using background eraser, erase the area close to red figure and within circle area of the eraser, brush detects yellow color in center of the circle. It erase the color close to yellow in the eraser circle. Red figure is not erased because it is not a yellow matter. By erasing this, red figure pops up clearly with blue back.
(1120) 2004/2/18 180 PhotoShop Magic eraser tool
Choose [magic eraser tool] in the tool box. Without rubbing like a rubber eraser, this can delete automatically every nearest pixel by one click within the area. By this sample, not using background eraser, but using magic eraser yellow part is deleted automatically and yellow background changes blue back. Default [adjacency] delete next pixel to the click pixel. Without this selection, every nearest color will be deleted from the picture all at once. [Whole layer] deletes from all layers. Upper option bar's tolerance means degree of closeness of the color. Value is set from 0 to 255. Default setting is 32. Lower tolerance value deletes only close colors to the clicked one. On the contrary, large value deletes wide range of the color pixel.
(1119) 2004/2/17 179 PhotoShop Delete fringe pixel from selected area
When move or paste will be done with an area of unti-alias, it may happen that pixel around the border will be included in the selected area and it makes fringe around the border. [Mat command] can delete fringe around the border.
After move or paste, fringe is substituted with colors close to the border by [layer -> matting -> fringe deletion]. For example, if yellow figure is selected with blue back, blue fringe will be moved with the figure. By the action of fringe deletion, blue color is substituted by the yellow. Substituted width is assigned by pixel unit. One or two pixel is enough. Black mat deletion or White mat deletion is used for black and white background then we do not have a chance usually.
(1118) 2004/2/16 178 PhotoShop Draw arrow
Select [line tool] in the tool box. Upper icon line changes for the line tool. Click the triangle mark next to square, ellipse or line icon in the upper icon line.
Window pops up for the arrow and click [end point]. This adds an arrow in the direction of drag. One of the things is [start point] that makes the arrow with the drag starting point.
Width, length and dimple ratio will be set by %. Arrow width and length are ratio to the line width. Dimple ration is the one how arrow root has cut into the line. This sample shows 4 dots line width, arrow width 300%, length, 500% and dimple ratio, 20%.
(1115) 2004/2/13 177 PhotoShop Draw smooth figure by pen tool -2
  1. By the pen tool, all the points are decided on drawing, draw a curve that is expected already.
  2. Select the pen tool. Point 1 is selected as the first anchor point.
  3. Second point is clicked and dragged from the point. Dragging ahead makes swollen smooth curve. Longer drag length, that is to say, the arrow is dragged long, makes longer curved edge. Click and drag should be done simultaneously, that is the point. Without drag, points will be connected with a line and not a curved line.
  4. Same action continues to add some points and finally return back to point 1 or [Ctrl + another place click] after point 2 can connect 2 and 1.
(1114) 2004/2/12 176 PhotoShop Draw smooth figure by pen tool
  • Line or smooth curve will be drawn by the pen too which icon shows like a pen tip of a fountain-pen.
  • Choose the pen tool in the tool box. Click the drawing start point as the point 1 for the first anchor point, and continue to click until 7, finally return to 1 and finish the pass.
  • To finish the drawing with open pass which does not close the figure, click a place departed from the pass with pressing Ctrl button. For example, click 1 after 7 close the figure, and click the departed place from the pass with pressing Ctrl and it connects 7 and 1 automatically and the figure will close.
  • Edit the place which will be changed into curve. This sample figure changes to add curved point into the point 4. Mouse pointer is changed from the pen tool to the anchor point change tool in the tool box. Point 4 will be clicked and dragged into the direction for the curve. Sample arrow shows the direction. This direction drag makes smooth curve and opposite direction does s-shaped curve.
(1113) 2004/2/11 175 PhotoShop Shade direction for the character is just "one direction" for every layer
When putting characters into a photo, drop shadow will be added for sometime and there may happen to be desired for different layers as different effect. Character size can be changed in the same layer but shade direction must be set in only one direction even in the same kind of layer as well as different type of layers if they are layers of one PhotoShop file.
(1112) 2003/2/10 174 PhotoShop Color will be inserted into color sample pallet
New color will be made by [setting drawing color] in the tool box. When mouse is put on a vacant place in the color sample pallet, then pencil changes into bucket and display that [by click new color sample making] then new name will be input. Original color and names are useful to edit photos because colors are limited to the editor.
To delete colors from the color sample pallet, that color sample is drag-and-dropped to the garbage can just below.
(1018) 2003/11/5 173 Infoseek provides "news, weather and fortune teller" ticker
Japanese search engine Infoseek provides scrolling ticker script of free charge which can be shown from one of three, news weather and fortune teller. Adding to the script, using site must register to infoseek to limit the web. When click the news for example, detail news will be shown linked to the infoseek news page. One infoseek ID can put 10 tickers on the web.
(997) 2003/10/15 172 PhotoShop Brightness and contrast adjustment
Original +15/+15 +20/+15 +30/+20 more than that
hen adjusting dark photo, only by brightness adjustment, picture will become monotonous then it can be balanced together with contrast. Adjustment is made by [image -> color tone adjustment -> brightness and contrast]. [Tone curve] can be used but by using brightness and contrast constantly and many times, numerical feeling can be gotten through experiences. Then brightness and contrast is my favorite than tone curve nowadays.
Rightest photo seems to be not natural. I adopted this photo as +20/+15.
(996) 2003/10/14 171 PhotoShop Touching up blue suffering by tone curve
blue inclination yellow is added
To offset blue inclination, yellow color is added and easy modification is to use tone curve. By [image -> color tone adjustment -> tone curve], channel (C) changes to blue. And to hold the center of the curve and to move downward, complementary color of blue, that is yellow, will be increased and blue inclination will be adjusted.
By [image -> color tone adjustment -> color balance], same adjustment is possible to pull the knob to yellow direction.
This photo was taken at almost sunset time before having dinner. Brightness was not sufficient and right photo seems to be brightened but actually it was just added yellow by tone curve.
(988) 2003/10/4 170 Original tool bar of HomePage Builder
When we continuously use the HomePage Builder, some specified commands are often used than the others. Then customized tool bar is effective. I use this customized K7s Bar and no original tool bars.
(982) 2003/9/30 169 After making HotMedia animation, stop and restart by right click
After making HotMedia animation, it can be stopped and restart when mouse cursor is put on the animation and then right click stops it and one more right click starts again. Right click, stop, restart, repetition is possible.
(963) 2003/9/11 168 Arrange vertical location
Space of letters and picture looks loose
Vertical location of a picture is center as default but when different size of pictures are going to be located upper, the cell of the picture is right-clicked and choose [property change] vertical location is set to [automatic -> upper alignment]
Right photos are set center in vertical position as default and the center long photo causes vertical location to put space between characters and the left picture to be looked loose.
Right photo itself is same as left but [upper alignment] made no space and gave it tense atmosphere.
(962) 2003/9/10 167 [border=0] should be added when frame is prepared for a picture with link
When a picture is linked, if the picture has been selected and became active, then one dot line is drawn around the picture. It draws a russet color line within blue frame line. To avoid this, [border="0"] is added in the picture display. It makes to display blue frame line only.
Right sample shows same two dot frame and left side does not have [border="0"] then after linkage russet color is added but right picture has [border="0"] then line is only blue frame.
<IMG src="../photo/brussels/s_gp002.jpg" width="208" height="156" hspace="2" vspace="2" border="0">
(955) 2003/9/3 166 PhotoShop Each country is added shade in the world map and it seems to be more three dimensional
Layer style is very convenient for this kind of world map because each country can be added shade depending upon the shape of the country map. Same as putting a shade to a photo, shade can be added into each layer. Adding shade to each layer will be done just same as to make it for a photo. Map without shade is monotonous but solidarity appearance comes up with shade and the map became lively.
One thing to notice is the light direction. Even there are many layers but light direction is set only one angle. If light direction will be set in a layer, all the other layers are set in the same direction. This sample makes 170 light and game it a shade. Right under light (-45 degree) was trailed but China and India seemed to be put on Russia. That was not natural.
Simple area like Africa or south America will be set the distance (D) as 3px, size (S) as 3px and like China or India, complicated shape and be anticipated to affect to other country shape, those countries were set degree (D) as 2px, size (S) as 2px to make shade smaller.
(951) 2003/8/30 165 PhotoShop Shade can add three dimensional atmosphere
  • Original shade 75% shade 100%
    In order to add shade, layer of the photo will be double-clicked and the layer style dialogue pops up.
  • In the layer style dialogue, when click [drop shadow], dialogue of drop shadow appears.
