2005/02/25 999 Hitachi Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against GS Magicstor Companies of China.
The suit was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.
2005/02/23 997 Google Checks Out Library Books
The Libraries of Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan, the University of Oxford, and The New York Public Library Join with Google to Digitally Scan Library Books and Make Them Searchable Online. Google 2004/12/14
2005/02/20 994 Security research suggests Linux has fewer flaws
The Linux operating system has many times fewer bugs than typical commercial software, according to an upcoming report. The conclusion is the result of a four-year research project conducted by code-analysis company Coverity. The project found 985 bugs in the 5.7 million lines of code that make up the latest version of the Linux core operating system, or kernel. A typical commercial program of similar size usually has more than 5,000 flaws or defects, according to data from Carnegie Mellon University. "Linux is a very good system in terms of bug density," said Seth Hallem, CEO of Coverity, a San Francisco company that makes flaw-detection tools for software written in C and C++ programming languages. News.com 2004/12/13
2005/02/18 992 People buy software for a lot of spams, unexpectedly.
One person in five net users has bought the computer software getting on the advertisement of the spam mail in the United States. Business Software Alliance(BSA) of the industry group made the finding public. It is answered that about 21% has bought software by way of spam in the United States. This was a high proportion on the second after apparel/jewelry.
2005/02/16 990 IBM sells off the PC business to Lenovo of China for 1.25 billion dollars.
IBM sells off the PC business to PC manufacturer association group (Lenovo) in China, and establishes a new company of the PC business. The amount of the clearance is 1.25 billion dollars. The arrearage of 500 million dollars is succeeded. IBM invests 18.9% in Lenovo after it sells it off. New PC company will come in sales 12 billion dollars and 11.9 million total shipment numbers and the third places in the world during year. The new company headquarters is established in New York. The main base, Beijing, and the north Carolina state. Internet Watch 2004/12/09
2005/02/03 879 It's over. Our relationship just hasn't been working for a while, and now, this is it. I'm leaving you for another browser. Robert Vamosi Senior Editor, ReviewsZDnet 2004/11/12
2005/01/27 974 Websense announced that research indicates a dramatic rise in fraud-based websites designed to trick users to submit confidential information such as social security numbers and credit card information.
2005/01/26 973 Google blog can handle French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Korean.
2005/01/10 957 Guilty verdict for brother and sister of spam transmission. The conviction for the elder brother is nine-year. The jury decision of punishment had been prosecuted nine years penal servitude for the elder brother and fine to the younger sister under "the severest in the United States" Virginia spam restriction law. The lawyer is expressing dissatisfaction as saying "Shocking decision."
2005/01/04 953 Does low-priced Windows flap in Asia? or ... There is little name of the big PC enterprise. Function is also limited, and it may not become mainstream in Asia, Gartner is pointed out. ITmedia 2004/11/04
2005/01/07 956 A large-scale lawsuit to the individual, who does the illegal file exchange of movies, from Motion Picture Association of America or MPAA is prepared. Maximum 30,000 demand. For intentional usage, maximum 150,000 dollars. Internet Watch 2004/11/06
2004/12/12 934 The robot availability and Japan are top in the double score to the 2nd place. The industrial robot in the first half of 2004 increases 18%. Four million will increase from 2004 in 2007 even in domestic uses. Labor cost ratio between personal and robot in Germany reduced into 15 in 2004 when 1990 is assumed to be 100, and it falls into 12 also in North America. Number of robot use is 320 per 10,000 employee in Japan, Germany 148, Italy 116, U.S. and France 50 - 80. ITmedia 2004/10/21
2004/11/26 920 Pirate edition Windows backs up Linux PC. Gartner warns The reason is in pirate edition Windows from demand for Linux, and pirate edition Windows will be installed in about 80% of such PC though the number of PC that install Linux and are shipped has increased. Gartner reports. ITmedia 2004/09/30
2004/11/20 914 Intel shelves plans for Wi-Fi access point ITmedia 2004/09/27
2004/10/21 888 One out of three is pirate edition. Copy CD market is 4.5 billion dollars.
