• I travel different places including business trip. At that time, a clue will pop up in my brain. Sometimes useful and the other time, not.
  • This is my personal know-how in which clues were summarized from my experience and things to do for travel.
1. Personal Travel Hints
My personal list for the business trip
I often have business trips then special list was made for the trip and prepare for the next trip by the list.

Things in the travel bag (deliver to an airport by door-to-door delivery service)
Brush, hair liquid, hair tonic, shaver, Sun protection cream, insect bite cream, Melatonin, business material, throw away books, electric consent converter, table tap or three-outlet attachment, neck tie, business suit, coat, belt, dress shirts, handkerchief, tissue paper, under shirts, T-shirts, underpants, socks, leather shoes or sports shoes, throw away pajama for winter Europe, throw away handy warmer in winter, summer short pants, swimming ware, goggle, souvenir

Hand carry bag
Umbrella, mobile computer, business paper, PC memory card, dictionary, lip cream, handkerchief, tooth brush, tissue paper, passport, air ticket, ticket, milage card, digital camera, memory cards, spare battery, laser pointer, that country money, purse, house key, commuting reserve ticket, docket,quittance at the airport, ball-point pen
Disposal goods for travelling
They are not specially prepared goods. But when usually wearing goods becomes to throw away. Then just before that throw away time, underpants, socks, T-shirts, undershirts, pajama etc., were stored. On business trip or personal travel, those good will be used as the last role and they will be thrown away at the place. This brings to lighten good and to extinction. I always try to reduce travel goods. This is one of the things for the small trip.
Disposal underwear is essential (5 pieces one dollar). 2004/04/07
Recently the system is advancing further. The business set of the suit, dress shirts, neckties, leather shoes, which are immediately before throwing away, are added in the list of disposal goods. When returning from a business trip for a conference, it is possible to act easily only with small luggage. 2005/06/10
Disposal goods at a hotel should be displayed as understood as garbage 2005/06/09
I have several failure experiences of disposable goods. They were not recognized as garbage by a hotel and seem to be things to be left behind. Latest experience is in a hotel in Taiwan. When I left a carry bag for the travel, business suit, dress shirts, T-shirts, neckties, and leather shoes at the hotel as disposable goods, but they have been sent to the relating office from the hotel to Taipei as things left behind. Last year, in Belgium, I left dress shirts and neckties in a hotel and a person of the hotel telephoned to our office, and a person in our office went for taking them. They were passed me, saying that "I went to the hotel to take them back because you forgot to bring back." Some years ago, in Delhi in India, I left dress shirts and T-shirt, etc. in a hotel, a person at the hotel delivered to the airport and they were handed to me. Reflection : Disposable goods should be displayed as understood as garbage. Because a kind hotel person unlimitedly does the effort to send the thing left behind to the customer.
Personal hotel reservation is in Internet, the best way
There are many tourist sites in Internet. Order can be done at home and 24 hours. Especially hotel fair is cheaper than to use normal trip agency. I always use this Internet agency for the personal trip.
Foreign travel hotel reservation is in Internet, cheap and useful. 2003/05/25
Hotel reservation of Sydney trip was done in the Internet. First class hotels can be reserved at cheap price. By Goggle, key word input is like Sydney hotel, and then right side in the screen shows reservation site. And this time I used the first site. Five star hotels can be reserved 10,000 US$. They are almost half price than the normal price written in the travel brochure. If reservation can be done, mail comes and give the mail to the front when check in. Hotel charge will be paid to the Internet agency and we do not pay directly to the hotel.
Hotel corporate rate can be used even for the personal trip
When searching hotels, sometime corporate rate can be found. The purpose itself is the company use but even for the personal trip, it can be used. If there is a proof of working at a company, it can be used. When I stayed at the Paris Novotel for the personal trip, reservation was done in Internet corporate rate. When check-in, very rarely there will be a chance to be heard, but then just say the company name working. Normally front persons do not ask whether corporate or not.
Air ticket bought in Australia, cheaper than Internet, FLIGHT CENTER 2003/09/02
It was necessary to get air ticket from Sydney to Melbourne. It could get even in Japan but there was no time to buy in Japan at that time. On arriving at Sydney, signboard named FLIGHT CENTER was caught in my eyes with red letters near the Winyard station. It was 280 Australian dollar by round trip. When finding atQANTAS web page, Fully Flexible is 660 and cheapest one, Super Saver is 160+140=300 Au $.
Weather forecasting before the trip at CNN WEATHER 2004/12/14
There are many weather forecasting sites. And I always check the weather of the location before the trip to prepare wearing because sometimes Japan season is quite different from the target location.
CNN WEATHER site can provide us almost all city's information. For example, I went to Bangalore in India. Bangalore itself is famous for IT or car industry but but it is difficult to find the weather information at a site such as airplane company. CNN could do it.
Currency exchange rate will be found in Internet
FXConverter can change 164 countries rate interchangeably.
World clock Qlock 2003/10/17
My favorite world clock is Qlock. This can set summer time automatically. PDABusiness is providing. It is not for Windows XP but I am using it with XP but no problem.
World clock from Japan Air Line 2003/10/18
Probably every air line company provide world clock in their web.
Jet lag : East way is early sleep and early wake up -> uneasy, but west way : stay up late at night and sleep late in the morning -> better
Time difference between Tokyo and Los Angels is in summer time, + 8 hours. If Japan is 0:00, local time is 8;00 in the morning. body clock will be adjusted to local time by advancing rhythm phase. East trip is thought early sleep and early wake up.
On the contrary, Japan to Europe is reverse. Paris is -7 hours. Biological clock is adjusted by delaying 7 hours. If Japan is 6:00 in the morning but Paris is 23:00 last night. Biological rhythm is adjusted by delaying phase 7 hours. West way is typical, stay up late at night and sleep late in the morning.

Biological adjustment for the local time is difficult and takes time for advancing. Delaying is relatively shorter time and smaller effect than advancing.
We are weak for early sleep and early get up and good at stay late and sleep in the mooring. This comes from biological rhythm of cycle as 25 hours and that means if there is no adjustment, one hour more sleep in the morning and stay up late one hour everyday. After one week, day and night changes. It does not become so, that is why every morning sun shine can adjust 24 hours to wind our body clock. Reference Tadao Hori.