  • Following setting will be done.
  • (1) Shade color is used default black. (2) Un-transparency degree is set as 75%. (3) Angle is 135 degree. (Degree shows an angle into which light comes, right horizontal is 0 degree, upper light is 90 degree, left horizontal is 180 degree and just under is -90 degree. This sample was set as 180-45=135 degree. Light from left upper 45 degree makes shade right under 45 degree location. (4) Distance (D) is 5px. (5) Spread (R) is 0%. (6) Size (S) is 5px.
  • Photos are from left to right, original photo, shade un-transparency degree 75% and 100% respectively. This kind of shade is recommendable of 75% un-transparency degree.
2003/08/30 Search can be done with fresh-eye of Japan provider
This is Japanese only but even in the personal web, search engine can be displayed. It is not used now because web page looks complicated because there are so many items.
<FORM name="search_link2" action="http://search.fresheye.com/" method="get" target="_blank">
<TABLE cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0">
<TD width="110"><A href="/" target="_blank">
<IMG src="http://www.fresheye.com/guide/img/search_fe.gif" border="0" alt="fresh eye"></A></TD>
<TD width="356">
<INPUT type="text" name="kw" size="20">
<INPUT type="hidden" name="rt" value="">
<INPUT type="submit" name="submit1" value="Web search" onClick="search_link2.rt.value='';">
<INPUT type="submit" name="submit2" value="News" onClick="search_link2.rt.value='nfnews';">
(950) 2003/8/29 164 PhotoShop Campus size change to add shade to a photo
In [Layer -> new], [from background to layer] will be chosen. To change background photo into layer makes it be edited.
Then campus size will be changed by adding shade width. Width and height will be changed by [image -> campus size] by changing from mm to pixel. Top page photos are enlarged 5 pixel. Reference position is set center in the default setting and then change it from center to put the arrow to the left upper block. Actual shade can be put on under right oppositely.
(941) 2003/8/20
163 HotMedia file can be reduced by gif file than jpg in some cases
When making animation by HotMedia, size of HotMedia differs by the original file's property. Jpg or gif is generally used as original picture file. Usually jpg file is smaller than gif because it is a compressed file. However small, less colors and simple picture is different and sometimes gif becomes smaller than jpg. This title picture is that kind of sample and jpg is 20kB, gif is 7kB, that is one third of jpg. Because original file's size is different then same output HotMedia files are different. Generally speaking, picture will be made as jpg, but this time I made the file by jpg again and file size became bigger than the former gif file, then I wondered why. That is starting point of the size of jpg and gif.
(935) 2003/8/14 162 PhotoShop Set effects to character such as shade
Once character layer is made with shade for example, from 2nd time, that layer is copied to revise. It is convenient. First to make character layer is to click "T" icon in the tool box. That character tool is used to write characters. Then double click the layer [Layer style] window pops up and set in this window.
  1. Main Hall Map : Adding shade by drop shadow. Shadow color is black and un-transparency degree is 75%. Shade angle is defined at the opposite direction which clock stylus shows. This sample is 11 o'clock direction. Furthermore bevel and emboss are chosen to increase the three dimensional image. Silhouette is clicked and made it shading with the border line. Character color is yellow and border color is red.
  2. Main street : Black [Bevel and emboss] + Silhouette. Light blue border line is set as above No.1. Character color is blue.
  3. 1st avenue : Black [drop shadow] + black [bevel and emboss] + light brown [border line]. Character color is red.
  4. 4th avenue : Black [bevel and emboss] + deep green [border line]. Character color is green. In addition to this, [flame] is checked to yellow light shines softly green characters from inside.
(934) 2003/8/13 161 Setting of HotMedia animation wizard
Wizard goes 1. Choose picture file -> 2. setting of hot link -> 3. set of transition -> 4. setting of display
  1. <Choose picture file> Click "add" and get pictures to be displayed
  2. <Set of hot link> [Tool hint (T)] is a setting of characters which are displayed when mouse is put on the characters. This must be set in this setting. [mouse click action -> selection of action] can be chosen from 1. no action 2. URL link 3. sound play 4. substitute HotMedia file. This item can be edited after the wizard.
  3. <Setting of transition> Set of changing style of pictures. Able to edit later.
  4. <Setting of display> This item also can be edited after the wizard. [Display size] can set width and height. [Automatic play of animation] has variation of 1. no 2. once 3. loop 4. turn up. [applet operation] has 1. display operation button 2. ban mouse drag operation
(933) 2003/8/12 160 Insert character display when mouse is put on HotMedia animation
  • HotMedia is set following the wizard and almost all variables can be changed later. But only [Set of HotMedia -> Tool hint] can not be changed later without this wizard. Tool hint must be set in this wizard. Tool hint is same as "alternative text" when texts are displayed on putting mouse on it.
  • When the wizard proceeds, it comes to [Choice of picture file -> next -> Setting of Hot link], then characters of [Tool hint(T)] in the [Setting of Hot link]are changed.
  • Default characters are the selected file name and these letters are displayed when mouse is put on it then this file name is changed the characters that we want to show.
  • This sample changes from the default tool hint "tb_bc_yume-dreams_1.jpg" to "Do you have a dream?"
  • Under left picture icons are clicked and tool hints are set for all pictures.
  • If this setting is passed, when mouse is put on it then picture file name is shown.
(921) 2003/7/31 159 Putting color frame to pictures located in a table
There is a method of putting spaces up-down-left-right and color frame is displayed by background color. When pictures are same size, adding blank space to the table can express color frame.
This sample uses one row and five columns and blank space in cell is set as 3 pixels. When background color is changed as in each cell, each picture can get different frame color. But when making frame by using table blank space, pixel of up-down and left-right can not be changed.
(920) 2003/7/30 158 Color frame of pictures which have different vertical and horizontal size
When making frame to pictures, usually following is used as [Right click of the picture -> property change -> check frame display -> input width dot number] But when the picture is linked, before and after activation of the link activity, frame color changes. Furthermore frame color becomes one being set for link.
Like this sample, night pictures with night background are expected a frame to make border clear. And frame color should be fixed as designated color.
To make this kind of frame, a table of one row and one column will be inserted into a table cell and the background will be colored blue and then to make frame space pixel is decided as blank space within cell. This procedure makes frames even if picture size are different, fixed color and space frame is made because a picture is set in a table of one row and one column.
(905) 2003/7/14 157 Fringing with color to panorama picture - part 2
I thought of a good idea. It is same as to insert a table instead of frame. It inserts one row one column table. Changing cell background color as [right click of the table -> property change]. Then assign pixel by [table -> margin within cell]
Above blue frame is made by this method as 4 dots fringe.
(896) 2003/7/5 156 Fringing with color to panorama picture
As this sample, when a picture and cell background color is same like this white, having fringe to the picture make it clear. Making the cell, which stores the picture, a little bigger than the picture (2 or 3 pixel bigger both vertically and horizontally) and coloring the cell of background, look like a fringe. Upper red fringe picture is one of this kind of fringe. Inserting a table of one row and one column, HotMedia scroll image is inserted into the table. Horizontally 2 dots and vertically 3 dots are added to make red fringe. These different dots appear to be same width both vertical and horizontal red fringe. If vertical and horizontal dots are same then vertical looks smaller than horizontal.
(890) 2003/6/29 155 PhotoShop Background blurring - part 3. using both selected area and layer
  • Compromise plan between part 1 and part 2.
  • Two duplication can be done by [layer -> layer duplication]
  • Target area is assigned by lasso tool, polygon selection tool or magnet selection tool.
  • Because selected area will be used by both background and target shape, then the selected area will be stored by [selection area -> save the selected area].
  • By designating the area of the target figure, that whole layer will be sharpened by [filter -> sharp (un-sharpness)]
  • Then by assigning the blurring target layer as background, that layer is put on the top. If it is not on the top position, it can not be seen the changing scene in real time.
  • Background layer will be blurred by [filter -> blurring (Gauss)] for the necessary amount.
  • Saved target will be assigned again by [selected area -> read the selected area]. By this condition, top layer is blurred image and then inside the selected area will be cut by delete key.
  • Another case is reverse way. Top layer is set as focused picture and background layer will be set under it. By reading [selected area -> read the selected area], outside the target figure will be assigned by [selected area -> reverse selected area] and that outside area will be cut by delete key.
(889) 2003/6/28 154 PhotoShop Background blurring - part 2. assigning selected area and blurring within and without the area
  • Second method is to assign area and to blur within/without the area. It can be done by only one picture or one layer.
  • Selected area is assigned by lasso tool, polygon selection tool or magnet selection tool.
  • Usually inside the assigned area will be focussed and then to sharpen the focus by [filter -> sharp (un-sharpness)]
