Capital City:Brussels (Brussels), Main Cities: Antwerp, Gent, Charleroi, Liege
Population: 10,020,000   Area []: 30,520
Currency: 1 Euro = 100 cents, Languages: Flemish (Dutch), French, German
Brussels is a small town but there are many places to look around. Enjoy taste of Medieval times in Grand-Place. St. Michel Cathedral with gorgeous stained glasses and glorious architecture. Royal palace is used for Nation's guests, Justice is 103m high. 2001/5/9 Old tasty little town, Brussels
Superb ! Valuable to visit again and again !
Brussels is visited again. Brussels is a no-car-day because EU is a day of the environment this time. buses and trains are free unlimited rides. It went from Grand-Place to the region with facilities related to EU. The plaza in front of Supreme Court was full of people of picnic feelings. 2004/09/19 Historical old town Brussels.
Superb ! Valuable to visit again and again !
Grand-Place in Brussels is admired by Victor Hugor as the most gorgeous square in the world. Illuminated City Hall and King's House, they are beautiful anyway.2001/5/9 Illuminated gorgeous Grand-Place
Superb ! Valuable to visit again and again !
Christmas of Grand-place in 2005. It is redecorated when December comes. Atmosphere changes from usual orange light to blue light and only City Hall is illuminated. The characters of the light flow on the wall of big City Hall. Christmas of 2005 Grand-place Belgium. 2005/12/05 ライトアップされた 華麗なグランプラス。
Saint Michel Cathedral in Brussels, Belgium. Especially Stained glasses are beautiful. Huge pipe organ, high rising ceiling, it's impressive church. 2001/5/9 Beautiful stained glasses, Saint Michel Cathedral
Superb ! Valuable to visit again and again !
Brugge is called "City of water" or "Venice in the north." Prospered in medieval times as a Hanseatic center, The town is preserved as it is at that time like the live museum of Frandol in the Middle Ages. "Town itself is the Museum without ceiling." 2004/09/18 Brugges, the town itself is the Museum without ceiling.
Recommendable and Valuable !
Dinant is a town of the castle forest (la Citadelle) and the church Dinant de Collegiale Notre-Dame. Another famous story of the town is a town of the musical instrument saxophone. It is the birthplace of the inventor, Adolf Sax (1814-1894) of the saxophone. 2005/02/13 Dinant is a town of the castle fort.
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