Flight for Frankfurt starts on 13:30 at Narita and arrives on 18:30 but with daytime lighting within the flight, it arrives in Europe. It is like staying late at night.
New improvement of biological clock. "Master clock of brain" is reset by morning light, "stomach clock" is reset by breakfast. 2006/10/24
-1) The true identity of the biological clock is "Clock gene". Recent gene research proved that "Biological clock"s exist a lot inside of the body like in the internal organs and the skin, etc.The reality of the biological clock is a gene that exists in the cell of the whole body which is called "Clock gene".
-2) "Master clock" that commands the biological clock of the whole body is in the brain. "Master clock" commanded so that the biological clock, which exists in the whole body, may move all together is in the brain. When people gets up in the morning and light is felt, master clock of the brain resets to adjust its own gap with the machine clock (actual clock), and informs that time to the clock of the whole body. It has the function that the clock of the whole body is set in the morning. Brain internal master clock resets the gap of the clock by sensing the light, and switches the autonomic nerve to "Activity mode" in the morning. At this time, the hormone of cortisol is secreted, and travel the whole body to reset the biological clock to the master clock. On the other hand, master clock switches the autonomic nerve to "rest mode", the hormone of Melatonin is secreted, and the whole body is changed by the instruction of the rest at night.
-3) The truth of the second master clock is a stomach clock. Two rats were put in a separate breeding cage, and fluorescent lamp is set to light up at 8 AM, and to switch off at 8 PM. Only a left rat became the life pattern of the reversal day and night one week later though it lived under day and night quite the same. What on earth happened? Bait was given to the rat that reversed it day and night only at the time zone in daytime that was the original sleep. The biological clock falls into disorder greatly by the time of the meal, and as a result the life rhythm has been reversed. The truth of "the second master clock" was "stomach clock" that existed in peptics.
-4) "Master clock of the brain" is reset according to "machine clock" by the morning light. In addition, "stomach clock" is reset at the same time by "eating breakfast", and three clocks can be set at the same time.
Jet lag countermeasures
Sun light has most strong effect to biological clock system to adjust time then in the local morning it is recommended to bathe sun light as much as possible. Adversely, room is darkened in the local night. Bright light at night recognizes our brain that it is still in daytime. Brain is not trying to sleep.
One day after the movement is not recommended to the bold action because it is exposed under extreme time difference. On arriving Los Angels at 11:30, Japan time is 3:30 at night. Temporally sleep is possible after arriving. It is to cover insufficient sleep at the flight, then it should be within two hours longest. Important thing is to get up and take breakfast at local daytime. Go out and bath sun light. Biological clock is enough of 2,500 lux or more for advancing phase. Even slightly cloudy day can light about 10,000 lux at daytime then walking out a little is recommended. Reference Tadao Hori
Meal can cure jet lag and adjust body clock 2004/11/06
If the clock, which ticks the rhythm inside the animal body, goes out of order, meal has a function to adjust the rhythm, Norio Ishida, biological clock research group of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology showed with mouse experiment. In body organ, there is a gene into which the way of working changes at 24 time periodic. The group pays attention to the Per2, one of such genes. The appearance of the gene in the heart was continuously examined. When food was freely eaten, new body condition with new rhythm that reversed the mouse day and night can be adjusted in 3 to 4 days. But, the change did not appear easily when it was made to fast. Ishida, the head of the group said "The stimulation of meal seems to move the clock in the inside of the body, and to influence the action. There was a theory that the meal was useful to cure the jet lag, and proving it resulted." Asahi News 2004/08/17
Jet lag end up takes one week to 10 days
To eliminate syndrome, east direction takes 1.5 days for the one hour time difference. To get into local living rhythm completely, it takes 12 days or 8 hours difference.
On the contrary, west direction is one day for one hour time difference. Paris 7 hours time differs can adjust completely by one week. But adversely, from Paris to Tokyo, it takes 10 days to be adjusted. Coming back from Europe is more difficult to adjust than going. Tadao Hori
Liquid bottle is limited to 100cc or less to every overseas flight, in transparent vinyl with shutter 2007/05/15
Up to now, bringing the liquids to inside the plane had been limited to the flight to U.S. etc.This is applied to every overseas flight in April. Anything is applied to the liquid cosmetics or alcohol drink. There is no limitation when check in the luggage because it is a regulation to the luggage brought inside the plane. Because 100cc is a small bottle, alcohol bottle should be refilled into small one so though most cosmetics might be 100cc or less. Alcohol bottle is necessary to divide into some small bottles because there is no limitation in the number of bottles.
Time difference and summer time
It has a chance to go to Europe late March. It started on March 25 on Sunday. As I contacted with Europe just before the day, then I knew the time differs was 8 hours. Watch was delayed 8 hours in the flight and it arrived at Amsterdam for transit visit. Flight changing time was something different. I thought that watch was already changed. The reason is that the day was the beginning of summer time. European summer time starts last Sunday of March and watch is delayed one hour at 00:00 in the morning of the day.
Summer time ends on 24:00 at night on last Saturday of October.
Australia visa is necessary and can get by Internet directly 2003/05/26
Visa is necessary to enter into Australia and it is easily gotten by Internet to access to the embassy. It takes 70 Australian dollar. It is checked by a computer on immigration procedure then there is no visa stamp on the passport.
Thailand and expiration date of passport
It is necessary to have a half year expiration date on entering into Thailand.
It was a family trip to Bangkok. We bought a package tour ticket at a tourist agency. At that time, it was busy and the agency person was new person then it was too late to know that entering into Thailand more then six month passport is necessary. And passport could not be renewed. The agency said that it is a tour then probably it is OK with less than six month passport but they did not insure. We could not change the schedule. Then we started the tour and as a result nothing happened. But on passing immigration, it was very excited on another way.
I have an experience to have stop the business trip to Indonesia because expiration period was within six month.
It is recommended to check necessary expiration date for the country on the safe side.