  • Target area will be set outside the area by [selection area -> reverse the selected area]
  • One thing to notice is blurring amount. Because this method can be activated over the border, then too much blurring makes to feel the border blurred. If border line is simple shape and selection area can be easily set, then this method is fine.
(888) 2003/6/27 153 PhotoShop Background blurring - part 1. using layer and eraser
  • In order to blur photo background, layer is used.By [layer -> duplicate layer], two duplication will be made.
  • One of the duplication is used and blurred by [filter -> blurring (Gauss)]
  • The other duplication is used for sharpening by [filter -> sharp (un-sharpness)] to make the picture clear.
  • Layer order is from upper to down, blurring for background, then focused picture for the target and finally original picture.
  • In the upper most background layer, only area, that will be focused and targeted, should be erased by rubber eraser. And then lower focused picture will come up from under layer.
  • This makes only background blurred photo. Digital camera has deep depth of field then it is difficult to take a photo with only background blurring and this method can be useful.
(887) 2003/6/26 152 PhotoShop Make the background blurred by [filter -> blurring (Gauss)]
Original Blurred background
To get a picture with blurred background, Gauss is used such as [filter -> blurring (Gauss)]
Gauss can set amount of blurring.
A little blurring and avoiding noise can be gotten by the amount of blurring as radius 0.5 to 1.5 pixel.
Full blurring such as flower background is set the radius between 3 and 6. If the value will exceed 8 pixel, it becomes true blurring and it makes difficult to understand the shape.
(866) 2003/6/5 151 PhotoShop Blurring edge of the selected area
no blur Blurred by 3 px Blurred by 5 px Blurred by 10 px
When a part of layer is going to be moved by copy and paste from other part, if edge becomes sharp, sometimes it causes uncomfortable feeling. At that time, edge is blurred on copying.
1. Before selecting area by polygon selection tool etc., in the upper option bar, value will be inserted in [blur : 0 px]. Then the selected area is assigned by selection tool and so on. When copying by the condition, if the value will be 12 px, 12 pixel will be blurred.
2. When the selected area is assigned by using already saved selected area, blurred pixel is input by [selection area -> blurring selected area]. After that action, by copy and paste, edge blurring will be proceeded.
Blurred by 15 px
(865) 2003/6/4 150 PhotoShop Selected area or layer movement is useful to use [+Ctrl]
Layer movement is done by clicking movement tool in the tool box. But sometimes it happens that after usage of selection tool, [copy -> paste] could make new layer and that is going to be moved. At that time without going back to movement tool and click, even in the condition of rectangular tool or polygon selection tool, it makes to move layer by dragging simultaneously mouse and Ctrl key. After determination of selected area, mouse + Ctrl can move that area but it should be noted that the original figure of the area will be removed.
(864) 2003/6/3 149 PhotoShop Save and read the selected area
Selection area is decided by polygon selection tool etc. After long time and set of complicated shape, that area will be colored differently or edited differently, sometime this kind of arrangement will be done for the same area. [selection area -> save selected area] can save and [selection area -> read selection area] can read the area again and different edition can be done for the area.
(863) 2003/6/2 148 PhotoShop While selection area editing, one point back to re-edit
When polygon selection tool is used to define selected area, on editing, sometimes it may happen that this is not a point that I wanted to mark and to go back to the point before. If one point back is expected, Back Space or Delete key is used. To try to start from the beginning uses Esc key.
(861) 2003/5/31 147 PhotoShop Addition and deletion of selected area
By polygon selection tool etc., selection area is decided then editing, such as color tone adjustment, will begin. Usually [new selection] will be selected to decide this selection area and it begins true new area. [Add with selected area] or [remove from the current selected area] icon in the left side of the option bar can add or remove the selected area. Addition or removal can freely be chosen on editing.
(814) 2003/4/12 146 PhotoShop To fringe characters, border line is used
Light green characters of Hokkaido with light blue background are sometimes difficult to read, then border line is used to fringe the characters.
  1. Write letters by the character tool. Double click that character layer or right click of the layer and choose layer effect.
  2. Check border line. Click the area next to the characters of border line and border line dialogue pops up.
  3. Click color item and colors are chosen by selecting from color sample.
  4. Location at this time is set as default outside. Size can define line width, default is 3px.
(811) 2003/4/9 145 PhotoShop Panorama picture by using [deformation]
Panorama picture is usually made by a panorama software. As to use panorama raw materials, photos should be taken carefully in order to lap both ends of a picture. But using [deformation] of PhotoShop, [rotation] and [enlarge and reduction] can combine into one panorama photo.
(810) 2003/4/8 144 PhotoShop Layer usage
This photo is a typical deformation. Europe and Asia are expressed several times bigger than actual size. On the contrary, Africa and America are small. It is a result that area, which is interesting, or going to expressed in detail, are emphasized. Layer expression is convenient to make this kind of figure. Sometimes it may happen to change a country later. When countries are defined by layer, each country can be easily changed. And also country name can be added freely by layer. Country name can be moved and place it adequate location.
(791) 2003/3/20 143 PhotoShop Color saturation change can make photos brilliant
オリジナル画像 10%彩度アップしました。 20%彩度アップしました。 25%彩度アップしました。 30%彩度アップしました。 35%彩度アップしました。
Original +10% +20% +25% +30% +35%
Left photo is the original and according to righter place, color saturation goes up relatively 10,20,25,30,35%. Red series color can easily increase effect of color saturation improvement. Comparing original photo with 35%, 35% becomes definitely brilliant as if it is different picture. This sample's best point is probably 25 to 30%. Adjustment is made by [image -> color tone adjustment -> hue and color saturation]
(753) 2003/2/10 142 Give color to lines and make the line thickness as one - part.3
Table line can be defined as one doted-line and not 2 lines. This brings same line as expressed normal line such as in Excel.
[cellspacing="0"] makes one line [bordercolor="blue"] can
give lines color blue
Blue line seems to be one but 1-dot line is drawn without space that means actually 2-dots.
This table is normal display
Shown 2 lines with space in center
<TABLE cellspacing="0" bordercolor="blue" border="1">
(427) 2003/2/3 140 Set table width at the beginning
The pages, which show actual thumbnail photos, are structured 4 columns table. The table contains thumbnail photos and explanation letters above or under of the photos. Many letters sometimes get the table size bigger. To protect this, values, that is bigger than the width of 4 column photos, are put at first. This page's example is [width="820"]. This avoids the table becomes bigger than the width of photo width x 4 columns.
(735) 2003/1/22 137 PhotoShop After color assignation, fully painted by color fulfill or like that
Color can be changed all at once by using [edit -> fulfill panting] after assignation of the color to be changed.
(734) 2003/1/21 136 PhotoShop Color area is assigned by [color assignation]
Dialogue is shown by [chosen area -> color area assignation]. Each items are set as follows.
(1)Selection -> assigned color area (2)tolerance -> move slide, or, input value of 0-200 (3)[Display picture] is chosen from [selected area] or [display picture] (4)[Black mat] is chosen as the pre-view selected area. (5)Pointer is clicked on the picture or pre-view area to assign that color.
Another choice is from color system. Selection can be done from red series, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenda. After the color assignation, tolerance slide can decide color tone area. The bigger the value becomes, the wider the color area will be assigned. When selected area is chosen, color is picked from the picture directly but pre-view is not shown. Pre-view is easier to see for the black mat which displays assigned color on the black back.
(733) 2003/1/20 135 PhotoShop Color assignation can change assigned color all at once
Color area assignation change the color
Sometimes it may happen to change the color all at once. In the map of the top page, one country's color wanted to be changed is the case. [Color area assignation] can change a color all at once.
This sample shows by using [chosen area -> color area assignation] assigns and change the color by [edit -> paint fully]
(731) 2003/1/18 133 Edit of link using part of picture
By correcting the world map for example, sometimes link location and actual map circle dislocate. At that time link should be changed. Image map editor is activated by [right click -> image edit -> image map edit] Already made circle and so on are displayed as circle or square then click them and edit such as enlarging, shrinking or to move.
(730) 2003/1/17 132 PhotoShop Layer copy
Map on top page is made in both Japanese and English. Layer structure is used by area. This map is revised step by step. On changing the map, area correction done by Japanese layer will be used in English version. In order to achieve this, Japanese and English versions are opened simultaneously. Japanese version is corrected at first and assign move tool in the tool box. By drag and drop Japanese version into English version, it can be copied automatically.
(694) 2002/12/10 130 PhotoShop Deformation can reverse horizontally or vertically
Center picture was reversibly deformed with left and right horizontal direction like mirror image. It is like being folded by the center line of right or left perpendicular line.