The number of sheets of the pirate edition music sold in the world in 2003 reaches 1.1 billion pieces, and the market became 4.5 billion dollars of 4% expansion. The pirate edition of music CDs are counted one out of three in the world. ITmedia 2004/07/23
2004/10/18 885 That Would Be Sir Tim (Berners-Lee) ITmedia 2004/07/20
Tim Berners-Lee, the man credited with the creation of the World Wide Web, received a knight by Queen Elizabeth. Berners-Lee, 48, was knighted in recognition of his "services to the global development of the Internet" for helping to invent the Web. Berners-Lee is a British citizen who lives in the U.S. and serves as director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which he also helped found. He was officially made a Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE). The rank of Knight Commander is the second most senior rank of the order of the British Empire. The London-born Berners-Lee graduated from the Queen's College at Oxford University, England in 1976. Berners-Lee sowed the seeds of the Web in 1980 where, working as a software engineer for the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva (CERN), he wrote "Enquire," a program for storing information. This program formed the conceptual basis for the Web. In 1989, he proposed the Web as a global project designed to allow people to work together by combining their knowledge in a Web of hypertext documents. In October 1990, Berners-Lee wrote the first Web server, "httpd", and the first client, "World Wide Web," a what-you-see-is-what-you-get hypertext browser/editor which ran in the NeXTStep environment, according to his biography. He is credited with spearheading initial specifications of the Web's fundamental protocols, URI (define), HTTP (define), and a markup language for linking documents and Web pages, HTML (define). He later documented the Web's birth and evolution in the book "Weaving The Web," published in 1999
2004/10/16 883 Chip is buried inside of the body of the prosecutors in Mexico. ITmedia 2004/07/16
Security reached even "Hypodermic level" for the superintendent public prosecutor in Mexico and 160 staff or more of the public prosecutor bureau. The microchip to enter the entry restricted area of the headquarters is buried into their skin. To enter into the restricted area of the prosecution headquarters, senior federal public prosecutors and Special Assistants in Mexico began to bury the chip under the arm in November, 2003. The chip of the size of the rice grain is buried from the superintendent public prosecutor and 160 staff of the prosecution bureau. Expenses are 150 dollars each. The key member of the staff in the army in Mexico, the police, and the president Vincent Fox office will follow. 7000 chips have been sold to the distributor in the world, and the possibility that 1000 pieces or more were buried by the customer sooner or later is high. The main target is security and identification. This chip was developed to pursue the domestic animal and wildlife, and for the owner to find the disappeared pet. An original developer was Digital Angel but was purchased for Applied Digital in 1999.
2004/10/11 878 Stolen a film? MPAA wants to know --- Motion Picture Association CNET News.com July 8, 2004
One in four people online has illegally downloaded a feature film--and it's cutting into box-office and DVD sales, the Motion Picture Association of America said in a study released Thursday.
