Prince Rama, his wife Sita and brother Raksmana entered the forest by the trap of the following of Ravana, who transmogrified into the dear of gold.
When two men went to catch the dear leaving the princess, she was abducted by Ravana.
Jatayu, who is a bird and prince Rama's companion, tells the prince for his princess to be captured, and the breath discontinues.
Prince Rama let the boss of monkey, Hanuman, go to Arenca, Kingdom of Ravana to search for princess appearance.
Hanuman was finally captured by Hindragid, who is Ravana's right hand, and put the fire but survives.
After Ravana visited Sita in the garden, he fought with Rama. Rama hardly won and Hanuman rescued the princess.
Prince asks Princess to jump into the fire to prove her innocence.
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