Right photo is reverse of upside-down. It is like being folded by horizontal line of top or bottom.

It is done by [edit -> deformation -> reverse horizontally] or [edit -> deformation -> reverse vertically]
(693) 2002/12/9 129 PhotoShop Deformation can be applied to cut or copy of any figure
By using rectangular selection tool or polygon selection tool, after selecting a figure and use deformation command. Only selected part can be deformed. After selecting an area by selection tool, use deformation commands such as [edit -> deformation -> rotation]

If assigned area will be left as it used to be, final key such as rotation is pushed with Alt key at the same time. Simultaneous pushing is important. Only Alt key does not deform and without Alt key, it makes cut and rotation.
(692) 2002/12/8 128 PhotoShop Deformation of free deform
Distortion can only be done along a side but [free deform] provides very little limitation and move a handle to anywhere and brings free deformation. After assigning the correction layer, a handle will be moved by [edit -> deformation -> free deform].

To repeat this deformation action, [edit -> deformation -> re-execute]

Before determining action, plural successive commands can be done. For example, repetition of [perspective -> enlarge and shrink] can be repeated and finally determination action will be done.
(691) 2002/12/7 127 PhotoShop Deformation of distortion
When proportionally deformation will be desired, [distortion] is used. Right sample displays that a handle on every corner moving, followed upon one side, can make distortion. Distortion can deform only following one side then if deformation will be done freely, [free deform] is used. Distortion is activated by [edit -> deformation -> distortion] after assigning correction layer.

To decide deformation, push enter key or push [determine deformation] in the option bar right side.
To cancel deformation, push Esc key or push [cancel deformation] in the option bar right side.
(690) 2002/12/6 126 PhotoShop Deformation of rotating
Yellow background layer will not be rotated and specific layer only is rotated. After assigning a layer, which is going to be corrected, [edit -> deformation -> rotating]. Four corners will pop up rotating handles and the figure will be rotated by the handles. When rotating, by pushing shift key at the same time, rotating angle is fixed by 15 degree unit.

Center of rotation is set in a center of the layer as a default but the center can be moved. Anchoring point is decided by clicking one of nine places which is in the left side of the option bar and pops up window-like mark. Anchoring point can be set by inputting horizontal and vertical distance from option bar. Or any rotating angle can be directly input from [set of rotation] in the option bar.
(689) 2002/12/5 125 PhotoShop Deformation of enlargement and shrink
Perspective method shrinks lower part of the window then the window seems to be longer in longitudinal. In order to correct this ratio, [enlarge and shrink] is used. After appointing the layer, which is going to be corrected, by using [edit -> deformation -> enlarge and shrink] a handle will pop up. With a handle gripping and moving figure can correct the longitudinal and width ratio.

By longitudinal direction or widthwise, or simultaneously with both longitudinal and wide, enlarge or shrink can be done. When longitudinal and wide direction are simultaneously processed, if the corner handle and shift key will be used simultaneously, then aspect ration can be maintained and be dragged.
(688) 2002/12/4 124 PhotoShop Deformation of perspective can correct difference of perspective
Deformation can apply to each layer individually. Thai is one of useful points. After appointing editing layer, one point perspective method can be applied by [edit -> deformation -> perspective method] Drag corners will pop up and then correction will be done by using perspective method of up/down and right/left. Left original stained glass was looked upward and then width of upper and lower end of the window are same length but the photo seems to be extreme trapezoid. Right photo was corrected by perspective method and lower window was reduced. Background yellow was used for easily understood.