2004/10/09 876 The worst illegal copy rate is 92% in Vietnam and China
U.S. IDC executes the illegal copy investigation in 86 countries in 2003 by consigning BSA. The worst rate of an illegal copy is 92% in Vietnam and China. 91% in Ukraine, 88% in Indonesia, 87% in Zimbabwe, and 87% in Russia. The low degree of the rate of an illegal copy is 22% in the United States. 23% in New Zealand, 26% in Denmark, 27% in Sweden, 27% in Austria and 29% in Britain, Japan, and Belgium for each. Damages are 6.5 billion dollars in the United States. 3.82 billion in China, 2.31 billion in France, 1.9 billion in Germany, and 630 million Japan in order. ITmedia 2004/07/08
2004/10/08 875 Cellular phone is bad for spermH
The Hungary scientist announced a research result that there is a possibility of the sperm count decrease by about 30% when the cellular phone is put in the holster of the waist or the hips pocket. In the future, World Health Organization (WHO) will be emphasizing the point where a further research is necessary though assumes that it doesn't reach the conclusion that electromagnetic waves of a cellular phone and a portable base station slips into poor health. ITmedia 2004/06/29
2004/09/23 865 Tiffany appeals for eBay by "fake sales"
73% is a fake and the real thing is 5%. ITmedia 2004/06/23
2004/09/21 863 Arrested Sasser author and suspicion of the NetSky worm making also
The police think that the boy of 18 years who assumed that the Sasser worm was made and was arrested has all 28 subspecies and relations of NetSky. The bounty program started up spending millions of dollars so that Microsoft might encourage the information service concerning the virus author led to the German juvenile arrest with the doubt of making the Sasser worm. ITmedia 2004/05/10
2004/09/09 851 Alan Kay received Kyoto prize. ITmedia 2004/06/14
The 20th Kyoto prize is giving to HP senior Faeroe Alan Kay.
The Kyoto prize is a prize awarded by the person who contributed to the development of the science and the civilization in the world. The medal and the prize 50 million yen are given to the winner. Kay invented the concept of the personal computer at the noon of the large sized computer. The development of "Alto" that has the prototype of GUI is initiated in Palalt laboratory (PARC) age of Xerox. It is working on the computer education for the infant now. Kay wins in the state of art section.
2004/09/06 848 Unemployment caused by the business transfer outside United States is very a part.
Department of Labor Statistics Bureau announced statistics concerning unemployment according to the business transference for the first time on June 10. As for unemployment to foreign countries according to outsourcing, it is actually shown only for a little ratio to occupy it in this statistics though repulsion becomes strong a business transfer to foreign countries that the IT enterprise etc. are processing in the United States. Workers who had resigned for 31 days or more in the private organization by the end of the January-March of this year are 239,316 people. Among these, the retired employee according to the business transfer outside the United States is 4633 people. The retired employee according to the business transfer in the United States including outside and in-house is 9985 people. The lay-off related to the business transfer including the inside and outside the country is 119, and the job loser is 16,021 people. The lay-off related to the business transfer that occupies it to all lay-offs has remained in 14%. ITmedia 2004/06/14
2004/09/04 846 Humans Still Weakest Security Link ITmedia 2004/06/11
2004/08/28 840 Sony to exit key handheld arenas Sony is scaling back its Clie handheld line and will bow out of the U.S. and European markets for PDAs, and in so doing puts new pressure on operating system maker PalmSource. ITmedia 2004/06/02
2004/08/26 838 Ampex Corporation Initiates Litigation Against Sanyo For Unauthorized Use of Digital Still Camera Patents ITmedia 2004/05/28
2004/07/31 825 Who's Taking the Bait: 'Phishing' Skyrockets
You might say everyone in the online scamming industry has gone "phishing," judging by skyrocketing statistics on the scam from MessageLabs and other online security groups. MessageLabs said e-mail scams by way of phishing (define) -- those legitimate-looking e-mails that try to trick users into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft -- jumped by about 1,200 percent in the past six months. ITmedia 2004/04/26
2004/07/18 817 Big Blue takes on role of TV repair shop ITmedia 2004/04/16
2004/07/13 812 Microsoft: Not enough XPerienced PCs ITmedia 2004/04/14
2004/07/04 805 Supercomputing Power to the People
On Saturday, some 1,400 volunteers will converge in a college gymnasium, laptops and even desktop CPUs in tow. They'll plug into a high-speed LAN and boot up from a CD containing open source software in an attempt to create a supercomputer that breaks into the world's top 500 fastest. ITmedia 2004/04/05
2004/06/30 802 Sun Forecasts 'System' Commoditization ITmedia 2004/04/01
2004/06/27 799 Kodak sues Sony over digital cameras
Camera maker Eastman Kodak has launched a federal lawsuit against Sony, saying its rival's digital cameras and camcorders infringe on Kodak patents.
