The front in hotel room. The passage is a fashionable making. The scenery seen from the room of the second floor. The roof of facing is an opponent on the road.
Gravel is stuffed. They wear Tomba cloths? The moxa cautery specialty shop. A unique lattice door.
Accessories and tea shop. Jade and sheepskin picture shop. A shopping street paved with stone. Tailor in old times.
Two reams of red lantern are China style. Casual wear please. Droop willows welcome. We can buy scarf, too.
Meal please. A plaza paved with stones is wide. "Tea, Horse, Old road", and Pu'er tea. Shopping street continues.
Side-walk cafe, too. The street based on bright red. Coffee shop in a hotel. Hex style temple.
Light up. The shop is light of nature. Lijiang hotel light.
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