If this kind of deformation command is applied not vector image such as pass but to bit map image, each action loses image sharpness, then determination is recommended lastly after some kinds of deformation process.
(668) 2002/11/15 123 Replay only one command
Select a replay command.
In action pallet, with pushing Ctrl key, click [replay selected item] button. Or with pushing Ctrl key, replaying command will be double clicked.
(667) 2002/11/14 122 Rearrangement of actions or commands
In the action pallet, re-allocated action or commands will be drag-and-dropped to new place.
(666) 2002/11/13 121 Record addition commands
When selecting action name, new command can be inserted into the last part of the action. Or when selecting command name, new command is inserted just after the command.
Click record start button. Additional commands will be recorded.
To stop the record, click [replay/record stop] button.
(665) 2002/11/12 120 Exclusion of command
For developing the list name in action command, right triangle symbol of the action will be clicked.
Commands, which should be excluded, are checked the L-like symbol just left of the command. One more check can insert the command again. By this proceeding, not-used action can be selected and it makes more useful.
(662) 2002/11/8 119 Action pre-set can activate successively in PhotoShop 7.0
Change action name
Double click on action name can change name.
(661) 2002/11/7 118 Action pre-set can activate successively in PhotoShop 7.0
New action making
By clicking [new action making] in the lower part of action pallet. Then [input action name -> allocate shortcut key for the action -> allocation of color on displaying button mode]
Click [record] button changes record start button into red color.
Choose commands and proceed recording operation.
To stop the record, [replay/stop recording] button will be clicked or choose [recording stop] button in action pallet menu or push Esc key. To restart same action record, [re-recording] is selected from the triangle symbol of action pallet menu.
(660) 2002/11/6 117 Action pre-set can activate successively in PhotoShop 7.0
Proceed the chosen action
Click the triangle style icon [playback selected item] in lower part of the action pallet or choose [replay] command from the menu of triangle symbol in right upper part.
(659) 2002/11/5 116 Action pre-set can activate successively in PhotoShop 7.0
Selection of action
Click action name. To chose plural action, click action name with Shift key simultaneously.
(658) 2002/11/4 115 Action pre-set can activate successively in PhotoShop 7.0
Action pre-set is like macro in Excel and can be done successively. It is a very useful command.

Making action pallet
Action pallet comes up in a same pallet as history by [window -> action]
(646) 2002/10/23 114 Clearly display the figure edge. figure fringe can be fit with surround color
Unti-alias and move or paste command of selected area sometimes happens to become boundary fringe which pixels are included within selected area. [Mat command] can eliminate surrounding fringe.
After move or paste, By using [layer -> matting -> fringe elimination], fringe colors are substituted by near colors. For example, Blue back and yellow figure can be selected and move is selected then blue fringe will be moved together. By using fringe elimination, blue can be substituted by yellow. Substituting width is assigned as pixel unit. 1 or 2 pixel is enough. Black mat elimination or white mat elimination is for monotonous background then normally they are not used.
(644) 2002/10/21 112 Tool pre-set can save original tool set in PhotoShop 7.0
Every tool can be customized and registered with different name to be used in a different scene. For example, different character font can be used at different scene or brush set is restored for ourselves. These pre-set can be called again from tool pre-set stored in a same pallet as history pallet.
(643) 2002/10/20 111 Automatic color adjustment is added in PhotoShop 7.0
Automatic level adjust was already in the PhotoShop and this automatic color adjustment was added in 7.0, which changes color tone.
(642) 2002/10/19 110 Customize of work space in PhotoShop 7.0
Color, history, layer or character pallet can be located and stored as customized work space. Name it and use later according to scene.
(641) 2002/10/18 109 Own pattern making is possible by pattern maker in PhotoShop 7.0
One of new functions in 7.0 is pattern maker. A part of a picture is chosen by rectangular tool etc., and by [filter -> pattern maker], seamless pattern without feeling of boundary can be made based upon the figure data. Leaf, flower or everything can be used for the pattern which can be used as background picture. This pattern is made randomly based upon cut figure and then until completing the favorite pattern, it can be repeated until 20 times. Right pattern was made by one of dress shirts and by lining up the pattern, it seems natural to be a background pattern. Original picture is changed then it is better to make duplicated picture.
(640) 2002/10/17
108 Photoshop 7.0 Repair brush tool and patch tool are convenient
Repair brush can consequently restore by dragging. Patch tool can change an area at one time. Face with wrinkles can be easily changed into smooth face. Dirty spot in a picture can be restored just at one time. Shade and shadow or texture information are calculated by the copied part and automatically restores a picture. Then even after sampling different color tone point, original part will be restored naturally and the area will be matched with surrounded atmosphere. Completed picture looks very natural and it is convenient tool.
(639) 2002/10/16 107 File browser added in PhotoShop 7.0
Browser is added in PhotoShop 7.0. It seems to me too late because all this kind of current image software in Windows have browser. On viewing a picture, photos can rotate with 90/180 degree. Exif information also will be shown and edition can be proceed with confirming filmed day or time.
(601) 2002/9/8 106 Horizontal line default is 2 pixel
Default horizontal line is displayed by 2 pixel.
When line width is assigned as one pixel then it became one dot line of minimum.
(600) 2002/9/7 105 Special list display without indent
List is shown a <LI> row between <UL> and </UL> by html source. List display shows upper and lower blank space and automatic front indent. To avoid both this one blank space and indent is to delete both <UL> and </UL> rows in the html source. But HomePage Builder strictly prohibits grammatically and then even if they are deleted in the source, when going back to page edit, grammar correction may add <UL> and </UL>. Then <UL> and </UL> rows must be deleted by a editor. However after this editing, it can not be edited by HomePage Builder and then it is not recommendable. Sample of history shows normal list and without indent list.
(599) 2002/9/6 104 No line feed<NOBR>
According to width of the page, usually long row is automatically folded. Row of <NOBR> and </NOBR> do not fold. Refer to history page and try to change width of Internet explorer. No folding will be experienced. This is not allowed in the HomePage Builder and then it is shown as red. But it works. It must be written directly into html source.
(597) 2002/9/4 103 Same name as in files and folders is not allowed in Windows XP
At first, this web was made by Windows 98. Instructed structure of this page was that a file of "index.htm" and a folder of "index.files" were in a same folder named "homepage." It was possible in Windows98. But in Windows XP could not use like this. When the file of "index.htm" was deleted, then the folder of "index.files" was deleted too. Then I change the folder name from "index.files" to "main."
(588) 2002/8/26 102 Windows XP can not be used Java!!!
August 11, 2002, I installed Windows XP Professional on my newly constructed PC and I found that the title of may web page as YUME or dreams could not move. Probably PC assembler will build in Java by themselves. But original Windows XP does not include Java program.
This program can install Windows XP Java automatically. Be care of file size as 11MB.
If you do not want automatic install, down load from here.
(577) 2002/8/15 101 List display without showing first symbol
  • List display usually shows first symbol in front of the sentence. But sometime this symbol should not be shown.
  • Even blank sentence will be used then symbol came first.
   Line feed only makes one blank space like this.
  • To avoid this space and without symbol
    expressed like this.
  • Horizontal line and characters are shown without symbol.
<LI>To avoid this space and without symbol
expressed like this.
<LI>Horizontal line and characters are shown without symbol.
In the HTML source, not to display symbol is to delete <LI> which means list row.
(576) 2002/8/14 100 Using style sheet - costumes horizontal line
Horizontal line is inserted by [insert -> horizontal line] but default setting is gray color. Style sheet can customize it. Item is [HR].
Provided items are color by [color and background], location by left, upper, width and height as pixel or % expression. [Layout -> style] can assign line variation such as dotted line, dashed line, solid line, double line and dimple(it looks hollow because designated color is under right and by adding gray at lower right and upper left), embossed lettering(assigned color is located at center and outside is covered by gray color, inset inset (resembles with embossed and around assigned color is designated as gray. Assigned color is seen dimple like by contrast) and outset(Opposite to inset, and looked center designated color in center seems embedded outside)

This sample horizontal line is only assigned color.
(570) 2002/8/8 99 PhotoShop Draw lines of square or circle and so on。
On pictures of top page, frame blue line is drawn. Those lines were made form at first. By using square choice tool or elliptical tool, [edit -> draw borderline] is selected. It can be chosen that is line width, color, line location of inside, outside or center. Line width is assigned by pixel and color is set by drawing color in the pallet. Circles in the top page map were drawn by this way.
Like a frame of a picture, when a whole picture is selected, by using [selection area -> whole selection] whole picture is chosen without using square tool.
(569) 2002/8/7 98 PhotoShop gif picture can be edited
Gif picture also can be edited by [image -> mode -> index color -> RGB color]
Without this conversion, edit can not be done.
2002/07/25 Link using a part of a picture
  1. Link is possible from a part of a picture. This sample shows a link from a circle mark of nation's name in the world map to the page of the country album.
  2. By using HomePage Builder, choose a picture (this time, world map) by left click ,which is going to be linked. Image map editor is activated by [right click -> image edit -> image map edit]
  3. Link area is chosen from polygon, circle and square.
  4. Making polygon area is first to left-click the mouse on the picture and a point will be made. When the last point of the polygon is designated, left mouse is double clicked. First point and last is connected by a line and polygon is completed.
  5. To make circle area, Left mouse is dragged on the picture. Circle is drawn in proportion to mouse movement. When button is pushed off, circle area is finished. Square area is done by same way
(526) 2002/6/25 97 Display 360 degree panorama picture by HomePage Builder
Picture made by panorama software can be rotated 360 degree by HotMedia as [Insert -> HotMedia applet -> scroll image]

This photo is not a real 360 degree panorama but always scrolling make s it like a 360 degree panorama picture.
If a real 360 degree panorama picture is made, of course it is displayed as 360 degree panoramic picture.
(525) 2002/6/24 96 Display panorama picture by HomePage Builder
Picture made by panorama software can be animated by HotMedia wizard as [Insert -> HotMedia applet -> panorama]. That picture moves right to left or vise versa.