2. Convenient goods
Electric plug converter Japanese model 2003/05/29
Every country has different electric plug shape. Then sometimes it becomes difficult to use a personal computer in other countries. I bought very convenient plug converter at Narita Airport in Japan. It can convert all plug shapes into Japan or US style. It is like a puzzle. It can convert shape by reassembling parts. All the countries I have travelled can be fit by this converter in Asia, Europe and America. One thing should be remember is electric voltage. It can not convert voltage but all AC-DC converter of personal computers can be applied to 240 volts then this kind of electric voltage converter is not necessary for PC. This plug converter is essential for trip to abroad. --> Go-Kong W which can convert the plug shape from one country to other country including Japan is put on the market only though the current one has converted into the outlet shape from other countries to Japan up to now. 2005/12/14
One wall socket is converted into plural outlets by table tap or three-outlet attachment 2005/11/25
Two or more power supply outlet conversion plugs might be necessary. The battery of the digital camera might be charged while using the personal computer. Expecting such cases, I bring two or more outlet conversion plugs. I got a good hint to take table tap or three-outlet attachment. For small luggage, three-outlet converter of a thin square type is suggested. If there is enough luggage space, table tap is better because it can be used as a cable extension.
240 volts electric jar
I like noodle for breakfast. It can be served by just boiled water. But at some hotels, it can not be take for noodle. Then I bought electric jar and carry it when I take trip. It weighs just 540 gram.
A device to check modem telephone line 2002/6/5
These days, telephone line plug itself is almost same in the world. But sometimes plus and minus of the line is opposite or there are four wires instead of normal two wires. To check this line condition, there is a convenient device called "modem checker." If polar character is opposite, then it can change it. It is one of my essential product for a trip. --> It is improved, it becomes one third or fourth in the volume, and it has become small really compared with the old one. 2005/12/13
Attention of location of telephone line 2002/6/6
This is an example at a hotel in Thailand. I tried to connect the model to an access point in the city and succeeded. It just connected but did not proceed just after the connection. I tried many times but could not succeed. Consequently, it succeeded when the plug was connected to a different telephone consent in the room. If it could not succeed from the beginning, I would stop to use it. But it succeeded only at the beginning, then I thought the system itself was no problem. The reason I found the cause was the sound of the telephone, when I was calling, I heard noise from one of two telephones. One line may receive noise from near equipment of the wall.
Watch hands can be automatically adjusted at the country visiting --- CITIZEN watch C300 2003/05/28
I bought it on an airplane. There are many digital watches to adjust at every world time. This watch can adjust hands automatically at its country time. Analog hands and digital time can show two different time zone simultaneously. When analog hands show French time zone and digital time shows Japan time zone, by pushing two buttons simultaneously, analog time and digital changes to show each other. Analog hands show Japan time and digital shows French time. Analog watch can be seen by intuition. The watch has both analog's easy understandability and digital convenience. It is essential for my trip.
The watch does not have a screw to wind up because it is driven by digital sequence including analog hands. Analog hands will be automatically set by a motor when digital time will be set.
Watch hands automatically adjusted and solar battery --- CITIZEN C650 2004/04/09
Automatic watch hands change is same as C300 above. But this watch has another function such as solar battery bringing no battery change, added second hand, screw to change display easily. When tripping to another countries, it is one of necessary goods to me.
Jet lag and the Melatonin
I used to be bad for jet lag. It is quite painful. I wake up at night and my head becomes fuzzy at daytime. There will be no appetite. Jet lag is truly painful. However human-being was made fortunately, and jet lag is not felt on going out for fun.
We have good pill called Melatonin. It is not a sleeping pill. Be exciting hormone to control sleep, actually we wake up at night, but can sleep again. Some people take effect but others don't. It is effective to me. In Japan and Europe, it is not allowed to sell. In the U.S.A., every drug store sells and we can buy at an airport such as Los Angels Airport.
There are two kinds of tablet, 1 and 3 mg. Warning writes "Do not take 3 mg within 24 hours."
Effective Melatonin, Part 2
Melatonin can be taken as health food in the U.S.A. then it is popular for anti jet lag pill in tourists. Melatonin is secerned from the corpus pineal in the brain. It works as restraint hormone of up-growth. Its secretory increases in blood concentration from just before two or three hours before sleeping and decreases toward morning. By drinking it before sleeping, it helps getting sleepy then it is thought as sleep agogue pill but it works to move phase of biological rhythm and it is not as simple. When it is taken in the evening to at night, it works as phase promoting action (early get-up, early sleep). When it is taken in early morning to at noon, it works as phase backward action (late get-up, late sleep.) As a medicine for jet lag, it is not allowed in Japan and in the U.S.A. Melatonin side effect is reported as disorder of autonomic nerve system such as diarrhea, nausea or headache. by Tadao Hori
Mobile phone in Australia 2004/02/14
I used one of Japanese mobile phone called AU. It could be used in Australia by just pushing some buttons. After it is set as Australian specification, when a person calls from Japan to Australia, dialing is same as in Japan. On the other hand, a person staying in Australia can use it just as using Australian telephone, then on calling from Sydney to Sydney, it dials only local call. On calling to Japan from Australia, it uses international country number such as Japan, 81. It was very useful.
Hair dressing liquid bottle at 100 Yen or 1 $ shop 2004/02/21
100 Yen or 1 dollar shop is very exciting when finding unexpected interesting goods.I used to take hair dressing liquid which is just before empty or throwing away. When it becomes empty at the tour, it is thrown away. Small bottle for this kind of trip liquid was found at a 100 Yen shop. The shop sells different kind of bottles including spray type. It is not necessary to carry big bottle for a trip.
One important thing to attention is pressure change in the airplane. It may cause leak, then it is recommended to take it in a bag.
Pill case at 100 Yen or 1 $ shop 2004/02/22
Another interesting goods at the 100 Yen shop. I take Melatonin for jet lag and other piles such as vitamin C or B1. I found a good case to be stocked. There are some kinds for the purpose.
Disposal underwear at100 Yen or 1 $ shop 2004/04/07
Disposal underwear was found at the 100 Yen or one dollar shop. Five pieces of underwear is 100 Yen. Material is written as bonded textile. I tried to use it on the way to Rome. I changed it one day before and arrived at Rome 9:15 at night. There is 8 hours time difference and it experienced more than 24 hours. There was no difficulty nor problem. Relative thickness has strength enough. And 20Yen or 20 cents a pierce. Only one small difficulty is it has a little transparency. But usually it is not seen from outside then it cannot be a problem.
