Thanks to Seicho Suzuki for making Chinese characters of dream for this HP
夢はお持ちですか。持ち続ければ いつかは実現します。
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My Profile

  • I used to be an engineer.
  • 2010/12/07 Mobile PC, Gateway EC19C-A52C/S, Corei5 11,.6in 1366x768, 1.34kg, Battery 6 hours.
  • 2009/07/25 8th camera Richo CX1, 28mm wide, 7.1x zoom, 1cm macro, 900,000 monitor, electric level.
  • 2009/04/01 Dell desktop PC. Core i7, 6GB memory,1TB HDD, 64bitVista, Blu-ray disc.
  • 2009/03/16 iPhone3G. GPS, Wireless LAN, Acceleration sensor, iPod, APP store
  • 2008/05/01 Travel PC, Panasonic Let's note light R3, 990 gram, battery 9 hours, wireless LAN
  • 2007/12/15 Dell 24 inch monitor, 1920x1200, color reproducibility 92%
  • 2007/10/12 7th camera, Caplio R7, Ricoh, 28mm wide, 7.1x zoom, 8 million pix, ISO1600, unti-shake
  • 2007/06/02 Dell desktop computer with Core2 Duo E6400, memory 3GB, dual monitors
  • 2006/09/15 Portable B5 type PC, Panasonic "Let's note". Just 999g, wireless LAN
  • 2006/08/09 Used "Skype" for travelling. It can be completely alternative as mobile phone with Internet
  • 2006/07/31 6th digital camera is Ricoh Caplio R4, 28mm wide, 7.1 times optical zoom, unti-hand-shake
  • 2006/02/28 Dell, 20-inch liquid crystal monitor with 1600x1200 screen, effective for picture editing
  • 2005/08/13 Scanner and printer HP1510 is just 90 dollars
  • 2005/07/06 5th digital camera Panasonic FX8, 5 mil pix, 2.5" LCD, 300 picture-long battery
  • 2004/11/15 Dell PC Inspiron 700 M, First Dell mail order and reasonable in price and performance
  • 2004/10/26 4th digital camera Panasonic FX7, 5 mil pix, 2.5" LCD, Hands-move prevention mechanism
  • 2004/08/05 Got a used Toshiba notebook PC by Yahoo! auction, PIII 600MHz, light for travel.
  • 2004/04/25 3rd digital camera Konica-Minolta G400, 4 million pixel compact camera
  • 2003/07/24 Changed ADSL from 12M to 24M. Max speed is 5.9Mbps. As fast as express. Good !
  • 2003/03/23 950g Toshiba Note PC, Libretto 100 was given and used it abroad, small, light and convenient
  • 2003/01/23 Received a mail from Nifty Serve which described 10 years past since registration
  • 2002/12/07 Changed ADSL from e-Access to Flests NTT 8M. Max speed is 4.87 Mbps or 6.09kB/s
  • 2002/08/11 PC No.6, P4 2GHz, 512MB, 845G chipset A Open AX4G-PRO, 80GB HDD, DVD-CDR. XP Pro
  • 2002/05/01 2nd Digital camera, Olympus C40ZOOM, 4 million pixels, 2.8x zoom, 190g
  • 2001/11/25 From ISDN to ADSL 8MB. Cheap and fast, comfortable
  • 2001/01/04 Opened first home page. Started travel alone
  • 2000/03/23 PC No. 5 is PIII-733MHz. LAN connection of 4 other computers
  • 1999/12/29 Bought digital camera Olympus C21 of 2 million pixels
  • 1999/03/07 Changed from modem to ISDN
  • 1998/06/21 First CD-R was TEAC CDR55S 4x writing. Yen 53,800 or $450
  • 1996- First my assembled PC was mother board of ASUS-XP-T2P4, still in use
  • 1994- Resumed PC with Fujitsu FMV Pentium 75 MHz
  • 1993/01/23 Became a member of Nifty Serve, Internet service provider now
  • 1990- Resumed keyboard with Word Processor, Oasis of Fujitsu
  • 1985- The age of under-ice-berg ore rest time for PC
  • 1980- Bought Sharp MZ80C, 8bit CPU. NEC8001 was dominant then. Joined Musashino Micro Computer Club. After regular meeting, we used to spend free talk time at the member's house and discuss about PC overnight after eating Chinese dishes. We are continuously having the end year party since then. MZ80C was \258,000 or $2,200. Memory was just 64 KB, not MB. Computer program was loaded by audio tape each time. The reason to buy PC was an experience in Cincinnati, Ohio staying 3 months in 1979 on business. Young engineers used PC of HP. I felt dawn of computer began.

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