Capital City: Taipei
Main Cities: Kaohsiung, Taichung, Tainan, Keelung
Population: 20,563,000   Area []: 35,740
Currency: 1 new Taiwan dollar = 100 cents
Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese
Religions: Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Confucianist
Taipei in Taiwan. Chinese use simplified characters but Taiwan does complex characters same as in Japan. We feel close to Taiwan and comfortable when seeing same characters of sign board or faces of people, and we do not feel we are in other country. Hand writing is useful tool to communicate. 2001/03/12 Same Chinese characters as we do, Taiwan
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Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and Taipei 101. Sun Yet-Sen is called as "Father of the country". Dr Sun sits like Lincoln in Washington. Taipei 101 is a skyscraper of 508 meters high and has 101 floors. It protects against window force with 660 tons Tuned Mass Damper. 2006/12/07 Go up the Taipei 101 of 508m high
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Taroko National Park
38 km for north-south, 41 km in east-west, gross area is 92000 hectare. Huge scale. Every rock is marble. The marbles have been made by the big pressure shaken up and down in the organic activity with which both plates were faced for a long time. 2005/03/04
V-shape and all-marble-rock valley
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Karen Mountains view with snow from the hotel.
In the Karen area, mountains over 3,000m tower up several km from the seaside. Karen is a base city for Taboo sightseeing. Taiwan was made by the collision between Philippines sea plate and Eurasian plate. Then mountains soar up from seaside rapidly. 2005/03/04
Mountains view with snow from the Kalen hotel.
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Maritime Capital, Kaohsiung, 2ND largest city.
Kaohsiung is situated on the southwestern coast of Taiwan. 1.51 million population. Proximity to the sea gives Kaohsiung a warm, sunny climate all year-round. Second-largest city in Taiwan and sixth-largest container harbor in the world. 2008/03/06
Maritime capital, Kaohsiun is 2nd largest city in Taiwan.
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Love River boat tour of Kaohsiung.
Love River sightseeing boat: At night, lights sparkle on the Love River. Everyday from 04:00 to 11:00, visitors can take boats on the east and west banks to look at the romantic and charming sights of Love River. 2008/03/06
Love River sightseeing boat tour at night.
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Tainan has been capital of Taiwan for 220 years.
Tainan was established as the capital of Taiwan in 1661 and remained the capital until 1887 during the Qing Dynasty. The city is famous for its abundant historical buildings and relics as well as local snack food. 2008/03/06
Historical city, Tainan has been capital of Taiwan for 220 years.
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Capital City: Hanoi
Main Cities: Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Hai Phong, Da Nang
Population: 72,342,000   Area []: 331,690
Currency: 1 dong = 10 hau = 100 xu
Languages: Vietnamese, Chinese
Religions: Buddhist, Roman Catholic
Hanoi, Vietnam, surrounded by lakes
Ha means "river" in Chinese and noi does "in". That naming suggests it locates in the mouth of Hong River and has many lakes. Vietnam food is not too heavy. I like it and especially that simple style. 2001/11/22
Vietnam, culture of light meal
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