3. Travel information
Iris check of eyes, called e-check-in, only one merit is early baggage check 2003/08/31
When registered before by checking eyes iris, air line check-in can be done just check the iris. Ministry of Land and Transport promotes the e Airport project. Only thing I felt useful is baggage check. There is only one special iris check machine in the same baggage check line as pilot or flight attendant uses. Without lining up following long queue, we can use not busy line for the pilot. We have to follow the long line of passport control. That is same as a general check-in. MLt aims this system not for the passengers but for preventing hijack to find a person who is going to pass as different person.
Virgin Air and Singapore Air begins electric mail service in a plane 2001/04/23
Virgin Atlantic announced to start Internet inside an airplane after the end of 2001.
Singapore Air announced E-mail service in an airplane.
This system was developed by Tenzing Communications in the U.S.A.
"Connexion by Boeing" airplane Internet system is useful 2006/10/14
I had an experience of the system named Connexion of Boeing inside the plane of JAL. The Internet connection becomes possible by connecting the airplane with the network on the ground via the geostationary television satellite in the orbit in the sky of 36,000km on the ground, and using wireless LAN access point of IEEE 802.11b set up inside the plane. A free service campaign period of 30 minutes this time. The charge is one hour 9.95 dollars, 14.95 dollars for two hours, 17.95 dollars for three hours, and 26.95 dollars for 24 hours. It is not as fast as ADSL at home but of course, not as slow as dial-up. A very practicable speed. As for mail, almost realtime response to Japan was possible by Hotmail. If Skype is used, the video conferencing telephone can be done on the airplane. I do not feel unnatural for the mail and Web. There seems to be a limit for the lines that can be used and this time was London and Narita of JAL. Boeing seems to be doing the review including the clearance of Connexion by Boeing though the system completed well.
Boeing ends "Connexion by Boeing" 2006/11/07
It was announced that Boeing ended net service "Connexion by Boeing" of in-flight on August 17. CEO McNarney of Boeing says, "To our regret, the market was not achieved by the expectation though six years and time, the resource, and technologies had been invested". 320 million dollars or less are summed up as an end expenses of Connexion in the latter half of 2006. However, the profit from 2007 to 15 cents a stock is expected in breaking off the Connexion investment. ITmedia 2006/08/18
Economy-class syndrome 2001/02/17
After long flight in an airplane, and just after standing up from the chair or starting to walk, suddenly breathing difficulty or heart stop happens. In Australia, lawsuit to air lines will be undertaken. In Japan, 25 death was found at Tokyo Airport since 1992. Less movement at long time causes blood clot in the limb vein and just after movement such as walking, the blood clot choke lung through blood flow. Airplane humidity is as low as 20 percent and by drinking alcohol or coffee, which promote to have a desire to urinate, water in body may be lost. And air pressure is just low as 0.8 atmosphere which is same condition as on a 1,500 meter mountain. Therefore, blood flow becomes bad and it causes blood clot. Blood clot in a limb moves after landing through blood flow, goes into lung and stops blood in lung. There is a tendency at economy class seat but first class may happen or disease starts in a hospital bed. The reason number of this disease increased is increase of overseas travel of middle or elderly age which takes long time to trip.
Different from a white race having abnormality in blood clotting factor, abnormality in blood clotting factor was not found in Japanese. With drinking water and avoiding excess alcohol and sometimes walking in an airplane, it is not necessary to worry.
Weekly Toyo Economic Magazine 2001/02/17
Economy-class syndrome is not necessary to be afraid because Japanese have less dangerous factor 2002/12/15
White race in Europe and U.S.A. have abnormal blood clotting factor in the ratio of several to twenty percent. Not just regarding with trip but even in a hospital, only very little movement causes blood clot. Hospitals in Europe and the U.S.A., advice to walk earlier to a patient of operation. Dangerous factor, such as fat, hyperlipemia, diabetes or anti conceptive pill, is higher than Japanese. White race may have blood clot through long flight, but for Japanese, there is no reporting about abnormality with blood clotting factor. Professor Maruyama of Kagoshima University says "For Japanese, it is not necessary to be afraid of because there is no blood clotting factor." Asahi News 2001/01/26
Economy-class syndrome 44 occurrence in 8 years in Japan, for the most part, women
Passengers with long flight in narrow seat move and fall down by breathing difficulty, what is called economy-class syndrome, occurred 44 in 8 years until 2000 in Japan and four persons were killed. Until now, medical doctors around airport reported independently. Those cases were re-studied by the uniform base. Those cases were reported at the Japan space and aero environmental medical academic conference. 4 men and 40 women. Average 61 years old. All of them were international traveler and flight time were 8 to 13 hours. Half of them never got up from their seat from taking-off to landing by having patience to go to toilet. Economy class passengers were 31 but there were 6 business class seats. Asahi News 2001/10/24
Economy-class syndrome, triggered by red cell enzymes
A part of the mechanism of economy-class syndrome was found by a team of the Physical and Chemical Research Institute. Sitting on a narrow seat and without moving, blood flow of lower body becomes worse. Water in blood can easily be lost in dried airplane. Therefore, blood clot became in limb vein and moves through blood flow. It plug up in lung artery and cause breathing difficulty. In blood elements, red blood cell relates making blood clot and it was experimentally confirmed. Triggering element is a ferment on a surface of red blood cell, called elastase. By checking activated degree of this ferment, constitutional degree to become the economy-class syndrome can be diagnosis. Conventional anti blood clot drug has side effect of bleeding. But if a medicine will be made to pretend this ferment activity, only the syndrome can be prevented. Asahi News 2001/10/31
Japan Space and Aero Environment Medical Society recommends economy-class syndrome 2002/12/14
Formal comment from Japanese Space and Aero Environment Society on 2001/11/01.

Proposal 1, Name : Deep vein thrombosis and acute lung artery thrombosis were found airplane passengers without economy-class or passengers of bus, train or ship. The name of economy-class syndrome has possibility to misunderstanding that this symptom can occur only passengers of economy class, then this name is not appropriate. Direct relationship with airplane trip is not clear nowadays, then deep vein thrombosis or acute lung artery thrombosis should be used for the name basically. However, only on the occasion to survey or to prompt attention to the deep vein thrombosis and the acute lung artery thrombosis, widely used name of traveller thrombosis (so called, economy-class syndrome.) is proposed to use.