If operation buttons are felt burdensome, pushing arrow at left diminish buttons and one more push can appear again.
In the wizard, setting without buttons is possible.
(496) 2002/5/26 95 Using style sheet - assign color of link character
Character color or size of link can also be fixed by style sheet.
  1. Click [night.css] -> edit
  2. Assign character color by [A:VISITED(Displayed link) -> edit -> color and background -> foreground color]
  3. Fix character color by [A:HOVOR(link with on-mouse) -> edit -> color and background -> foreground color]
  4. Designate character color by [A:ACTIVE(selected active link) -> edit -> color and background - foreground color]
(495) 2002/5/25 94 Using style sheet - assign character size, color and background color of a table
Characters within a table also can be fixed by a style sheet.
  1. Click [night.css] -> edit
  2. Assign font, point size or bold face by [TD(Data cell) -> edit -> font]
  3. Assign character color by [color and background -> foreground color]
  4. Assign location of left margin, center or right, by [character layout -> horizontal direction allocation]
(494) 2002/5/24 93 Using style sheet - assign front mark of list expression
Normal unnumbered list insert provide the front symbol as little black circle. When background of a web is black, black symbol can not distinct from the black background. some symbols have been made beforehand by HomePage Builder or others as gif format such as dot_yellow.gif. This sample changes from the original black dot to the assigned picture of .
  • Click [night.css] -> edit
  • UL (unnumbered list) -> edit -> list -> assign picture file of the list symbol (dot_yellow.gif)
(493) 2002/5/23 92 Using style sheet - assign background picture
Sample of [night.css]
  1. Click [night.css] -> edit
  2. BODY -> edit
  3. Click [color and background]. Assign background color by [file reference.]
(492) 2002/5/22 91 Using style sheet - assign character size and color
Style sheet is very convenient and some style sheets, which were made previously, can set freely font color, size or dot mark of list display etc. I started to copy style sheet of HomePage Builder and change it for myself.
There are sample style sheet files in [c:/Program Files/IBM Homepage Builder V8/sample/css] Those file names start from a01.css and have extension of [css]. Those files are copied to my own folder and name them. For the night scene pattern, I named it [night.css]. To edit the file, style sheet manager comes up by [format -> style], then [night.css] is designated by [link -> right side of external style sheet name].
This sample changes font color and size in the body text.
  1. Click [night.css] -> edit
  2. BODY -> edit
  3. To add [using fonts], [font list -> MS Gothic -> add]
  4. Change reserved word to [point] and designate font size, this time 10 point. Characteristic property is [Bold]
  5. To assign character color, click [color and background] and designate character color by [foreground color]
(481) 2002/5/11 90 PhotoShop Create blue sky on a cloudy day -2 using cloud filter
こんな真っ暗な画像でも、 青空に変身できる。
Dark original be revived by filtering
There is another way to use cloud filter to make sky.
(1) Layer -> new -> from background to layer -> OK (layer 0 will be created)
(2) Layer -> new -> layer -> OK (layer 1 becomes)
(3) Drawing color and background color is set blue sky and cloud respectively. blue sample (R:168, G:199, B:246) and cloud (R:232, G:239, B:255)
(4) filter -> draw -> cloud pattern 1 makes layer 1 to cloud.
(5) Change layer 0 and layer 1 to make cloud under.
(6) To cut upper part of layer 0, automatic choice too will define cut area.
(7) If automatic choice tool does not work well, polygon choice tool can delete roughly and eraser tool deletes in detail. By deleting upper part of layer 0 copy, lower cloud is coming up.
(8) Layer -> connection with under layer(Ctrl+E) and save the duplication.
Different layer can set cloud brightness and statue brightness separately.
This almost black picture can be revived like this.
(480) 2002/5/10 89 PhotoShop Create blue sky on a cloudy day - 1
曇りの日の画像は暗い。 曇りを晴れの空に変身。
Cloudy day Bright sky
Digital camera on a cloudy day is worst. Automatic style can not be changed. This is a chance for the PhotoShop.
(1) Layer -> new -> from background to layer -> OK (layer 0 became)
(2) Layer -> duplication of layer -> OK (copy of layer 0 can be done)
(3) Copy cloud picture on layer 0 from other picture.
(4) To cut off the area above the roof on copy of layer 0, deletion area will be assigned by automatic choice tool.
(5) If the automatic choice tool may not work well, polygon choice tool can delete roughly and eraser tool deletes in detail. By deleting upper part of layer 0 copy, lower cloud is coming up.
(6) Layer -> connection with under layer(Ctrl+E) and save the duplication.
(473) 2002/5/3 88 Internet Explorer 6.0 can adjust picture size within screen
Internet Explorer 6.0 can automatically adjust picture size to be displayed in the screen. Big picture, which is far bigger than the monitor, will be automatically adjusted within screen. When the picture will be displayed by the original size, click a icon which have for arrows on four corners. And same icon click displays the picture within screen alternately. It is convenient for bigger size picture.
(472) 2002/5/2 87 Setting of characters which colors do not change after click - part 2
This is a HomePage Builder specific way.
  1. At first, make a link. [Drag -> right click -> Insert link] Color of the link part changes.
  2. Drag characters which color was changed, from first letter to right.
  3. This time, around the characters which color was changed, colored square, such as light blue or pink, closes the characters.
  4. Drag until the final character and just before moving to next, this light color square over-range the link characters and go to the whole row
  5. Stop dragging there and [right click -> insert link]
  6. Fourth row is important as only one advancement. Not advance and stop on the characters can not be accomplished.
  7. Looking at source code, No. 6 goes in order of [color assignment] and [link place] and when it goes to [link place], color changes normal link setting. But No.4's only one character advancement way is [link place] and [color setting], that means finally color assignment remains.
Another information : "assign link character color using style sheet" is better way 2002/5/9
(459) 2002/4/19 86 Blurred photo can be improved by sharpness filter
車の中から撮ったピンぼけ写真。 シャープを掛けると解消される。
Original Un-sharp mask
Out-of-focus photos are improved by the sharpness filter. Too much sharpness makes it a picture with noise. [Un-sharp mask filter] can provide amount of improvement or sharpness. [Filter -> sharp -> un-sharp mask]
[Amount] slider decides increasing amount. It is set by looking at the improving picture the value will be set between 50 and 150 % from experience. [Radius] slider can decide the improved area around edge or how wide it is. It is recommended between 1 and 3. Acceptable value is 2. When [radius] is set small, only edge can be sharped. When bigger, bigger area pixel can be improved. [Threshold level] is set as the target edge pixel if the difference between around area will exceed the value. To avoid noise into complexion or skin color, value will be set between 2 and 20. Default value is "0" and it makes every pixel sharp within the picture.
(452) 2002/4/12 85 Automatic level adjustment of dark photo
オリジナル画像は暗い。 トーンカーブで明るくする。 自動レベル調整でバランスをとる。
Dark original Brightened automatic adjustment
Clouded sky or in a dark room without flash, photos sometimes became dark because of lacking amount of light. By using [Brightness and contrast adjustment] or [tone curve], photos can be brightened but photos themselves became whitish. At that time, [image -> color tone adjustment -> automatic level adjustment] can balance the picture tone. Sample photos from left to right, left : original center : brighter treatment by tone curve right : automatic level adjustment.
-->Shadow and Highlight of PhotoShop CS replaced this procedure. It is much better.
(402) 2002/2/21 84 Space in alternative text makes easier to read
This is only a problem of Japanese language. Japanese is written continuously without space. Then adding some spaces between propers sentences looks easier to read. Following is a image.
Tripknow-howissummarizedfrommyexperience -> Tripknow-howis summarizedfrom myexperience
(396) 2002/2/15 83 Shade with black background
Background of shade, which is made by Web art designer wizard, is white color but when shade is used on a picture such as night scene then shade part is shown white background and it seems to be unnatural. To avoid this, when making the shade, open html file in which the picture is used and use [edit -> get page background information].
(385) 2002/2/4 82 Edit gif file of photo animation by Web animator
Activate Web animator and read gif file that is going to be edited. Editing itself is easily done by adding files or deleting files, but there is one thing to remember. When photos are just inserted, display time is set as zero. To change this display time as [Right click of the photo -> whole change of property -> display time]
(382) 2002/2/1 81 Attention of HotMedia because of big file size
HotMedia animation is treated as gif, then file size is tend to be bigger. That is a point we should care. When title is made by gradation or shade, that kind of complicated three pictures of 465x40 points became 70 kB. But when it uses simple color usage, it becomes only 15KB.
(381) 2002/1/31 80 Do not use many HotMedia simultaneously
HotMedia animation picture as cycle display was shown on the right side frame, then title is displayed by HotMedia animation on the above frame.
When they were checked by HomePage Builder, there was no problem and both pictures were displayed. But when actually both files are transferred on the web site, both pictures were displayed normally at first, but after moving other pages and going back to top page, both pictures were not displayed. Is it the cause of frame structure and simultaneous display? It is not clear but better not use this kind of usage.
In this know-how page, it used to have HotMedia sample picture, but many pictures cause to display delay then I stopped to put them in it and made different pages to link here.
(380) 2002/1/30 79 HotMedia can make dynamic title
  • Place cursor where you want to insert
  • [Insert -> HotMedia applet -> animation] can guide to HotMedia animation wizard. Each picture's changing style can be set later then this time do not care.
  • Set up changing variation of picture file by [Right click of the created HotMedia animation file -> Edit by HotMedia creator -> Click icon like button left side of "frame 1" -> Setting of transition -> variation]
  • Variations are 1. cutout 2. dissolve 3. wipe 4. slide 5. cycle 6. zoom. Each picture can be set different changing style.
  • After the editing, confirm by [file -> preview] and [file -> overwrite save]
  • Top page title is moved by 2. dissolve 4. slide 6. zoom.
  • This page is just a picture sample because many Java cause this page heavy and then above title can not be moves.
(379) 2002/1/29 78 With picture frame
Open Web art designer of HomePage Builder.
It can be done with wizard as [edit -> Paste from file -> object -> making photo frame]
(378) 2002/1/28 77 Scrolling undermost status row by Java script
Java script can be inserted by HomePage Builder. Scroll sample is automatically inserted by [raw material -> script Java Script file -> click scroll.js]
var msg = "Hello everyone, ......"; Every sentence is inserted into the quotation mark place.
(373) 2002/1/23 Thanks to Seicho Suzuki to make dreams in Chinese characters
Dream of Chinese character has bright image and I wished to have my own characters. Seicho Suzuki drew some characters for my web page. Thanks to it. Every character is unique then I could not narrow down to only one. Now then, I change them once a month.
(372) 2002/1/22 75 Addition of html for search engine
Sample of this web page
First line is for search robot.
Second line explains the contents of the web page. This is introduced in the search engine.
Third line is for key words. Up to 10 words. Comma is used for partition.
Fourth line is title and shown in favorite. It become title also in search engine.
<META name="robots" content="index,follow">
<META name="description" content="Welcome to YUME or dreams Gallery. Please enjoy the world photos.">
<META name="keywords" content="Travel,DigitalCamera,photos,PC,WebPage,YUME-dreams-Gallery">
<TITLE>Welcome to YUME or dreams Gallery</TITLE>
(371) 2002/1/21 74 Paint color with around picture
Right click of the picture and by following [change of property -> blank space], adding pixel numbers in both left-and-right and up-and-down make color around the picture.
In html, vspace and hspace are used. This sample shows 2 pixels at up-down and 5 pixels at left-right.
(368) 2002/1/18 73 Read scrolling video image from existing file
Using [Insert -> file -> HotMedia file], read [***.mvr] file.
(367) 2002/1/17 72 Making scroll image by HomePage Builder
HomePage Builder added [Hot media wizard] in version 6.5. Before that, animation was only made by gif file, then multiple photos are displayed at the same location. But Hot Media can provide different scenes such as photos coming with angle or rotating and so on.
To make this file is just to follow a wizard as [Insert -> Hot media applet -> animation]
By HotMedia, inserting link or display of alternate text is referred [set up of HotMedia wizard] or [character display when mouse is put on it]
(366) 2002/1/16 71 Shaded picture
By using HomePage Builder, Web art designer can easily make by reading picture and push [shade effect] button.
It can set shade location, color, transparency grade and gradation. Transparency is "0." Gradation is set as "0 - 20" but big number makes shade bigger then "2" or so is possible.
(365) 2002/1/15 70 Indent expression sometimes looks easier
Indent expression is the following tag. Notice one thing is one space row before the indented row.
<BLOCKQUOTE>This sentence is displayed by the indent expression. Indent is used by every paragraph. This sample shows one indent.
Line feed can be added into one indent and displayed within the indent.</BLOCKQUOTE>
HomePage Builder can handle it without using HTML, by just pushing the indent icon. Or from menu bar [form -> indent -> indent setting] To release indent, just push the indent release icon or [form -> indent -> indent release].
(364) 2002/1/14 69 Counter setting at asahi-net provider of Japan
Insert the following tag.
<IMG src="http://cgi.www.ne.jp/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?df=dreams.dat&md=5&dd=A&ft=0&tr=Y&prgb=0;0;255" alt="" width="58" height="26">
df=dreams.dat means variable name which stores counted numbers and can be assigned to any name
md=5 digit number of the counter
dd=A display style
ft=0 without frame
tr=Y transparent background and background below can be seen
prgb=0;0;255 color code shown as decimal number
(361) 2002/1/11 68 Making gif picture without background by HomePage Builder
Such as ornamented letters are made by Web art designer when background is transparent. File -> web save wizard can instruct easily. It saves as gif file without background. If campus is set bigger than actual image, then it can save without background not same as jpg file.
(360) 2002/1/10 67 Assign color of link by using "style" description
"style" description can designate character color but it can not use simultaneously both absolute size and color.
Normal link color is like this without using "style" Grand-place and set character color into red Grand-place
<A href="../index.files/Photo_grand_place_night.htm" target="_blank" style="color : red;">Grand-place</A>
Another information : Style sheet can assign color of link character and it can do to all letters within the web page. It is more convenient. 2002/05/08
(359) 2002/1/9 66 Two pictures on a same cell
right offset Normal side by side
When a picture of "new arrival" is put on the other picture, first picture is offset to right by [align="right"] Without that expression, the picture and new are displayed side by side.