The suit, which seeks unspecified damages and an injunction barring further infringement, was filed late Monday in a U.S. district court in Rochester, N.Y., Kodak spokesman Gerard Meuchner said. The suit alleges that various Sony products infringe on 10 Kodak technology patents that were issued between 1987 and 2003, Meuchner said. ITmedia 2004/03/10
2004/06/26 798 IBM 'POWERs' Up to Propel On-demand
Looking to expand the sphere of its company-wide on-demand strategy even further, IBM's POWER architecture will be found in anything from consumer electronics to supercomputers. ITmedia 2004/04/01
2004/06/12 786 Indian company taps IBM in outsourcing deal ITmedia 2004/03/29
2004/05/27 771 Divide between U.S. tech firms, China--a great wall? ITmedia 2004/03/22
2004/05/26 770 Nebraska court puts Microsoft back in the dock ITmedia 2004/03/22
2004/05/07 754 Is SCO's case crumbling? ITmedia 2004/3/11
2004/05/04 752 Dell's success in the details ITmedia 2004/3/8
2004/04/22 741 'Cord-cutting' frays phone revenues ITmedia 2004/02/27
2004/04/20 739 Wi-Fi Leaders Want to Zap Beijing's WAPI ITmedia 2004/02/27
2004/04/15 734 Federal bill targets offshore labor ITmedia 2004/02/23
2004/04/13 732 IBM plans second Blue Gene supercomputer ITmedia 2004/02/23
2004/04/12 731 Real hits Microsoft with $1 billion antitrust suit ITmedia 2003/12/19
2004/03/09 707 U.S. getting hooked on high-speed Net ITmeadia 2004/01/09
2004/03/08 706 IBM turns inward with Linux desktop project ITmeadia 2004/01/09
2004/03/07 705 Dell to expand printer line in 2004 ITmeadia 2004/01/09
2004/02/28 698 2003: Back From the Brink
1) A Case to Crystallize Open Source Debates: SCO vs. IBM
2) Oracle Bids for PeopleSoft
3) The Year of the Bug
4) Spam, Spam, Eggs and Spam
5) Calling on VoIP
6) IT Outsourcing
7) Giddy About Google, and an IPO
8) RFID Finds its Place in a Wi-Fi world
9) Online Music: The Clash, The Cash
10) EMC's Buying Spree Fuels Storage Rivalry ZDNet 2004/01/05
2004/02/04 689 Growth in U.S. Net population levels off ZDNet 2003/12/24
2004/01/28 683 DVDs, drives don't mix, says government study ZDNet 2003/12/05
2004/01/20 675 U.S. Named as Biggest Spammer, Spammee ZDNet 2003/11/26
2004/01/07 662 Patent office to re-examine Eolas patent ZDNet 2003/11/13
2003/12/07 633 Gartner echoes concerns on Microsoft reliance ZDNet 2003/10/09
2003/12/06 632 Microsoft details new security plan ZDNet 2003/10/09
2003/12/04 630 Linux inches up corporate IT priority list ZDNet 2003/10/14
2003/12/03 629 IBM, Brazil pair up for Linux lambada ZDNet 2003/10/14
2003/12/02 628 Cable firms bet on broadband speed, not price
At the end of 2002, there were 5 million DSL subscribers in the United States, compared with more than twice as many--10.5 million--cable broadband subscribers, according to market-research company In-Stat/MDR. By the end of 2003, the gap is expected to remain, with 7.5 million DSL subscribers compared with 13.3 million for cable, In-Stat/MDR estimates. However, the researcher said its projections don't take into account the latest round of DSL price cuts and warned that it may revise its numbers.
Cable companies offer temporary discounts to first-time broadband subscribers that can cut monthly fees by more than half for the first six months or so of service. Ultimately, though, they don't want a price war. Instead, they hope customers will pay a normal price of between $45 and $55 a month for speeds up to 40 times faster than those available with standard dial-up connections.