Proposal 2, Prevention : Many deep vein thrombosis and acute lung artery thrombosis occurred passengers who have already known dangerous factors, however passengers not having dangerous factors occurs even in a few numbers. Therefore air carrier or travel agency should make a notice to passengers to promote attention before the trip for occuring possibility of deep vein thrombosis and acute lung artery thrombosis. Furthermore it should be promoted during flight using excercise video or flight magazines to all passengers that typical prevention method is introduced such as leg exercise, supplying water, loose costume and avoid of excessive alcohol.

Proposal 3, Enlightenment : It is extremely important for a medical doctor to measure drug therapy or elastic stocking usage to the passengers with middle class or more deep vein thrombosis before the travel. Therefore it is necessary for medical doctors or healthcare workers to give opportunities to have a right understanding by widely introducing condition of the disease or prevention of deep vein thrombosis and acute lung artery thrombosis at medical magazines or lecture meeting.
Dangerous factors of deep vein thrombosis
Low degree dangerous factor Over 40-year, fat, diabetes, hyperlipemia, small surgical operation within 3 days (endoscopic, anus surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology operation, etc.)
Middle degree dangerous factor varicose vein of lower extremity, cardiac failure, acute myocardial infarction within 6 weeks, hormone therapy including birth pill, true abound blood symptom, just after pregnant or birth, paralysis of lower limb, lower limb operation, external injury or bone fracture within 6 weeks.
High dangerous factor Already suffered from deep vein thrombosis and acute lung artery thrombosis or family suffered history. congenital blood clot formation diathesis, blood platelet increase symptom, major operation within 6 weeks (brain surgery, cardiac surgery, esthetic surgery, gynecology, urological section surgery, etc.), already suffered from cardiovascular system disorder, malignancy such as cancer.)

Proposal 4, Measures from now on : It should be survived and clarified in future about facts on deep vein thrombosis and acute lung artery thrombosis on airplane travel, with or without affect of airplane environment on formulating deep vein thrombosis, further possible unknown indigenous dangerous factor and effective prevention methods.
Otsuka drag company reported sports drink, Pokari-sweat is effective for travel blood clot symptom (economy-class syndrome) 2002/12/13
It was reported to American Medical Doctors Society titled "Sacchar electrolytic drink (Pokari Sweat) affect fo travel blood clot symptom." It used JAL 9-hour charter flight from Tokyo to Washing state. 40 test subjects were divided into two. One group drank Pokari Sweat and the other, mineral water. Plasma volume decrease in blood and affect to viscosity increase in blood were checked.
Result 1. Pokari Sweat is significantly high at water balance and plasma volume increased significantly. 2. Pokari Sweat could blood viscosity of lower limb increase was lower restrained.
Professional soccer player Takahara suffered from economy-class syndrome 2002/12/16
Professional soccer player Takahara found he suffered from the economy-class syndrome. He went back on March 29 from Poland and had insisted breathing difficulty on April 6. It is generally thought middle and elderly people may get the disease. But it can be suffered for even young and sports player. And he flew by business class. Not on the economy seat but also business class or first class possible. Mainichi News 2002/04/26
After 7-hour taxi driving dead, approved as workmen's compensation by economy-class syndrome 2003/10/04
57 year-old male taxi driver was dead at work by pulmonary infarction and Osaka Labor Department approved as workmen's compensation judging that long time sitting caused economy-class syndrome. The driver was called by taxi radio at 00:00 midnight on 2000/07/06 and went to a building in Osaka. He went upstairs to upper floor to call for his costumer. On the way to descend the stairs, he tumbled. He was sent by ambulance to a hospital but dead three days later. He was diagnosed by pulmonary infarction. Bereaved family applied workmen's compensation. He has been sitting 7 hours 20 minutes since the previous evening without break. He did not suffered from blood solidification decease nor leg injury. Without sitting condition for long time, there was no other reason to have had blood clot. Therefore it was judged as economy-class syndrome. According to Ministry of Health and Labor, approvals for workmen's compensation are three cases other than this. Two are taxi drivers and the other is a person of business trip by airplane. Recent research found it may cause not regarding with seat width and it is called as "long flight blood clot syndrome." Asahi News 2003/08/07
Name of a disease to cause misunderstanding "Economy-class syndrome" 2005/12/12
The Niigata Prefecture Nakagoshi large earthquake that recorded seven in the seismic intensity occurred on October 23, 2004. The number of victims after several days from the earthquake occurrence besides sacrifice immediately after the earthquake has increased. Many of the causes are said to be as the economy-class syndromes. Damage by the aftershock was feared, and the people who had been spending the shelter life in the car had become sad results. In a narrow room, the vein of the lower half of the body is pressed when sleeping or sitting on a seat for a long time, and the blood that returns to the heart stagnates. As a result, blood can coagulate in the vein, and the thrombus be done. To begin with, the human race was born as hunting people. It was very often injured. Then, the mechanism of immediate hemostasis on bleeding has been equipped to human. The threat of the thrombus by the hemostasis excess becomes a major issue than the bleeding today when the environment was improved. Arteriosclerotic progresses by overnutrition or lack of physical activity, and the thrombus in the brain and the heart can be produced easily. Recently thrombosis have increased rapidly as a fact. When sitting in a narrow car for long time, the thrombus in the vein is easily made. The thrombus moves in the vein, flows to lungs, and arrives if posture changes like standing up. It is blocked in lungs and it becomes a pulmonary infarction. This sickness's having been paid attention at first when it happened frequently by the economy class flight on which in the airplane of traveling abroad and tight posture has been forced. Therefore, the disease is named as "economy-class syndrome." Actually, it happens even on a first-class flight. Therefore, it is called the long-flight syndrome recently. Anyway tight posture is kept long regardless of the airplane or the car, and the thrombus is made in the vein in case of the state to deteriorate the blood circulation. Especially, if the water supply is neglected, it becomes easy for blood to be able to concentrate and to do the thrombus. There might have been a person who had refrained drinking water in the disaster area, too. I think it has exaggerated the situation of the thrombus. If fear of this sick would be correctly transmitted, the sacrifice might have been reduced. The crime that the name of a disease did is regretted. There are two important points, one is no tight posture for a long time, the other is supplement water properly so as not to cause this symptom. Nobuo Nara, professor of Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Weekly Orient Economy magazine 2004/11/27
Frequent electric power failure in India, difficult to use PC in this condition 2001/04/28
India happens blackout frequently. It is said that power users are one of the reasons. It is difficult to predict this amount of burglary. At office, PC is switched to a battery automatically on the power failure and if this continues long time, PC will automatically be shut down.