<TD><IMG src="file:///D:/home_page/photo/sss_br_01_grand-place.jpg" border="0" align="right"><IMG src="file:///D:/home_page/parts/ani_new_07.gif" border="0"></TD>

<TD><IMG src="file:///D:/home_page/photo/sss_br_01_grand-place.jpg" border="0"><IMG src="file:///D:/home_page/parts/ani_new_11.gif" border="0"></TD>
(316) 2001/11/27 65 Automatic sending of impression please by cgi of the provider, asahi-net
Provider asahi-net has sending cgi, then impression sending was made by this. This way is not necessary to activate mail software. And on pushing sending button, mail will be sent automatically.
<FORM action="http://cgi.www.ne.jp/cgi-bin/formdecode.cgi" method="POST"><IMG src="parts/tb_bld_kansou_o_douzo.gif" width="113" height="18" border="0"><BR>
<TEXTAREA rows="5" cols="12" name="impression">Write here freely and push send button.</TEXTAREA><BR>
<INPUT type="hidden" name="_to" value="kazuo.ochi@nifty.com"><INPUT type="submit" value="send"> <INPUT type="reset" value="reset"></FORM>
(296) 2001/11/7 62 Assign font background color
Font color and its background color can be assigned by html source.
<FONT style="FONT-SIZE: 30px; background-color : blue;" color="#ffff00">
By this designation, It becomes like this.
[LINE-HEIGHT:40] can be abbreviated and it defines both font size and background color assignment. But it may happen to turn into garbage after this assignment in relation to font. This is not an absolute problem.
(295) 2001/11/6 Font size can be fixed without changing by IE. It is assigned by html source.
Font size can be fixed without changing by IE. It is assigned by html source.
<FONT style="FONT-SIZE: 14px; LINE-HEIGHT: 18px" color="#0000ff">
Another information : Fixing character size by style sheet can define simultaneously and more convenient 2002/05/08
(294) 2001/11/5 60 Define whole table size
It is easier to see if the size of the table is fixed. Especially PC screen has different size such as, 800x600 and 1600x1200. Minimum screen size 800x600 is preferable to avoid side scroll. [table -> property change] then [table -> width of table] chooses pixel. Html source expressed for example 800 pixels as [ <TABLE width="800"> ]
(291) 2001/11/2 59 Define column width of the table
This page seems to have two-step tab but actually this is expressed by three columns. Width of the tab is decided by the width of the table. [ table -> property change -> table column ] This page is defined by three columns as 15,15,770 and whole width is totally 800 pixels.
(273) 2001/10/15 58 Fix location of frame structure
Frame should be located without space from upper left but default setting causes clearances at left and upper. Margin item is added into html source.
<BODY bgcolor="#cccccc" leftMargin="0" topMargin="0" marginheigt="1" marginwidth="1">
(272) 2001/10/14 57 Frame structure is used
By changing provider to Asahinet, web page volume can be taken as big as 25 MB and then I change to the frame structure. One of the reasons not to adopt frame structure is advertisement of a free charge provider. But it is solved by Asahinet of no advertisement. The other reason is pull down menu which can not open with full screen display. Pull down menu was inserted into the biggest page of right down place. That bigger area made it be looked easier. As my web page or catalog page, scrolling is limited to up and down then frame structure is one of choices.
(271) 2001/10/13 56 Provider change to Asahi-net in Japan
Changed a provider to Asahinet in Japan. Primal reason is size of web pages. Cheapest course of of \450 has 5 MB and I chose the next one that is 25 MB.
(270) 2001/10/12 55 Not showing closing line at the frame structure
In order not to display closing line, [frameborder="no"] is added in the html source.
<FRAMESET cols="133,*" frameborder="no">
<FRAME src="index7.htm">
<FRAMESET rows="94,*" frameborder="no">
<FRAME src="index8.htm">
<FRAME src="index9.htm">
(269) 2001/10/11 54 Frame structure and link with full screen
Pull down menu can open only at that frame but ordinal link can use whole screen display. By [Insert -> Link -> Target -> Whole screen], link can be done from the frame structure to without frame structure and whole screen display.
Html source is added [target="_top"]
(268) 2001/10/10 53 Frame structure and pull down menu
In Japan, there are some providers of free charge. They display advertisement on a screen. When frame structure is used in this kind of free provider, advertisement comes at each html file. That means if screen is divided into tree, three advertisements are there, that is too much.
One more disadvantage is pull down menu. Pull down menu can open only in that html file or only in that window. Pull down menu can not open as whole screen display. Then if frame structure is used, then pull down menu can not be used as whole screen usage.
(258) 2001/9/30 52 Flame structure
I thought frame structure seems complicated and the provider that I use does not guarantee the frame structure then I stopped to use it. Bet photos of Gallery introduction increased and when scrolling to see photos, upper and left banners can not be seen. Then I tried the frame structure. To make frame structure by HomePage Builder is easy. By following as [frame -> new frame making from template] category is assigned. My sample is three frameworks, left, upper right and lower right. It is assumed as three independent web pages. Three independent html files should be made. Root html file is to define the width, size and file name etc.
(230) 2001/9/3 51 Difference between Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator
When I saw my web page by Netscape, I was surprised to see the difference that was over my expectation. here is a scrolling expression at the top page. I knew that there is no such expression as in Netscape but when I saw it that characters, which were input for scroll characters, were displayed just in line of characters and it was a little bit embarrassing. The other thing is letters with background in a table. To explain contents there are letters up or down of photos and one of example is yellow letters with blue background. In Netscape, blue background was not displayed then yellow letters were shown on white background and it was not easy to read the characters. -> Today I gave up to express both IE and Netscape. IE was my choice.
(199) 2001/8/3 50 Change file names of photos by one command
Digital camera decides file names of photos. And sometimes we would like to change simultaneously. There are some software to do this and they are convenient.
(198) 2001/8/2 49 Scrolling characters -5
I wondered why vertical size of scrolling character can not be changed. I found that it depends upon character size when it is seen by Internet Explorer. Character height is automatically set as the size of first setting. If IE character size is big when first set, then height becomes high. And even character size is changed but height is kept. When characters were set bigger originally, it is easy to make them small because characters only became small. But on the contrary, when first setting was defined by smaller and they are tied to be bigger. Because scroll height is not changed and then characters are shown lacked.
(193) 2001/7/28 48 Graph is made by Excel and pasted on HomePage Builder
It is easy to make and paste a graph. When making a graph by Excel and copy and past it to HomePage Builder, it creates gif file and is inserted in html.
Once pssting it, it can be enlarged or shrank because it is a gif file. But on the contrary, it can not be changed character change or change graph itself because it is not a graph but a picture. Graph itself change is done by Excel.
(171) 2001/7/6 46 cellspacing=size of ruled line
cellspacing can define the size of ruled line of the cell. Not inserting this, default description is set to "2". Following sample shows 3 dot ruled line within the cell.
<TABLE cellspacing="3" cellpadding="2" border="3" bordercolor="blue" width="622" background="parts/back_blue_light.gif">
(170) 2001/7/5 45 cellpadding=space size
celpadding can define space size within the cell. Not inserting this, default description is set to "1". Following sample handles 2 dot space within the cell.
<TABLE cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" border="3" bordercolor="blue" width="622" background="parts/back_blue_light.gif">
(169) 2001/7/4 44 Font color does not change even after link insertion
Font color expression is put just after link address then link color will not change even after pushing link.
<FONT color="#cc0000" size="+2"><A href="#segesta" target="_self">Belgium</FONT></A>
Default HomePage Builder makes upper kind of html. It will be accomplished just to change order.
<A href="#segesta" target="_self"><FONT color="#cc0000" size="+2">Belgium</FONT></A>
Another information : Style sheet can fix all the color within the web page 2002/05/08
(149) 2001/6/15 43 Head symbol of itemized style
Style sheet can provide the top symbol
(148) 2001/6/14 42 Upload by HomePage Builder
I have used FTP tool for file transfer but HomePage builder can do it too.
(147) 2001/6/13 41 Use special character which are banned
Characters which are used in HTML language are not allowed to use such as "<" or ">" Editor such as HomePage Builder, may change automatically.
(146) 2001/6/12 40 Scrolling characters -4
Scrolling characters' vertical location can not be changed. I tried to lower vertically but could not. [align="bottom"] can locate lower vertically for a picture but not for characters. Therefore character size is set to expected size from the beginning avoid to change the size later. Character size is defined by height and size as background height and character size.
(145) 2001/6/11 39 Scrolling characters -3
This web is made by both Japanese and English. Expression of space between characters are different from Japanese and English html. English version can not insert consecutive spaces in one position but Japanese double byte version can do it for any space characters.
(140) 2001/6/6 38 Go back to top page even from middle pages
Search site "goo" introduced my web of YUME or dreams Gallery unintentionally. This unexpected quotation and its ranking of third surprised me. This ranking is made by search robot at this site. Even with the unexpected quotation and in order to go back to top page, then installed a button to return back to top page.
(139) 2001/6/5 37 Scrolling characters - 2
Adding background color, width, height and scroll speed can be assigned.
<MARQUEE bgcolor="#0000CC" vspace="8" width="495" height="16" scrollamount="3">
bgcolor assigns background color and vspace is space of upper and lower, then width and height are fixed also, scrollamount defines dot number on moving one time.
(138) 2001/6/4 36 Give color to lines - part.2
Table frame color can
be changed easily.
This is easier. This way gives color at the top of the table expression. However it can be shown in the Netscape Navigator. Line thickness is one dot but it is shown as two dots.
<TABLE border="1" bordercolor="red" width="622" background="parts/back_blue_light.gif">
(134) 2001/5/31 35 Add color to ruled lines of the table
At first,
the table
is colored
and then
each cell
is colored
It is like
a trick.
It is not so easy. It is understood that outer of the table can be colored by looking at this top page as blue. There is no rule to give color to whole lines of a table. Right example is colored like a trick.
<TABLE style="background:blue" border="1" align="right">
<TR style="background:white">
<TD>At first,<BR>the table</TD><TD>is colored<BR>blue.</TD></TR>
<TR style="background:white">
<TD>and then<BR>each cell<BR>is colored</TD><TD>white.<BR>It is like<BR>a trick.</TD></TR>
To say the truth, at first the table is colored blue and then each cell is colored white.
(133) 2001/5/30 34 Display page moves by pull down menu
Pull down menu will be added in the HTML source.
<FORM>Choose Gallery and push "Go!" button.<SELECT name="CNT">
<OPTION value="index.files/Photo_grand_place_night.htm">Beautiful square Grand-Place of Belgium</OPTION>
<OPTION value="index.files/Photo_R_burg.htm">Gem box of Medieval Rhotenburg</OPTION>
<OPTION value="index.files/Photo_taipei.htm">Taipei of Taiwan</OPTION>
</SELECT><INPUT type="button" value="Go!" onclick="JAVASCRIPT:location=CNT.options[CNT.selectedIndex].value"></FORM>
(132) 2001/5/29 33 Send "impression please" by mail. Usable even for not responding providers of the cgi
Send a content of impression by text mail. Mail software such as Outlook will be activated automatically. Sending button will be pushed by the person who is going to send. That is a little bothersome. But this can activate even the provider does not respond the cgi. Form text will be inserted by [insert -> others -> html tag (M)]. Following sample is the html source.
<FORM action="mailto:kazuo.ochi@nifty.com" method="post" enctype="text/plain"><IMG src="parts/tb_bld_kansou_o_douzo.gif" width="113" height="18" border="0"><BR>
<TEXTAREA rows="5" cols="12" name="impression">Write freely in here and push the send button.</TEXTAREA><BR>
<INPUT type="submit" value="送信"></FORM>
  1. Receiving person's address such as author of the web is written in the "mailto:"
  2. Title of impression please can be inserted by text but this sample shows gif picture.
  3. <B><FONT color="#000099">impression please</FONT></B> can use text.
  4. Input area will be defined by number of rows and columns as "clos."
  5. "impression" is the word which is shown at the first part of the text. "impression=...."
  6. It is not necessary to write "Write freely in here ...." but but no word is difficult to understand then those words were added.
  7. Word of "impression" can be selected freely.
(124) 2001/5/21 32 Mirroring upload of FFFTP
Server files are synchronized with PC files.
(114) 2001/5/11 31 Scrolling characters
Scrolling characters is the only Internet Explorer's expression. It must be edited by HTML source because it can not be edited by the page editing.
<BR><MARQUEE bgcolor="#0000CC"><B><FONT color="#FFFF00">This is a sample.</FONT></B></MARQUEE><BR>
bgcolor is the color of background and FONT color fix. <B> bold character is better because normal letters are a little bit difficult to read when scrolling. Netscape provides blink of characters but this expression is not applied to Internet Explorer either.
