West Kosenba Town, Doll is Susanou-God in Japanese myth. Sankubo Town, Doll is Raiko Minamoto who was a samurai warrior in 948-1021. Wakita Town, Ieyasu Tokugawa who was a founder of Edo era.
King Raryo is General Gao in China. He was a brave commander has defended their country from the war in 562 and it became Japanese traditional dance and music, King Raryo's origin. Urashima has gone to the dragon palace under the see in a myth.
Floats in front of the city hall. Crowds on the street. Motomachi-town, Doll is King Raryo. Matsue Town, Doll is Urashima.
Float of Kawagoe city. Doll is the Chinese orangutan of imaginary living thing in China and was used at happy occasions.
Maruhiro Department Store in the city made it in 1990. It was donated to Kawagoe City in 2002 for commemorating the 80th municipal anniversary and to use it in the city.
Heave-ho heave-ho. The long-nosed mask. Tone of flute, festival music and drum. The floats queue up at two o'clock of Sunday.
Renjyaku Town. Doll is Dokan Ota in 1432-1489 made Kawagoe castle and Edo castle in 1457. Senba Town, doll is Jiro Senba who governed this area 500 years ago.
Torimachi Town, Doll is Red Ogre who is believed to prevent epidemic in China with thick beard. Sintomi Town, doll is Mirror lion in a Kabuki story of traditional Japanese play.
Nakahara Town, doll is Taro Kawagoe who was a origin of the name of the city. Not possible to approach floats by lots of people.
Noda Town, Doll is Taro Hachiman was a general of Gengi family in 1039-1106. Sugawara Town, doll is under consideration. Parading after this.
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