Mail from Delhi, India 2001/04/24
This is first time to use IBM global network. Notes was connected by the network. There was an access point in Delhi. Before this network, I used international telephone but if the telephone line quality is not so good, it is difficult be connected and cost is tremendous. This time it uses city call then telephone quality is good and cost is reasonable.
Japan Air Line filed a first complaint of "nuisance on board", smoking in toilet, etc 2004/05/22
Japan Air Line filed a complaint to Chiba prefecture police station in Narita Airport as a Japanese man of 40s, boarding on a JAL plain to Zurich from Narita, did disruptive behavior on board. The police station is going to inquire him in violation of air law of safety disturbance behavior. Ban of safety disturbance behavior was built in the revised air law, being implemented in January. But this is the first file to a police. According to Japan Air Line, despite of repeated warning from the flight attendant, the man smoked in the toilet or turned on power of a mobile phone on March 9, 2004. The revised air law can assess a fine of maximum 500,000 Yen or 4,500 dollar, if a person does not obey captain's order by the disturbance behavior on board. Asahi News 2004/03/20
4. Essay and my experience
Typical Roman story with a stupid guy
It is disgusting memory. Long long times ago, it was a story to trip to Rome. I was walking alone in Rome. It was on a street near the fountain of Trevi. A guy with a map in hand was approaching to me. He seems to be late 20s. He talked to me in English with a little strange accent. I talked to him by chance that I was an engineer. He said he was also an engineer and just arrive from Greece. He was a construction engineer and came to Rome on business. He was a serious looking guy. We could share the same feeling. We talked while walking. Sometime later he opened a memo. To say the truth, he said that his friend taught to him that this tea room was recommended to visit. On looking at the memo, this is the fountain of Trevi and probably this way leads us .... How we should go there, he asked to me. Unfortunately I knew where the fountain of Trevi was. Then I taught the way how to get there that go down this slope and turn left the corner. While walking, he said "why don't we have a glass of drink. Of course I rejected it with "no thank you." He said he was kindly taught the place and talking was very exciting. And furthermore his friend said that it is a nice place. He asked to go there together. He invited very sophisticated. OK., then just a little, very little....
It actually became little or short time visit...
Walking together. Wow , this is the fountain of Trevi. Then probably, probably, well, well, that's it. It is here surely. I can not forget it. It was up side way 10 meters from the fountain of Trevi on a pavement road, it was a quite normal cafe. Around five couples were taking coffee and went into. It was a cafe where tables can be seen from outside through window glassed. We went through the table room and went into a room. Floor was 50 cm below than the entrance room and some couched were there. The guy was sitting on a different couch. I also sat on a couch and suddenly some lady hostess came around me. It was a normal cafe and just several meters over there some couples were chanting. Probably one of ladies said "Shall we drink a bottle of Champagne?" in Italy. And probably I said "yes". They behaves as if they did not understand English (or they pretend not to understand English.) I can not remember accurate situation. Without anticipation, a bottle of Champagne was brought to there and opened it with big sound. I suddenly realized this is dangerous. And said I would be back.
Since then a lady came who speaks fluent English. "Bill is 1,000 Euro."
"No kidding!! I did not order this. What is the price?"
"You are not a child. Menu lists show the price as it is. You can refuse if you do not want it. You could refuse it. You ordered then of course you have to pay for that."

You ordered it -> Menu lists all the price -> If it is not necessary, you can say no. And you could refuse it. -> Product which was ordered should be paid based upon the price.
The guy, who seems to be good nature, self-proclaimed as an Greek engineer, was glancing at this side with sorry feeling and with chicken-heart like face.
I felt truly bothersome. I saw beside by chance, elderly steward looking man was standing beside. It is the world of God Father. I was afraid of the scene.

Wow!! I gave up.
"But I do not have enough money like this." I showed rest money which was used for transportation and prepared for trouble. It was a little. I thought of this kind of scene then I always take necessary and minimum amount. Parse and passport were put in a hotel safety box. I do not take them with me.
"Credit card payment is acceptable." Kidding!
" I don't have that kind of thing. I have now this amount of cash."
"Where are you staying?"
That is none of your business. I will not give you any information. But... I was scared. Even if they checked my body, nothing would come up. If I would not tell them the hotel, they may not find it. But I was afraid that something would happen to me.
"It's **** hotel."
"This gentleman will take you to the hotel and give the money to him." She pointed the steward-like and bodyguard-like gentleman beside.
Mmm, it's time to give up.

"OK" The elderly gentleman, who did not understand English, sent me to the hotel.
I returned back to the hotel with his car sitting beside him while listening Italian radio broadcasting.
It was first class big hotel and there were many people inside the hotel. I was relieved when I got the room key at the front desk.
I thought I would be inside the room without noticing him. Or I would call the front from the room that I was taken with a man and he is going to big amount of money from me and ask the front to call a police. Those imagination came up to my brain once. But I did not do it. They can find this room easily. This is a first class hotel but if they knew some hotel persons in the front. That made me afraid.
After all, I chose traveler's check. And I only prepared 300 US dollar. They will say that 100 or 200$ is too little. 500 $ is too much money for me. I thought if I propose 300$, they may accept it.
I took that $300 with me and went to the car at a parking lot. I handed it to him. This man was talking to the woman by mobile phone. He handed the phone to me and asked me to talk with her.
"I do have only US dollar traveler's check. That's all I have."
"OK. Pass the phone to him"
"Thank you very much for the precious experience!!" I said to her.
But... Regrettable indeed !!!!!
Safety information from the government. One of Italy information.
Gentleman-like person's sweet talk and a trap
At the Termini station in Rome or National street, well-dressed gentleman-like person is trying to talk in English with friendly behavior. Tourist who can not speak Italian may believe him and finally he takes to piano bar or bar with women waiter and will be claimed excessive amount of money. Especially Japanese men of independent behavior are easy to become target.
This is actually like my case. I behaved according to this sample. Typical sample! I don't want to be such a sample again.