(94) 2001/4/21 30 Color chart
Various colors were used in my web then those colors were summarized in a table.
(90) 2001/4/17 29 Send form content
Continuing after the upper "input of impression," send button will be made by [insert -> input parts -> push button -> send button]
In order to send it actually, the sever must have responding cgi. After inserting send button, [right click -> property change]
Responding URL will be inserted into form handler action. Encode category is "text/plain." Name is set anything. Target window is chosen from new or same.
(89) 2001/4/16 28 Impression input by form expression
"Impression please" input was made by form expression.
First thing is to make a place to input in connection with the next content "send form."
Form is inserted by [insert -> input parts -> plural row text input].
Text of "Impression please" is edited later by html source. After inputting "form", html source is surrounded by "FORM" then just after the first sentence, text characters are inserted. Character bold or color can be changed later.
  <FORM><B><FONT color="#000099">Impression Please</FONT></B><BR>
  <TEXTAREA rows="4" cols="12" name="Impression">Send everything you feel
  <INPUT type="submit" name="Send of impression" value="send"></FORM>
(82) 2001/4/9 27 Only outer frame of the table changes color and thickness
Frame color and
thickness can
be changed.
This style seems
to have a canvass
with thick
orange frame.
This is the first time that I change HTML sours itself. My web page became ver. 2 and it is displayed by a table. This top page used one background picture and it make the page monotonous. Thus I separate the background of the table and the background of the background of whole table. After that the table was framed by the blue line.
"TABLE" defines one big table's property, "border=4" means line thickness 4-dot and [bordercolor="#ff8000"] defines orange color.
<TABLE cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="4" rules="none" bordercolor="#ff8000" bgcolor="#ffffcc">
(81) 2001/4/8 26 On-chip display which pops up explanation on mouse
毎日更新しています。過去の一言も見てください。When mouse is put on the image of "Past Phrases," a sentence is shown as "refer to Japanese phrases." This action has done after embedding image by adding text in [right click of the picture -> property change -> alternative text]
(77) 2001/4/4 25 Hex -> Decimal conversion table for color table
Color expression is used with "red, green and blue" three elementary colors of hexadecimal. Yellow is "ffff66" Usually it is expressed as hexadecimal but when it is chosen as "other colors," three elementary colors must be input by decimal. This is a conversion table. Same yellow color is "255,255,105" by decimal expression.
(69) 2001/3/27 24 cgi of bulletin board is written by text script
I knew this time that the cgi is written by text. All cgi text was set as default without password.
(65) 2001/3/23 23 Rebirth by using table style
Structure was changed drastically as Version.2. Objectives are
  1. Top page shows every information and it goes to the detail information by one click. Ornaments reduced and display became compact and then it improved overview of the top page.
  2. There are voices that this page has only photos and no comments then have added remarks of the places. Those information were made in view that if I will visit the place, what are the things I want to know.
  3. I rated the place by the star mark at my own criteria. This is my personal judgement.
(58) 2001/3/16 22 Distinction between Japanese and other countries
My web page was made in Japanese only at first and then I tried to make English page for Rhotenburg. To make English page, I read 400 web pages of Rhotenburg and found the difference between Japanese and other countries. That relates with picture and sentence. Japanese site like drawings or pictures but for example English written pages are character pages. That probably depends upon cultural background.
(56) 2001/3/14 20 Link is not for compensating my own lack of information
My web page of Rhotenburg was not sufficient of information with only photos. Then I thought link could compensate that lack part. I asked an author of Rhotenburg. The author mailed me that link itself is agreeable but usage for compensation was rejected. This is understandable. Contents should be completed within the web page. Link should be just a reference.
(55) 2001/3/13 19 Link target should be set to top page
When introducing other web page, agreement of the web page is necessary.
My first link web was about dog Welsh Corgi. I asked the permission of the web of Corgi link. I received a reply from the web and it said that Agreed but link to top page. At first I linked directly the web that I wanted to introduce. It is not fair to utilize the page to be convenient only to myself. This is one of important manner.
(54) 2001/3/12 18 Rollover effect on a picture
Rollover effect displays another picture when mouse is put on a picture.
It can be get by following [Insert page parts -> Insert rollover effect]
Contrast between two pictures extremely can attract eyes.
Character picture is made by [make background transparent by gif], it can be get by gif picture.
(53) 2001/3/11 17 Refer to other web pages
I recommend to start to make own web page. When I started to make it, I did not have any knowledge about web page. I only know one thin that web page file is written by text. Even with this knowledge, every body can start it because we have a very good software of HomePage Builder. My all web page is written by this HomePage Builder. This is easy to handle for a new comer. Let's do it. Happy if we have many companies.
One more thing I did is to refer other web pages. Because I started from Zero base and I did not have some experts around me, then I have been watching interesting pages to save an see by HomePage Builder for one week from starting. And it could give me many knowledge as ... how to use the way of table usage or, if we use banner as base of link, characters color will not change after click and so on.
(52) 2001/3/10 16 Setting of characters which colors do not change after click
By visiting once, link characters' color changes. As a default color changes into russet just by one click. Hope is just one color from start to end. I tried some ways and found one thing.
Following instruction makes just one color even after the click that is [characters are area-assigned -> right click -> set style -> set style to only current tag -> edit (4) -> color and background -> set with foreground color]
Another information : same as "assign link character color using style sheet" 2002/5/9
(51) 2001/3/9 15 Picture animation is made by gif file
An animation of our town's famous Kawagoe-Matsuri Festival is made of gif file. This photo animation is easily made by HomePage Builder too. First, some photos are prepared. It is better that photos are arranged to almost same size. Then following wizard can easily made the animation as [Tool -> Web animator -> animation wizard -> Making animation by using multiple image file]
It is suitable that repetition number as [infinity], display time as [800 mSec].
(48) 2001/3/6 13 What is the cause of display speed?
Lovely dog Harry's page was very slow to be displayed. Each photo's jpg file size is not so different from others. And number of photos of Komyozenji-temple of 24 is much more than Harry's 20.
Anyway when photo number is reduced from 20 to 16, then display speed went up to other average page's speed. Reduced number of picture is one of ways to go up display speed.
(46) 2001/3/4
12 Letter animation can be made by gif file
Animation of gif file can be made easily. Especially file of letters is easy. Thai is because HomePage Builder is excellent software.
Tool -> Web animator -> file -> animation wizard -> letter animation -> assign background picture (or not assign) -> input letters which are displayed -> choose variation of effect
(45) 2001/3/3 11 Background can be transparent by gif
Picture with transparent background can be made by gif file.
Tool -> Web art designer -> file -> New campus
After making the file, it is saved as gif.
(44) 2001/3/2 10 File size of gif and jpg
jpg is a compressed file then file size is smaller than gif file. For example this photo is 16kb by jpg, but gif is 55kb and is 3.4 times big than the jpg file. But if number of colors is relatively little, then file size is same or sometimes small. At the beginning of this web, this dog was used and file size of them is same as 4.5kb in gif and jpg.
(21) 2001/2/6 9 Left adjust display in center position?
Left adjust in center is a little bit strange but this is one of troublesome glamor of html.
My first web page was on a freeweb server and it is like a private broadcast then an advertisement to manage the server pops up in center of the web. Left adjustment display does not balance because advertisement is in center. And then center adjustment is adopted as a basic style but uniform style of center adjustment cause a problem when long and short sentences will be adjusted in center, then beginning of sentence becomes irregular. This is a role of table. Location of table is set in center and display in each cell is arranged left side. When table lines are not displayed, whole display style is set in center and sentence begins from left side. This is left adjustment in center.
(20) 2001/2/5 8 Photos thumbnail display can get by table structure
Top page is a place to be seen first then if photos are there, that page will have a bigger chance to be seen. That is why I put some photos at the top page. My page, for example of Rhotenburg, shows that photos can be arranged by thumbnail style of table. At Rhotenburg, one table uses 4 rows and 18 columns. Title row was combined four cells. By changing cell height, it can vary according to character size. When rows and columns will be inserted space cell, it can create gap between photos. Our town Kawagoe sample shows four columns table was inserted space and made it 7 rows and 10 columns.
(19) 2001/2/4 7 Decoration bar is made by a table expression
Table seems to have a very important role in html.
Brown bar of top page, up and down of "today's phrase," actually, this is a expression of table function. This table seems to be three rows and one column but actually, three rows and three columns. Brown bar seems to be a cell but it is a result of combination from three cells and background of the cell is changed to brown and furthermore thickness of the cell is thinned. Under brown bar is same treatment and it seems to be just a line. Internet browser can change character size and even at that time, table can fix cell location and size. We can use table like this conveniently.
(18) 2001/2/3 6 Usage as tab
When I started to make a web page, I sometimes look at another pages in view of interesting how other authors try to express their own way. One of them is how to practically use table expression. At first, I tried to find tab function as used in word processor. I could not find, instead of the tab function, everybody uses table function. When lines are erased from a table, it brings same effect as tab. And even if character size is changed to become bigger, location is not changed because originally it uses table. Visual look is not a table but table usage has wide and variety.
(10) 2001/1/26 5 Making Web Pages --- Three major tools
1.IBM HomePage Builder, Japanese version 2.FTP tool, FFFTP in Japanese 3.Tool to shrink picture size
All of them are Japanese, but these are essential.
(9) 2001/1/25 4 Failure of counter installation
Because I do not know how to make html file, then following to instruction, small file of "index.htm" could be made automatically, and saved it.
Using screen copy, then the number of the counter was just a image of that time's gif file. Every time it shows just same number of "1." Some friends called me and said he/she was No. 1. Then there were many No.1s. That is reasonable because nothing changes.
(8) 2001/1/24 3 Space in filee name
Netscape shows "Not found" when the file name has space.
When the file has space, to see it in Netscape can be possible to change URL of the link to substitute space as "%20".
Photo R_burg.htm - Photo%20R_burg.htm IE may change this change automatically.
(7) 2001/1/23 2 Don'ts !!
First challenge to make a web page and first failure. In file name, Japanese can not be used. Making web page could be done even from this kind of beginner's level. Things to be learned after this.
  1. Never use Japanese file name of double bite.
  2. Do not use space in file name. Internet explorer can accept but Netscape does not.
  3. Capital letter and small letter can be identified.
  4. Allowed symbols are only "-" and "_"
  5. note : "<" and ">" can not be used in html. They are recognized as tags then can not be displayed properly.
  6. note : ":" can not be used in html.
(6) 2001/1/22 1 File name
Actually, there was a false at the beginning. It was a file name of Japanese and long name. It was not recognized. It was necessity. But this kind of matter is beyond armature. I thought it should be same as Windows. It took long time to realize the file name.
(3) 2001/1/19 About the title of YUME or dreams
First title was "Welcome to the photo studio of Rhotenburg and Welsh Corgi." Because there were only two Galleries because it had only two galleries. A gallery of our town Kawagoe was added in it and the the title changed to the current one in order to generalize the contents. I wrote letters of dream in new year's greeting cards. Do you have a dream? If you have a dream, you can get it. I like the sound of the dream both in English and Japanese. Then I chose this title in my Web page.
(1) 2001/1/17 rigger of starting to make my Web page
IBM's HomePage Builder helped me to make a Web page at first. First impression was that it could be finished quite faster than I expected. I thought at that time I should have started it because it was so easy to make it. I have been thinking to make it for long time but I could not imagine the contents. Trigger was a Web page of a friend of mine. His page displayed only photos. This pushed me to start to make it. Thank you my friend.
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