In contrast, $26.95 a month gets subscribers to SBC Communications' industry-low promotional DSL plan speeds that are about five times those available through America Online's $23.90 a month dial-up service. The SBC price applies for the first year of service, then rises to the normal rate of $39.95. ZDNet 2003/10/14
2003/11/30 627 Global outsourcing helps U.S.
Labor shortages and immigration curbs are making offshore outsourcing even more important to maintaining growth in the U.S. economy, according to a report market research firm Evalueserve released this week. The firm said outsourcing to offshore locations could increase the competitiveness of American companies due to lower costs, increased flexibility and access to trained workers. And if local economies grow, it could mean new markets for the goods and services of U.S. businesses. For every $100 worth of work shipped offshore, $130 to $145 will be reinvested in the U.S. economy, according to Evalueserve. ZDNet 2003/10/14
2003/11/25 624 Porn Pages Reach 260 Million ZDNet 2003/09/29
2003/11/19 619 RIAA sues 261 file swappers ZDNet 2003/09/09
2003/11/17 617 China Renews Spam War Despite DoS Threat ZDNet 2003/09/12
2003/11/08 608 Big Blue lands Boeing service deal ZDNet 2003/09/02
2003/11/07 607 FBI arrests MSBlast worm suspect ZDNet 2003/09/01
2003/11/03 604 A legal fix for software flaws? ZDNet 2003/08/28
2003/11/02 603 Napster killer takes on DVD copying ZDNet 2003/05/16
2003/10/31 602 New DVD-copying tools to hit shelves ZDNet 2003/08/25
2003/10/26 597 HP, a day after earnings ZDNet 2003/08/21
2003/10/20 591 IBM gets server act together ZDNet 2003/08/21
2003/10/12 587 IBM campaign targets Dell servers ZDNet 2003/08/11
2003/10/10 585 Making Linux more gadget-friendly ZDNet 2003/08/11
2003/10/09 584 Merrill Lynch boots outside ISPs ZDNet 2003/08/11
2003/09/13 564 Yahoo! CEO, Semel cashes in on options ZDNet 2003/07/22
2003/09/04 557 Oracle to double its India work force ZDNet 2003/07/14
2003/08/26 554 World Internet population reaches 700 million
The end of 2002's world Internet users are 670 million, in 2003, 792 million. Broad band population are 63 million in the end of 2002, 93 million in the end of 2003. Asian Pacific area is 32.1%, Europe 31.9%, North America 27.2%, Laten America 6.3%, Africa 1.4 %, Middle east 1.2 %. diffusion rate No. 1 Sweden 68.7%, No. 2 Icelanc 64.4%, No. 3 Denmark 62.4%, No. 4 Netherland 61.3%, No. 5 Norway 59.7%. Internet Watch 2003/07/06
2003/07/21 527 Merrill Lynch: Linux saves money ZENet 2003/06/10
2003/07/19 525 Government forms cybersecurity unit ZENet 2003/06/09
2003/07/07 514 Microsoft makes gains in database arena ZDNet 2003/5/21
2003/06/23 510 Outsourcing wins over governments ZDNet 2003/05/16
2003/05/07 475 100 million copyproof CDs sold? ZDNet 2003/04/07
2003/04/19 457 Appeals court strikes down Net porn law ZDNet 2003/03/10
2003/04/18 456 Congress questions FCC copyright plan ZDNet 2003/03/10
2003/04/17 455 China: Gov't censorship slows Net access ZDNet 2003/03/10
2002/09/29 349 20 years since IBM researchaer invented face characters :-) ZDNet 2002/09/21
2002/08/02 307 Forgent Networks clarified licensing program regarding JPEG data compression technology
Sony paid 1.5 million dollar. Internet Watch 2002/07/24
2002/04/12 237 Nearly 43 percent of all reported Internet fraud comes from auction fraud IW 2002/04/12
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