Safety information in Italy, Second sample
Tourist-pretended man talks to us in English and takes us to bar, after eating and drinking, bar employee ask extreme amount of money threateningly and enforce to pay with cash or credit card. This kind of bar's charge is set extremely high with women companion. If it is not agreeable, call 133 from there, and ask police intervention. If it is suing after the payment, contents are systematized cleverly not to take it up as a police matter. It is difficult to have satisfied solution.
From my experience, it is impossible to call from the bar. Most tourist do not know how to call. It is beyond imagination that we ask them that I beg your pardon. I would like to call a police from here In that scared atmosphere, who can say to ask them to use a phone!!!
Coming up to me with pretending police
It was at the Leonardo da Vinci Airport. I was walking just after the custom with a person living in Rome. Money exchange is after the custom. There was a queue in front of the exchange shop. We were talking near the shop where we should exchange. It was in summer then two men started to talk to us, who wear bluish police-like cloths with half sleeve. They say they are police by showing us their police-like certification-like thing. I had learning effect of the fountain of Trevi and then doubted them from the beginning.
"Would like to change money? Show us passport and money."
What! Why! Suddenly we could not speak any language without Japanese.
"What do you want? We arrived here just now and we can understand only Japanese."
We talked in Japanese like this. They gave up and went way. No damage this time.
It was on the main passage in the airport and there were many people around there. They operated a business like that place. Brave and difficult to understand.
Attention please...
Kind Roman who guided me to the station platform 2003/05/24
Probably prejudice is like a printing phenomena of biology. Travel's bitter experience dilates everything around there or generalize over the people. For example, expensive champagne always remind me of Roman as cheat people.
But this time I experienced adversely. It was a story of very kind Roman guy of around 20-year-old. After finishing business, I was going to Rome Airport from Rome inside. It was evening and there was time of two hours. I tried to take photos of Colosseo and Foro Romano and go to the airport from Termini station. This was first time to use a train. At first I thought to walk from Foro-Romano to Termini station but there was little time and went by taxi. I was surprised to arrive at and to see Termini station of its large scale. I tried to buy a ticket and asked a person and he said I should buy the ticket by vendor machine. I went to the area of ticket machines and looked around how they are acting. They push many button to buy a ticket. At that time I could do anything and when I saw next machine, a guy was there and asked to help me. He can not understand English and I do not understand Italian. I said I want to go to Leonardo da Vinci Airport. He understood the target by the word of airport and said "Is it Fumichino?" They say the airport is Fumichino because the place is called Fumichino. After that we talked each other with atmosphere and he pushed many times to buy and put Euro in the machine and finally I got the ticket. Next, I have to find the platform. There were many platforms and it was impossible for me to find the platform. It seemed right back place but it was not clear and I felt anxious. He said he would go there with me or like that. On the way to the platform, he had a call and probably saying "Now I am guiding a Japanese at the station and I will be there a little late" talking by mobile phone. The platform from Termini to Airport was right back and back place. This guy kindly asked to other Romans on the way to the platform. And finally we arrive there. When we were there, the train was just starting. He said to me to ride as soon as possible. But it was not possible. This ticket was bought by assigning the train. I did not know to treat because I was late for the train. The guy asked a station person. It was possible to change by inserting into the special machine. I got the next train. By chance, but if the guy was not there I could not reach this time. I appreciated him very much. Romans are very kind.
How to knock down the taxi meter is to distinguish Good taxi of Beijing in sightseeing spot 2005/02/25
Taxis in the airport and a hotel are qualified. However, the caution needed in the taxi taken in sights. Hotel from airport. Tiananmen Gate and Gugong from the hotel. Beihai Park from Gugong. Temple of Heaven from Beihai Park. And from Temple of Heaven to the hotel, it is a result from the experience. The difference between a good taxi and a doubtful taxi is understood with the taximeter. For the good taxi, the empty car signboard is fixed on a square box where the charge is displayed, and it is knocked down forward when getting on and starting, and the meter counts. A doubtful taxi is not fixed this empty car signboard with the screw, and puts it on the position that pretends to knock it down and not to be seen from the outside. Naturally, the meter doesn't start counting. The airport and the hotel taxi knock down the meter with the fixed signboard. There is a cabstand in the north exit in Gugong and taxis are queuing up. Getting on the taxi and went to Beihai Park. To tell the truth, because the distance feeling had not been understood, the taxi was used but actually walking from Gugong to the Beihai Park is five minutes. The driver asked 20 Yuen though I was skeptical because the meter did not count. Because there was a note in the hotel that the minimum charge of the taxi is ten Yuen, I gave him five Yuen, but he refused it then the other five was given and he accepted it. Next, the taxi that goes from the Beihai Park in sight to the Temple of Heaven similarly. There are only taxis of the same when having looked around. I asked to go to the Temple of Heaven, he asked 40 Yuen. Because he said many reasons without reasons then I accept it. Probably it would be 20 Yuen. The signboard is only moved to the position in which side is not seen when the meter of this taxi left similarly. To come back to the hotel from the Temple of Heaven, the learning effect was indeed demonstrated. There were only doubtful taxis that stays in front of the gate. Waited for he taxi that came from the outside because there was no reasonable taxi around there. The meter is knocked down when getting on after the former guests getting off. Lesson1 ; Taxi of sightseeing spot is doubtful. Lesson 2 ; It is necessary to see the taximeter for the distinction. Lesson 3 ; Unless still difficult, you should take the taxi that enters from the outside.
A pickpocket in the first-class carriage of Shinkansen or bullet train 2005/01/11
It is often heard that the public peace of Japan is continuing to decline. This is a sample that relates to travel. A conference was in Hamamatsu city in central Japan today, and I also was attending. I heard the story from an attendance of the meeting. He came from Tokyo by Shinkansen. He hanged the jacket on the hook of the window side. The jacket was in the presence in front of him, of course. When the jacket was taken off when he got off Shinkansen, it was noticed that the jacket was light. What happened, there was no purse. He said he probably took a nap for ten to fifteen minutes. It may have been stolen in this time. When he confirmed it to the person behind, the person did not notice it. The person in a front seat may be reclining the sheet and stole from the sheet. It might be thought that there is a cost benefit even if it does to the point where the ticket of the first-class carriage is bought. It seems to be in a systematic approach. It aims at the first-class carriage that the passenger is few and there is a possibility that the passenger has enough money. It happened near myself. If we travel in another countries, we probably act carefully from the beginning. However Japan became an uneasy country, too.
A part of wing surface was stripped off
Several years ago, it was a flight from Singapore to Philippines. I was sitting near the wing with a company fellow. After taking off and some times later, flight attendants came to a place near us and were watching outside a window. They came frequently in turn. I asked to my neighbor that you can hear strange noise. He was an engine engineer. "Nothing wrong. Jet engine sounds like this." And I thought as it was.
And there was an announce. It said there had abnormality in airplane body then it would be back to Singapore. It had been past one hour since taking off. When I saw outside from the window at which flight attendants were looking, surface of the wing was just started to be stripped off. That was why noise occurred. Since then, I became not to trust neighbor engineer. Experts can not always be right.
When I saw the wing on the time going back, one plate was stripped off and could see inside honeycomb. The plate was 1 m by 2 m and large enough. When I saw it closely, everybody would be surprised "wow, this size and condition!"
Singapore Air is said that airplane more than three years will be renewed and has good repetition with safety. However, we experience it actually. Precious experience.
JAL flight to Narita failed to landing, surprised to re-takeoff 2007/05/13
It was the flight on February 14th, 2007 arriving at Narita on 14:05 from Paris. I had strange feeling that the body of the airplane must be jarring right and left when landing. It is usually understood where to get off around here because the landing scenery can be confirmed by a camera image when landing. However, there seemed still to be height even if coming to the position of touchdown this time. Oh, boy. Landing with this condition seemed to have significant height, even though aircraft chassis is designed to be strong but I wondered such height could cause something, the body was still jarring, and I was getting nervous with these circumstance. Then, it took off again. The re-take off. The cabin attendant announced "It is taking off again. It will report as soon as new information comes." I actually felt very long from this cabin attendant voice to the captain's announcement though it was one or two minutes actually. The captain said "Because a very strong crosswind had been generated in the Narita area, landing was stopped. It is scheduled to land again within ten minutes." However, the wind did not blow at all after the landing, I felt. It was fine weather. Doe it change so much in a short time within ten minutes in case of the strong wind at the Narita area? Besides, there was no other news of the influence. There was another impact after it had landed. It did not enter the braking condition soon though it usually lands and applies the brakes immediately. It is not sure if it aimed to maintain the stability of the body of the airplane, but it applied hard braking because braking started after time passes. Small items such as brochure on table scattered, and luggage tumbling noise occurred everywhere. It was the brake that I have never experienced before. After landing, procedure went usual, and there was no captain's announcement after it landed. This throbbing landing comparatively did not convince me.
Going back from satellite terminal to main terminal at Narita Airport
When I was checked-in for a flight to Thailand, I was told that a lounge was on the satellite terminal side and I went there by a train. When I was taking a rest in the lounge, I was told again that this flight would start on the main terminal then asked to go back again by using the train. This way back to main terminal was very complicated. Taking the train again and arriving at the main terminal, I had to turn around several times and finally I had to pass through the passport control again. It was precious experience.
At Narita Airport in Japan Air Line airplane, I was caught one hour because of thunder cloud
At JAL Narita Airport, announce said that thunder cloud occurred then it could not fake off. And we spent one hour in the airplane. If the airplane would not take off, alcohol could not be served because of custom. Only juice or tea were served. I wondered it could be known before going into the airplane.
From Delhi, India to Bangkok, Thailand, 10 hours in the airplane 2002/10/27
It was a flight from Delhi, India via Bangkok, Thailand to Narita Airport. Delhi started at 00:15 midnight just on time by Thai Air. When I was sleeping, announce said that please fasten seat-belt. When I was listening with sleepy eyes, it would be back to Delhi because of trouble of air conditioning facility. After one hour from start, one hour for returning, after returning back and waited three hours in the airplane to repair the air conditioner. Again started to go to Bangkok, it took five hours. Totally ten hours, we spent the time in the airplane. And it was midnight start then from midnight to morning it was amid of trouble. When it arrived at Bangkok Airport, we could not take the scheduled JAL flight and then we changed the airplane that Thai Air served. Finally arrived at Narita. Long trip of twenty hours since 2002/09/05 00:15.
Thailand T shirt printed as "Coca...."
T-shirt sometimes became a souvenir for a trip. Almost all of them relate to sightseeing spots. There is a building of specialty shops called Marbun Kulon. There is an interesting store of T-shirts. Instead of Coca...., Cocaine was printed. Under the logo mark, "enjoy Cocaine, Die away" Probably parody of "Diet way" There was another good of hamburger parody of "MacShit" I could not find this kind of T-shirts other than this place. Funny. 2001/6/17
Every software is sold by 150 Barts or 4 $ at a electric shop building in Bangkok, Thailand
There is a building in Bangkok, which has only eclectic shops. It is called Panthip Plaza near Isetan Department Store. Every software is sold by 150 Barts or 4 $ everywhere in this building. By looking CD-ROM picture, it is clearly found that those were taken by color copying machine.
Electric shop building in Bangkok, New hardware is relatively expensive
Electric shop building in Bangkok, called Panthip Plaza, sells cheap (?) software but hardware, especially not made in Thailand, is relatively expensive. It may be influenced by import custom. Digital cameras were averagely 30 to 50 percent expensive more than in Japan.
Lost wallet in Geneva 2004/02/15
I arrived at the airport leaving a hotel by taxi. When I entered into the airport building and tried to find a wallet, then I could not find it. Right now, I paid taxi fare and there is no doubt I had the wallet at that time. I thought it was on the taxi and thought to call but could not because I lost the wallet and had no money. Luckily I had some coin in a different pocket and called the hotel. A receptionist of the hotel said that he would try to find the taxi then waited for 10 minutes to call the hotel back again. Actually I had just one time calling money left. I had been waiting being felt helpless. My name was called then by the airport announce. I noticed my name but I could not hear other things and I did not know how to handle it. I went to an airline counter planed to use at that time for the time being. Luckily and unexpectedly, the taxi driver was there. I was moved and appreciated.
I paid the taxi fare and thought to put it in my pocket. At that time I thought I already put it in my pocket but actually it was down on the taxi floor. It was lucky this time being brought various good condition.
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